Studio 11 Salon Spa Franchise: Cost or investments, return, application process

Beauty care salon and spa franchises in India usually do a great business. With the increasing quality of urban Indian lifestyle, opening a beauty salon or spa franchise is a good business idea. Learn how to start Studio 11 spa franchise in India, how to apply for it, what are the possible cost or investments of Studio 11 salon-spa franchise and other details.

About Studio 11 Salon & Spa: Profile and company background

Before opening Studio 11 franchise in India you must be curious to know more about the company. Studio 11 is a brand of Bloomwell Health and Wellness Ltd, one of the best known names among the best beauty salon and spa franchises in India. At present Studio 11 franchises are invited all over the country is looking forward to cover all the metro, tier I and tier II cities of India as a part of their expansion programme through franchise business models.

Why go for Studio 11 Salon & Spa franchise?

As we have already mentioned, the beauty and skincare industry in India is one of the fastest growing franchise businesses of the country, due to the ever increasing urban lifestyle and engulfing consumerism. Indeed, there are many established beauty salon franchise brands in India like Lakme Salon, AromaThai Spa, Kaya skin care clinic and so on, the supply still seems nothing when compared to the demand. Thus, there is still an enormous scope of emerging beauty salon and spa brands: they have a vast market to capture and a reputation to establish. To quote Studio 11, beauty salon and spa franchises in India are growing at an annual 30% rate, which is indeed dazzling and awe inspiring.

We are specifically recommending Studio 11 franchise because it offers a world class unisex salon at reasonable investment costs with high branding standards. If you want to have a state of the art beauty salon with 3D visuals, supported by a strong corporate backbone of 25 full time management officials, operated with great salon software that gives franchisees almost complete control over sales, it is time for you to own a Studio 11 franchise salon.

Studio 11 Salon Franchise Investments: Cost of start-up, ROI, required area

There are various business models of Studio 11 salon and spa franchise, and your cost of investment will differ according to your business model. Nevertheless, as a gross assumption we can say that the net investment for Studio 11 franchise will vary between Rs 25 to 60 lakhs. So if you are looking for franchise businesses in 30 to 50 lakhs investment, opening Studio 11 beauty parlour can be a good business idea. The company, however, is silent about area requirements. Studio 11 franchisees are mosty likely to be intimated about cost and investment details once they sign up for the business.

Studio 11 franchise support, training and loyalty programmes

As we have already said, Studio 11 retail franchisees are supported by a strong corporate team at the centre with 25 full time management personnel working hard to ensure a smooth support system. Also, they have a state of the art website and boast of first rate salon software which gives nearly complete control over the sales of Studio 11 franchise units in India. The company also offers loyalty and in-salon promotions, points on redemption programmes, and giveaways. Uniform standards across all units are strictly adhered to. A handy customer care and franchise staff recruitment and training support is also on the offer.

How to apply for Studio 11 franchise: Contact address, website, email

If you are interested then you can fill in the brief Studio 11 franchise application form by visiting their official website at You have to submit your basic contact information including your full name, email address, mobile number and your preferred city for doing business. No mail id or phone number for Studio 11 franchise contacts has been provided.

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