Browse Food Franchises in India: Fast foods, coffee chains, desserts

Welcome to Starting Franchise! Here, you can find categorical listings of all food franchises in India, ranging from quick service restaurants, coffee shops and Indian food chains to snack vendors or desserts and ice cream parlours. Browse the best food franchises in India, compare requirements and costs, judge return potentials, and invest in some of the top food business opportunities of the country!

QSRs in India: Fast foods like pizza, burger, roll

Fast food, pizzaQuick Service Restaurants or QSRs in India are having a buzz never experienced before, and all big brands in the QSR industry in India are doing exceptionally well. Indians do have a craze for fast food chains. In India, international QSRs like Pizza Hut, KFC, Taco Bell, Domino's and so on are fast expanding their businesses, and Indian brands like Yellow Chilli & Kathi Junction are also coming up fast to compete with them and cater to an indigenous taste. Given below are some of the best fast food franchises in India looking for business expansions.

Desserts: Ice cream & yoghurt parlour franchises in India

Ice Cream Cone Clipart ThumbnailThe popularity of desserts like ice creams, yoghurt or even our very own kulfi in a hot country like in India is logical and unquestionable. Whether a marriage ceremony or an office party, an ice cream is a must. And nothing cools down a Saturday afternoon like an yummy yoghurt. Naturally, dessert franchises in India including ice cream and yoghurt parlours usually have a good business nearly round the year. Be it international brands like Gelato Vinto and Cocoberry, or Indian products of Vadilal and Giani's, a ice cream parlour franchise is always a profitable business idea in India.

Coffee & beverage franchises in India

Steaming Coffee Cup Clip Art ThumbnailWe hated the British colonials, but we loved their beverages! Both tea and coffee are now indispensable parts of the Indian lifestyle. We take tea & coffee everyday at home; but over there in caféterias, they brew some awesome coffees, don't they? With rapid cosmopolitanism and urbanization, café culture is being increasingly adopted by the Indian youth. No wonder more and more coffee and beverage franchises in India are opening outlets or multiplying their units. Want to take part in the rise of coffee in India?

Mughlai, Punjabi, South Indian food chain franchises in India

FoodsNothing like a Desi dish! We all have pizzas and burgers, noodles and pastas, but they cannot quite be our soul mates, can they? Think of a mouth watering dish of biryani or dosa, tandoori chicken or dahi vada, and you will know why Indian cuisine franchises have good reasons to prosper in India. Discover the various tastes of our country here, from Kashmiri to South Indian food chain franchises, and your opportunities to grow big with one of them. Find costs of Indian food franchises, investment returns, application procedure and all other details you have been looking for. Listed below are some of the the great North or South Indian food franchises of India. Take a look!

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