Mahindra First Choice Franchise Investments: Cost, area requirements, application details

Looking for a Mahindra car showroom franchise? Mahindra First Choice is India's Number 1 multibrand certified used car company. Learn how to apply for Mahindra First Choice franchise, investment and area requirements, cost structure, details of franchise training and support programmes, and online application form download for Mahindra First Choice car showroom dealership franchise here. Keep reading!

Starting Domino's Pizza Franchise: Cost & return on investments

Domino’s Pizza is one of the leading brand and known for their best service with guarantee, and needs no introduction to the Indian consumer. It is not just one of the leading pizza businesses of the country at present, but also food franchises in India. Dominos Pizza started in 1960 as a single store and now the brand became as a leading brand for pizza delivery across the World and at present Domino’s Pizza serve more than 1 million people in 70 Countries having more than 10000 stores. Dominos Pizza is also famous for its delivery within 30 minutes at any place and these qualities is enough to establish a brand in any Country. Learn more about how to open Dominos Pizza franchise in India, cost, investments, anticipated returns, franchise application process and more.

Maruti Suzuki dealer service station franchise cost & requirements

Are you looking forward to start a new Maruti Suzuki dealer show room or service station but have no idea about where to begin? We will tell you how to open a Maruti Suzuki franchise service station or showroom, help you calculate the investments, tell about the documents required to open Maruti Suzuki franchise business, return on investments and more. Keep reading!

How to open Bata showroom: Bata India franchise cost, area requirements, contact number

Do you want to open a Bata showroom? When it comes to the shoe and leather products business in India, Bata is the unquestionable market leader. Even with several competitors, till this day for many people in India, particularly the senior generations, buying a shoe still means visiting a Bata shop. The brand, therefore, does not need an elaborate introduction; you must be rather thinking how much money is required too start a Bata shoe store in India? Let us tell you the details of Bata India franchise: investment or cost analysis, area requirements, contact profile and so on. Keep reading!

Starting Pastacup franchise in India: Investments, requirements, application process

The Australian food chain Pastacup is all set to hit the Indian market and the brand will host company owned and franchised outlets in India. Entrepreneurs who are looking to open a fast food franchise opportunity can now apply for Pastacup franchise in India. Want to know more information? Read on!

How to start Love Yourself Bipasha Basu beauty and fitness brand : Cost, investment, requirements, profit

Love Yourself is for females only beauty and fitness brand launched by bollywood actress and fitness freak Bipasha Basu. Since the importance fitness and looks are not hidden now and even in smaller town females are being so conscious about their looks and fitness, this business is gearing up and when the brand is Love Yourself associated with Bipasha Basu, the demands itself grows by many folds.

How to get Patanjali franchise or distributorship : Cost, investments, eligibility, requirements and application process

The "Make in India" concept is booming and Patanjali is one of the largest Indian Company coming up with all the basic products we require in day to day life. In 2015-16 it has crossed 5000Crs. Now the company had started its wings in Nepal as Nepal Gramudhyog. No doubt in today's era it is the fastest growing FMCG company and getting its franchise or dealership is one of the best business investment.

How to get Mahanagar Gas CNG station franchise / dealership: Investment cost, requirements, application process

Are you interested in getting the dealership of Mahanagar Gas CNG station? When the cost of petrol and diesel are touching new heights every alternate day, most of the vehicles are converting to compressed natural gas (CNG) which is not only cost efficient but also eco-friendly. In Maharashtra Mahanagar CNG pump is the most popular one and getting its dealership is one of the most profitable business in today's era. Here is the detail information about investment required, ROI, documents and other requirements and complete procedure to apply.

Studio 11 Salon Spa Franchise: Cost or investments, return, application process

Beauty care salon and spa franchises in India usually do a great business. With the increasing quality of urban Indian lifestyle, opening a beauty salon or spa franchise is a good business idea. Learn how to start Studio 11 spa franchise in India, how to apply for it, what are the possible cost or investments of Studio 11 salon-spa franchise and other details.

Arena Animation franchise : Capital required, start up cost, Profit on investment

Though there is nothing to speak more about Arena Animation as the institute is the leader in animation and multimedia training in India. If you want to avail the opportunity to be in the network and start franchise of this training institute and wondering how to get franchise of Arena Animation, whether it is worth and profitable, total investment and other factors required. Here is the details covering nearly all the doubts and FAQs for starting Arena Animations franchise in India.

