Shanti Juniors Preschool Franchise: Cost of investments, profit, area requirements, contact details

Shanti Juniors preschool franchise can be an excellent business idea as the preschool franchise sector in India is bursting with new opportunities. The brand has the first of its kind application based revision programmes which makes it a unique preschool in India among its peers. With over 275 units scattered all over the country, Shanti Juniors is an ISO 9001 certified company as well as the recipient of more than 13 awards including Indian Achievers Award for Quality Excellence. If you are interested to know how to open a Shanti Juniors preschool franchise, keep reading this article to explore more details about Shanti Juniors preschool franchise cost, return on investments, area requirements and so on.

Junior DPS Franchise: Cost, area requirements, documents, contact details

Do you want to start a Junior DPS Franchise? A venture of the famous Delhi Public School, one of the largest secondary and higher secondary school franchises in India, Junior DPS is an excellent opportunity for those who want to start their own preschool. The curriculum of the school focuses on imparting skill-based knowledge, using its unique Fine Petal approach and an eclectic approach, thus trying to enhance the personal awareness, language skills, emotional as well as as individual-potential development of the child. Let us tell you more about how to open a Junior DPS franchise, cost of investment, franchise fee, royalty, what are the documents needed to open a Junior DPS school, area requirements and so on. Keep reading!

GD Goenka Toddler House preschool franchise: Cost, area requirements, contact details

Do you want to start your own preschool in a small town or non-metro city? The GD Goenka Toddler House Preschool is designed particularly for the non-metro cities of India where there is still a lot of scope and demand for good preschools. The early education franchise sector in India is fast growing, with more and more parents sending their children to preschools than ever before. Let us now see more about GD Goenka preschool franchise cost, area requirements, how to apply for GD Goenka Toddler House preschool franchise, fees and royalties, profitability and so on. Keep reading!

Starting American Kidz play school franchise: White collar business with low investment high return

Are you searching for a business with low capital investment with high return with an additional advantage of having a high collar business? Obviously starting a play school is the best option. Here is the information of American Kidz play school offering franchise with very low fees and minimum royalty charges, providing optimum support system. See the profile of American Kidz, investment required, expected return and other criteria required to start American Kidz preschool franchise.

Starting Aerokids preschool franchise : Low investment, high profit business with no royalty fee

Looking for a preschool franchise business in India? Want to start an established brand of preschool in low budget? AeroKids is the good preschool business idea because the investment is as low as 1.5 lakhs and the popularity is immense; thus it can be claimed as a franchise business with almost no risk. Let us tell you more about how to start a Aero Kids preschool franchise, investments and costs incurred, possible return or profit on investments, premises required and other FAQs. Keep reading!

Starting Euro Kids pre school franchise : Startup cost, profit on investment, application process

Pre School business is growing as even in smaller towns the children are being sent to pre schools and are groomed and well prepared and trained till they get admitted in primary classes of main stream schools. The standard of preschool is the factor for its success and here is the franchise details of Euro Kids play school which has set up an standard and got fame in India and several other Countries. Here is detail about how to start a Euro Kids school franchise, investments and costs incurred, possible return or profit on investments and other FAQs.

Arena Animation franchise : Capital required, start up cost, Profit on investment

Though there is nothing to speak more about Arena Animation as the institute is the leader in animation and multimedia training in India. If you want to avail the opportunity to be in the network and start franchise of this training institute and wondering how to get franchise of Arena Animation, whether it is worth and profitable, total investment and other factors required. Here is the details covering nearly all the doubts and FAQs for starting Arena Animations franchise in India.

Top 5 Preschool Franchises in India: Most profitable play schools

Preschool franchises in India are booming businesses nowadays; parents are more concerned than ever with their kids' future, and willingly spend money to give the children the best possible education right from preschool levels. Opening a preschool franchise business in India can therefore turn out to be a wise business decision. Nevertheless, there are many good preschools in India and it is often a critical question to choose from them. Did you ever wonder which preschool franchise in India is most profitable? Which preschool franchise business in India has the best possible future? We will answer these questions here and come up with our list of top 5 play school franchise opportunities in India. Keep reading!

Tree House play school franchise : Cost, Start up requirements, profit on investments

If you are searching for a business with an investment of 5 to 10 lakhs. Starting a pre school or better say play school is ideal. It has been observed that educated youth especially educated married women prefer to start play school. Starting a branded play school will definitely be lucrative and what if you start a franchise of a play school having maximum branded self operated preschool. Yes it is Tree House a play school under Tree House Education and Accessories Ltd and is also indexed in BSE and NSE.

Starting NIIT technologies educational franchise : Cost, investment, application and return

NIIT is one of the leading Global Talent Development Corporation and was established in 1981 to meet the challenges and to fulfil the global requirements for human resource development. NIIT is at present number one educational institution for talent development of individuals and its Enterprises and Institutions are present across 40 countries. main stream of training at NIIT is IT, Banking, Finance and Insurance, Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO), Business Process Management (BPM), Executive Management Education, Vocational Skills, School Learning Solutions and Communication and Professional Life Skills and there are about 35 millions learners in the World.

Shemrock Playschool franchise: Cost, start-up guide, profit on investments

Do you want to start a Shemrock preschool franchise in India? Shemrock is one of India’s first preschool chains. With more than 175 branches across the country and abroad, it is still going stronger. Learn how to open a Shemrock preschool, franchise fees, cost of opening Shemrock franchise, return on investments and other necessary details here.

Hello Kids Franchise India: Cost, investments, application process

Want to start a Hello Kids Franchise? India's school franchises are growing fast, and opening a Hello Kids franchise in India won't be a bad idea because it is India's number one pre school franchise. Let's see how to start a Hello Kids franchise, cost, franchise fees, return on investments, application procedure, contact profile and other necessary details.

Delhi Public School (DPS): Franchise requirements in India & abroad

Education is becoming a fruitful business in India especially when it comes out to be a school. Earlier were days when few brands were there for schools and students had to search for different schools at different places especially when their parents were in transferable job. Now at most of the big cities we have brand schools like DAV, Delhi Public school etc.

How to Open Bachpan School: Franchise cost, investments and returns

Bachpan a leading play school in Asia is offering its franchise at affordable cost with all kind of support and care for those who want to own a play school in their area or city. Bachpan has 700+ branches across the nation so here is the chance for you to become the part of this fast emerging preschool chain which becomes the first choice of many parents for their little ones by opening a Bachpan school franchise.

How to Open Kidzee School: Franchise cost, returns

By opening a Kidzee school franchise, YOU too can be a part of Asia's premier preschool chain and India's franchisor of the year 2010! How? Keep reading, doesn't that sound interesting? We will tell you how to start a Kidzee school franchise, investments and costs incurred, possible return on investments and other details here. Keep reading to know more about opening Kidzee pre-school!

IIJT Franchise: Opening cost, procedures, return

IIJT, ever since its inauguration in 2006 by its honorary President and the former Finance Minister of India Mr. Yashwant Sinha, has kept going strong to emerge as one of fastest growing educational brands in the country. Distribution of IIJT franchise businesses have started since 2006 itself, but there is a lot of way to go still. Read more about how to open IIJT franchise college, investment costs and requirements of starting IIJT franchise academic centre, expected return on investment and so on.
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