How to get Mahanagar Gas CNG station franchise / dealership: Investment cost, requirements, application process

Are you interested in getting the dealership of Mahanagar Gas CNG station? When the cost of petrol and diesel are touching new heights every alternate day, most of the vehicles are converting to compressed natural gas (CNG) which is not only cost efficient but also eco-friendly. In Maharashtra Mahanagar CNG pump is the most popular one and getting its dealership is one of the most profitable business in today's era. Here is the detail information about investment required, ROI, documents and other requirements and complete procedure to apply.

Is it profitable to get dealership of Mahanagar Gas CNG station

Getting a dealership of a petrol pump was always considered as a highly profitable business and CNG is overtaking Petrol and Diesel especially for commercial light and heavy vehicles. Mahanagar Gas is a renowned and reliable brand and getting agency for CNG station can be a dream investment at this stage when the market is on rising side.

Mahanagar Gas CNG station dealership agency investment cost, area or plot required and ROI details

Apart from land or area required as mentioned below, other investment costs include building of the CNG station which may be around Rs. 30-50 lakhs approx. This cost is just an assumption and may vary from place to place and other conditions. ROI also depends on the location of the pump as the commercial vehicles mainly get their fuel on highways. However at this point of time when number of CNG stations are less than required, ROI will certainly be better.

Area or plot required for Mahanagar Gas CNG station for Light Motor Vehicle is 700 square metres, or 7500 square feet approximately, with 25 metre frontage while for Heavy Motor Vehicle plot size should be of 1500 square metres, or 16000 square feet approximately, with frontage of 50 metres. The area should be encroachment free with proper water and electricity supply.

Documents and other requirements for Mahanagar Gas CNG station franchise or dealership

The documents required to apply for dealership are age proof, income proof, photo identity proof and address proof of the applicant. Apart from these documents regarding your business like proof of income, net worth issued by Charted accountant and shop and establishment certificate. Documents related to properties required are property card, DP remarks by Municipal office or BMC, architect plan and lease deed. There should be valid documents of the plot ie title deed, latest 7/12 extract, partnership deed in case of partnership firm or distribution deed in it is distributed in family, NOC from landlord if plot is on lease, NA tax receipt 20 and mutation entity or Ferfar.

How to apply for dealership of Mahanagar Gas CNG station

Download Mahanagar Gas CNG dealership application form from the official site of Mahanagar Gas. The URL for the same is www [dot] mahanagargas [dot] com [slash] Common [slash] Uploads [slash] ContentTemplate [slash] 31_Down_31_Down_Applicationform_Franchisee [dot ]pdf. Fill it properly, enclose all the necessary documents required and submit physically as no online applications are accepted.

Mahanagar Gas contact details, address, phone number, website

Address, phone number, email and website of Mahanagar Gas is given below

MGL House,
G-33 Block, Bandra-Kurla Complex,
Bandra (East),
Mumbai – 400051
Ph: 6678500 / Fax: 26540092
Website: www [dot] mahanagargas [dot] com

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I just want to know about the CNG Station, what are the requirements for opening a CNG Station with any of the esteemed Organization like Mahanagar Gas.

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I am interested

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just want to know about the CNG Station, what are the requirements for opening a CNG Station with any of the esteemed Organization like Mahanagar Gas.

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