Starting NIIT technologies educational franchise : Cost, investment, application and return

NIIT is one of the leading Global Talent Development Corporation and was established in 1981 to meet the challenges and to fulfil the global requirements for human resource development. NIIT is at present number one educational institution for talent development of individuals and its Enterprises and Institutions are present across 40 countries. main stream of training at NIIT is IT, Banking, Finance and Insurance, Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO), Business Process Management (BPM), Executive Management Education, Vocational Skills, School Learning Solutions and Communication and Professional Life Skills and there are about 35 millions learners in the World.

At present there are more than 3500 NIIT centres running successfully nurturing students to achieve their goals in the field of talents in different streams. NIIT had relieved Top IT Training Company’ award successively for the past 18 years, since the this category of award was introduced by IT magazine Data-quest.

NIIT franchise in India a profit making business

NIIT guarantees a job oriented educational courses and had received several awards. Franchise system was started in 1987 to reach more and more students seeking for job oriented professional courses and nearly all its franchise are running successfully across the World. It was ranked as India's Most Trusted Education Brand by Economic Times Brand Equity survey in 2011. In the same year it received Best franchisor award by Franchise India and also awarded as Best Education Company to Work with. Another award was Franchisor of the Year in Education: Information Technology’ by Franchise Plus Magazine in 2010. Thus NIIT franchise is a dream for any businessman aiming for a fruitful profitable franchise business with trusted partner.

NIIT Franchise: Initial Cost, return on investments, profit period, royalty fees

One can start NIIT franchise with a medium investment. If invested frugally total investment comes out to be around 15 to 20 lakhs but may raise up to 40 lakhs if the institute is made more accommodative and attractive to get more and more students and providing them best training. Though the area required is not limited and depends on location, student capacity, type of courses offered, however 1500 to 3000 sq ft will be good enough to start with. The return of investment depends on the courses and requirement among students at the place where the franchise is started. Though the admission process, exams etc are designed by NIIT itself through online, so getting students is not a problem if faculties are talented and experienced. NIIT shares some percentage of fees of the student as royalty fees and no other fees is required. 50 to 60 % of entire project is invested by franchise, however NIIT provides full support system.

NIIT education franchise support system, franchisee agreements, terms and conditions

NIIT always maintain the standard which has been set by them, thus provide extensive support to their franchise partners. The support mechanism provided by them are

  • Training support - NIIT provide training to Faculty and Counsellor, training for marketing and sales and for new products ie new educational programs. NIIT also provide induction programs for their franchise and their support staffs.
  • System support - NIIT designs admission process, conduct online examination, and also provide system to maintain record of students and to manage day to day operations at the centre.
  • Marketing and advertising support - NIIT does marketing and advertising at National and International level.

The franchise agreement with NIIT is initially for three years and can be renewed if the centre fulfils all the criteria, terms and conditions.

Who can apply for NIIT franchise in India

The person who want to apply for NIIT franchise should be graduate in any subject. He should have wide knowledge of the regional market. He should be First time Entrepreneur and self employed in business and have 1-3 years of experience in any functional area, preferably at the middle management level. He should be financially sound to invest 60-70% in the project. He should be completely committed and devoted to this venture.

How to start NIIT franchise in India - Application process and contact details

One can apply online here filling all the details and describing the reason of his willingness for NIIT franchise in 250 words. Also he should select the region where he is willing to start. One can directly contact NIIT corporate office situated at Gurgaon for franchise details. Address, phone no, fax and official website of NIIT are mentioned below-
Corporate Office NIIT Limited, 85, Sector 32, Institutional Area, Gurgaon,
Haryana -122001
Phone- 91-124-4293078, 91-124-4293000

For NIIT franchise in Northern region like Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh etc you can contact
Regional Office – North
NIIT Limited, 8, Balaji Estate, Kalkaji,
New Delhi – 110019.
Phone – 91-11-40563033 Email:-

For NIIT franchise in Eastern region like Bihar, West bengal, Orissa, Eastern Uttar Pradesh etc you can contact
Regional Office – East
NIIT Ltd. ILS-(IT) India, East
6B, Pretoria Street, Kolkata- 700071
Phone- 91-33-30570017, Extn-5017

For NIIT franchise in Western region like Mumbai, other part of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Goa etc you can contact
Regional Office – West
NIIT Limited, 4th Flr Tower A, Marwah Centre, Krishanlal Marwah Marg,
Off Saki Vihar Road,Andheri (E)
Mumbai - 400072
Phone- 91-22-40103030, 91-22-40103000/5

For NIIT franchise in Southern region like Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala etc you can contact
Regional Office – South
NIIT Limited,
#38 4th B Cross V Block,
Industrial Layout, Koramangala,
Bangalore- 560095
Phone- 91-80-33244800

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Unknown said...

NIIT is not a profitable venture.. I run an NIIT franchisee.. It sucks all revenue from franchisee and its renewal is 7-8 Lakhs recurring every 3 years.. Almost 60% of revenue is taken by NIIT.. balance has to be managed by the franchisee and there is no support from NIIT. Initial investment in metros are appx 60Lakhs and franchisee fee is 15 to 20Lakhs

Unknown said...

Being an NIIT franchisee i can say there is a huge discrimination between their own centers and franchisee centers.

When an enq calls any of own centers they give response telling that other centers are franchisee centers and not to go and join in franchisee centers..

If u escalate they downplay the statement and don't take any corrective measures for this.. For a franchisee after investing 60 to 70 lakhs and after spending 12 hours every day at office, finally we are left with losses and debt and third degree treatment..

Any aspiring franchisee please discuss with NIIT about all these and need to get written commitment if u have decided to become their next Bakra..

Adi said...

Thank you Mr Rajeev Kulkarni for your sincere comments with valuable first hand experiences. Hope NIIT will understand their mistake and in order to make profit in the longer run, they will give more focus on benefits of NIIT franchisees in India.

Unknown said...

I was planning to open a franchisee in Pune.

Meera said...

Kindly suggest if its something worth risking so much money , I am thinking about opening a franchise in a town in Haryana

Patil said...

Don't open any education franchise. Brand name doesn't work in this sector . So open with your own brand and promote your own brand. Don't spend money for other brands.

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