Opening Godrej Interio Franchise: Cost, process, return on investments

A leader in the Indian furniture industry with the hallmark of the house of Godrej, Interio furniture franchises are fast expanding in India. A good franchise business within 20 to 30 lakhs, Godrej Interio is looking for franchise partners all over India to grow alongside them. Let us see how to open Godrej Interio franchise in India, steps involved and documents required, cost of opening Godrej Interio franchise and returns on investments, and much more. Keep reading!

Khilonewala Toy Library Franchise: Cost of investment, area requirement, contact details

Do you want to be an entrepreneur? Can you spend a few hours a day in order to build a thriving business? Khilonewala Toy Library is one of its kind franchise business opportunity which rents out toys, books, and games to children between age group of one to twelve years. The concept of toy renting is relatively new in India so there is very less competition and ample chance to grow. Keep reading this article to know more about Khilonewala franchise cost, area requirements, how to apply for Khilonewala Toy Library franchise, fees or royalties, contact details and so on.

How to open Bata showroom: Bata India franchise cost, area requirements, contact number

Do you want to open a Bata showroom? When it comes to the shoe and leather products business in India, Bata is the unquestionable market leader. Even with several competitors, till this day for many people in India, particularly the senior generations, buying a shoe still means visiting a Bata shop. The brand, therefore, does not need an elaborate introduction; you must be rather thinking how much money is required too start a Bata shoe store in India? Let us tell you the details of Bata India franchise: investment or cost analysis, area requirements, contact profile and so on. Keep reading!

UClean Laundromat Franchise: Investment costs, Area Requirements, Profit, Application Process

How often does dirty laundry pile up at our homes? Well, surely more often than we would like to disclose publicly! To address this issue of managing dirty laundry in a fast-paced lifestyle when everybody is running all the time to make ends meet, UClean has introduced India's first organised laundry franchise chain. This is quite a new concept as far as India is concerned, although laundromats as franchise business options are already very popular in South-East Asia. UClean was launched in January 2017 by the Delhi-based entrepreneur Mr Arunabh Sinha, with an aim to catering to the laundry needs of the neighborhood. Today, the brand has made its presence felt in more than 50 cities. If you are interested in UClean Laundry Services franchise, keep reading this article to know more about the area and investment requirements, detailed break up of cost, profitability, application process and so on.

Sabse Sasta Dukaan Franchise: Cost, return on investment, franchise application process

Do you want to open a Sabse Sasta Dukaan franchise? Cannot understand how does Sabse Sasta Dukaan franchise business operate? Want to know how much would it cost and what are going to be your profit or returns on investment? You are not alone as we are receiving many queries relating to the business model of SSD so we thought about explaining everything step by step in an article. Well, the short answer is that it is an e-commerce based franchise model where you can sell almost anything without caring about maintaining an inventory. Also, you can run many businesses simultaneously under one roof. Sounding strange? Keep reading to know more about Sabse Sasta Dukan franchise investment, area requirements, application process, contact details and so on.

How to open Sri Sri Tattva franchise stores: Investments, requirements, application process

Art of Living Foundation's FMCG arm, Sri Sri Tattva (formerly known as Sri Sri Ayurveda) started in 2003 with health care supplements, health drinks and ayurvedic medicines have now expanded its portfolio to over 300 products across both Ayurveda and FMCG segments. The company aims to achieve a billion-dollar business in the next few years through its retail store's concept which is all set to roll out from January. To become a franchisee of Sri Sri Tattva stores, read on to know the required start-up cost, investments, and other details.

The Laundry Basket franchise in India: Investments, returns, application process

Are you looking to start a laundry and dry cleaning business in India? The Laundry Basket franchise may interest you. Here is a detailed information about The Laundry Basket franchise, investments required, application procedure, expected returns on investment and other details you might be looking for.

How to get Reliance Jio DTH franchise / dealership: Investments, returns, requirements, application procedure

Are you looking for Reliance Jio DTH franchise in India? We all know about the tremendous success of Jio services in mobile network as Jio mania has swept the nation with 72 million users signed up for Jio prime membership in just one month. Likewise, everybody expects the same from Jio DTH services which have created an increased demand for Jio dth dealership from all areas across the nation. Do you want to take up Jio DTH distributorship? Then you must know about how to get Reliance Jio DTH dealership, investments, and requirements, how to apply for Jio dth distributorship, contact details and various other details you might have been looking for.

