How to open Bata showroom: Bata India franchise cost, area requirements, contact number

Do you want to open a Bata showroom? When it comes to the shoe and leather products business in India, Bata is the unquestionable market leader. Even with several competitors, till this day for many people in India, particularly the senior generations, buying a shoe still means visiting a Bata shop. The brand, therefore, does not need an elaborate introduction; you must be rather thinking how much money is required too start a Bata shoe store in India? Let us tell you the details of Bata India franchise: investment or cost analysis, area requirements, contact profile and so on. Keep reading!

What is the cost of starting Bata franchise showroom in India?

Well, now comes the most crucial question. How much money is required to open of Bata showroom? The franchise cost is going to be somewhere between Rs 30 to Rs 50 lakhs, so if you are looking for a franchise business within fifty lakhs, you can definitely give Bata India Limited a serious consideration.

Bata franchise profit (return on investment) and Bata franchise review

Now that you have gone through the financial break up of the franchise, the one question that you must be asking yourself now is whether opening a Bata franchise is a profitable business idea or not. As we have come to know from various sources or Bata franchise reviews, the anticipated return on capital is about 45 per cent. Which means the probable pay back period of capital for a unit franchise is only 2 to 3 years, which makes Bata a really profitable retail franchise business in its cost segment. Please note that the franchise term is for 3 years.

Minimum space requirements for Bata franchise showroom

Bata franchise area requirement is about 1000-2000 square feet. This means, while a little bigger area does not hurt, you should be fit to become a Bata franchisee if you have as much space as 1000 square feet.

How to get Bata franchise / dealership in India?

So, if you have the required premise area and are ready to invest as has been mentioned above, you are all set to take Bata franchise. Now the next step is application process for which you can contact at the mobile numbers mentioned below.

Bata franchise contact details: Mobile number, email address?

Are you looking for contact details of Bata franchise? The contact persons are Mr. Rupesh Bhagchandani whom you can contact in the following mobile number: +919999878965. Alternatively, for Bata India franchise, contact Mr. Kumar whose phone number is +919899839203.

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