Arena Animation franchise : Capital required, start up cost, Profit on investment

Though there is nothing to speak more about Arena Animation as the institute is the leader in animation and multimedia training in India. If you want to avail the opportunity to be in the network and start franchise of this training institute and wondering how to get franchise of Arena Animation, whether it is worth and profitable, total investment and other factors required. Here is the details covering nearly all the doubts and FAQs for starting Arena Animations franchise in India.

Is starting Arena Animations franchise a profitable business

Before starting any business a study is done to find out if it is profitable or not. This depends on the demand of the product, reputation of the brand and investment required and return expected. As far as product is concerned Animation, VFX, web design, multimedia are the courses in demand having great potential not only in India but even in abroad and many students are joining every year and those who had done the training especially from recognized institute like Arena Animations are placed with high perks in renowned Companies and many had started their own works successfully. Internet and mobile games are coming and is in high demand. It is expected and estimated that by 2015 gaming industry will grow by 32% reaching to 38 billion Rs and animation and VFX industry is estimated to grow by 18.5% to reach 55.9 billion Rs.

Regarding the brand Arena Animation's popularity is well known, further it is a part of Aptech Ltd, a well known global education and training Company. Arena Animation is running successfully for last 17 years and had trained about 4 lakhs student in about 20 Countries. The support system to their franchise are beyond comparison as they give training to Centre faculty and staff, curriculum is as per industries demand, Marketing support including ad campaign etc. Special software called Aptrac for operation of the centre including invoicing etc. And above all helps students in placement.

The courses and training of Arena Animation have got several recognition in form of prestigious awards. Some of such awards are
  • Runners up in short animated film for Cecelia - The Balcony girl at 4th International Cinema today award 2011
  • 1st prize in animated short film for "The Roars" at 4th International Cinema today award 2011
  • Best animation award in Student category for "Use Me" at the Miniboxoffice in International film festival 2012
  • Best animation film in Student category for "The Wings" at Bhumika International film festival 2012
  • Best Pepsi Calender design at the Pepsi calendar 2012 design contest

There are many more awards in the list which is enough to establish the quality and recognition of the brand Arena Animation in multimedia, animation, VFX and other related courses which is in high demand. Thus seeing the status of the brand, demand of the product starting Arena Animation franchise is certainly a wise decision and profitable business.

Starting Arena Animation Centre franchise : Capital cost, requirement, royalty fees and ROI

Total investment required to start Arena Animation franchise varies from city to city. For Delhi and Mumbai it is about 30 to 40 lakhs while investment required in other metros, state capitals and other important cities like Pune, Ahmedabad etc it lies between 25 to 35 lakhs. In rest of the towns and cities the investment to start Arena Animation center is between 22 to 30 lakhs. Thus overall we can say that net investment will be around Rs. 30 to 50 lakhs. The exact floor area required to start Arena Animation center is not specified, however it should be sufficient enough to have classrooms, office and other necessary accommodation.

The return of investment and profit depends upon the marketing of Arena courses in your city. The more demand is generated the expected period for return of Capital will be less, however seeing the present status of Arena Animation and demand of the course, the return can be expected in 2-3 years in well dense area.

How to start Arena Animation centre franchise : Application process, queries and contact details

To apply for starting Arena Animation training centre franchise visit official site that is In the given box with heading become a franchise fill your name, email and phone number. You can also download franchise brochure of Arena Animation to know all the pre requisites, terms, conditions and other factors. For any other query you can contact Mumbai corporate office. The address, phone no, email of Arena Animation is mentioned below

Address : Aptech Limited, Aptech House, A-65, MIDC, Marol, Andheri (E), Mumbai-400093, Maharashtra, India
Phone : 022-28272300 (Corp. Office), 1-800-209-1444
Fax : 022-28272399
Email :
Website :

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