How to get Patanjali franchise or distributorship : Cost, investments, eligibility, requirements and application process

The "Make in India" concept is booming and Patanjali is one of the largest Indian Company coming up with all the basic products we require in day to day life. In 2015-16 it has crossed 5000Crs. Now the company had started its wings in Nepal as Nepal Gramudhyog. No doubt in today's era it is the fastest growing FMCG company and getting its franchise or dealership is one of the best business investment.

How to open Samsung smartphones retail franchise / dealership: Investment cost, requirements, application process

Getting a dealership or retail franchise of mobile phones is always a lucrative business and if it is Samsung, nothing better than that. With increasing demands of smartphones and the zeal to change it frequently and getting latest model is now almost a fashion at all ages and Samsung has been the leading brand in smartphones worldwide. Here is the detail information of how to get retail franchise or dealership of Samsung mobiles, its investment costs, eligibility criteria and requirements, ROI and procedure to apply online.

Opening Jan Aushadhi Store (JAS): Application process, investment costs, area requirements, eligibility

Opening a Jan Aushadhi Store may not be a franchise business per se, but it can be a very good business idea because of the government support. In other words, you can call it a government franchise business. So, how to open a Jan Aushadhi Store (JAS), the government medicine store, and what are the investment requirements and application process?

Nokia mobiles franchise or dealership : Investment, start up requirements and eligibility, profit

If we count top five retail business telecom especially of mobile phone dealership will stand within top two spot and among mobile phones still Nokia holds the top position inspite of several other Companies coming in the market. Here you can get detail about the process to get dealership or franchise of Nokia stores, total investment required, other pre requisites and how and where to apply for the same.

Adidas franchise and authorised dealership in India : Investment, requirements, eligibility and start up cost

If you are prepared to start a franchise business with an investment of 30 to 50 lakhs starting a franchise of renowned footwear Adidas is appropriate as the brand is a trusted one not only in footwear but also other sports accessories. Here is the detail information regarding prerequisites, total investments and expected ROI on getting a franchise of Adidas India marketing Ltd.

Make My Trip tours travels franchise : Cost, Start up requirements, profit on investments

Tours and travel business is at boom and the future prospects are even brighter. Thus a serious businessman who wants to expand his business or any new entrant who want to start a business with comparatively less risk and low investment, a franchise of renowned brand of tour operator is an ideal investment. Make My Trip is at present the most renowned brand and a franchise of Make My Trip will be a lucrative business to start with an investment of 10 to 15 lakhs.

Starting Chandrani Pearls franchise or authorized dealership : Investment cost, requirements and profit

In the jewellery fashion, pearls have taken a lead over gold and diamond and among the pearls Chandrani Pearl is largest pearl jewellery retail stores in India. An investment in franchise of Chandrani Pearls is worth as the customers is bound to come. Here you can get the information about basic requirements, investment and expected profits if invested to start franchise of Chandrani Pearl in India.

Gitanjali Jewels Franchise: Cost, investment procedures, profits

Are you curious to know how to open a Gitanjali Jewels franchise in India? The flagship concept of the Gitanjali Group, the Gitanjali Jewels is a retail jewellery franchise store offering high end diamond and gold jewellery. Keep reading to know more about Gitanjali Jewels franchise application procedures, royalty fees, overall costs of Gitanjali Jewels franchise, return on investments or profit and other details.

Starting The Mobile Store Franchise in India : Retail franchise with less investment high profit

Information about retail brand of mobile phones - The Mobile Store

Looking for a smart investment which could give you high returns in lesser time at lower investment! Here is 'The Mobile Store' to stand up to your dreams and aspirations. The Mobile Store is a one stop smart shop that offers a convergence of mobile life style along with mobility solutions. From mobiles to mobile accessories, mobile connections, recharges, theft insurance, extended warranty and many other services of multiple brands and that too, all under just one roof which would give you a world class shopping experience.

How to open Archies Gallery in India: Cost, Investments & Requirements

Archies gallery is the one place where we all want to visit to celebrate any occasion or event; it offers lots of gifting options for everyone for almost all occasions like Mother's Day, All festivals, Valentine Day, Birthday and so on. Every year more than 30 million people visit Archies store to buy gifts for their loved ones so to open a Archies gallery in your own area is going to be wise decision. Read on to find out how to apply for Archies Gallery franchise in India, cost to open Archies Gallery, returns or profits, suitable locations and more.
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