Tata Motors dealership franchise : Cost, return of Investment, application process

Are you in search for information regarding how to get dealership of Tata Motors show room, service station or workshop area? Here is the details about investment required, eligibility criteria, application process and other information to start Tata Motor dealership.

Starting Raymond retail shop franchise : Investment, startup cost and ROI

Inspite of several changes in the fashion and garments trend, one brand which had been constantly emerged as leader in textile industry is Raymond Limited. Serving for more than 80 years Raymond is a household brand even at remote place. Here is the opportunity to start a Raymond showroom by getting franchise of Raymond Ltd in India. Below is the detail information about investment, start up cost, other requirements and ideal location to start Raymond franchise.

Lakmé Salon franchise India : Cost, start up requirement, profit on investment

Whenever we think about any beauty brand the first one comes in our mind is Lakmé. If you want to explore the opportunity to get attached with this brand by starting franchise of Lakmé Salon, here you can get all the information regarding eligibility, requirements, cost and expected profit on investment on Lakmé Salon.

Van Heusen Franchise India: Cost, investment returns, process

Want to open a Van Heusen franchise outlet in India? One of the world's best premium lifestyle brand for men and women, Van Heusen barely requires any introduction. Here we will discuss how to open a Van Heusen franchise, investment requirements, franchise fees and other costs for Van Heusen, franchise area requirements and more!

Starting Quiznos franchise in India : Investment, initial cost, royalty fees, profit

Here is another American fast food brand spreading wings very fast in India after success of QSR brands like Mcdonalds, Dominos Pizza, KFC and Pizza Hut. Here is the detail information regarding profile of Quiznos, investment required, pre requisites and expected profit on starting franchise of Quiznos in India.

Starting franchise of Fastrack sunglasses, fashion accessories : Investment, requirements, profit.

Fashion has been a requirement for not only youth but even at all ages. Now a days fashion accessories are not luxury but part of our life and increases the confidence level in our self. For this reason any business related to fashion accessories is gaining momentum in present market scenario. Here is the description and detailed information to get a franchise or distributor ship of a renowned brand Fastrack. Franchise of Fastrack a sub brand of Titan is a lucrative with an investment of 30 to 50 lakhs.

Starting Green Trend salon and style franchise : Investment cost, profit and requirements

Well styling with latest trend is most demanding in todays era. Green Trend hair and style salon is the upcoming brand for personal styling and beauty solutions. If you are in search of a lucrative business and can invest 35 to 40 lakhs, you can be a partner of Green Trend hair and style salon by starting its franchise. Here is the detail information to know how to start Green Trend hair and style salon, basic requirements and costs of Green Trend hair and style salon franchise, expected profit and return on investments, franchise and royalty fees, application process and whom, where and how to contact for Green Trend hair and style salon franchise.

Starting NIIT technologies educational franchise : Cost, investment, application and return

NIIT is one of the leading Global Talent Development Corporation and was established in 1981 to meet the challenges and to fulfil the global requirements for human resource development. NIIT is at present number one educational institution for talent development of individuals and its Enterprises and Institutions are present across 40 countries. main stream of training at NIIT is IT, Banking, Finance and Insurance, Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO), Business Process Management (BPM), Executive Management Education, Vocational Skills, School Learning Solutions and Communication and Professional Life Skills and there are about 35 millions learners in the World.

Dosa Plaza Franchises in India: Requirements, cost, profit

Do you want to open a Dosa Plaza franchise in India? Since the inception of the first Dosa Plaza in Navi Mumbai in 1998, Dosa Plaza has come a long way in 15 years to emerge as one of the fastest growing food franchises in India. Here we will discuss how to open a Dosa Plaza franchise in India as well as abroad, franchise requirements of Dosa Plaza (India and international both), cost or investments, franchise fees, profit margin and other necessary information. Keep reading!

How to Start Seacret Franchise in India: Cost, Investments and Requirements

Looking to start Seacret franchise in India? The leading brand in Dead Sea cosmetics, Seacret products - the best high end skin care brand in the cosmetic industry, has captured the attention of both female and male clients. Wherever you go, you will see a Seacret store location, as it has over 600 retail locations across the world. Let's see how to apply for Seacret franchise in India, cost of investment, returns, suitable locations for Seacret, contact information and more!
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