How to start Love Yourself Bipasha Basu beauty and fitness brand : Cost, investment, requirements, profit

Love Yourself is for females only beauty and fitness brand launched by bollywood actress and fitness freak Bipasha Basu. Since the importance fitness and looks are not hidden now and even in smaller town females are being so conscious about their looks and fitness, this business is gearing up and when the brand is Love Yourself associated with Bipasha Basu, the demands itself grows by many folds.

Studio 11 Salon Spa Franchise: Cost or investments, return, application process

Beauty care salon and spa franchises in India usually do a great business. With the increasing quality of urban Indian lifestyle, opening a beauty salon or spa franchise is a good business idea. Learn how to start Studio 11 spa franchise in India, how to apply for it, what are the possible cost or investments of Studio 11 salon-spa franchise and other details.

AromaThai Spa Franchise India: Cost, profit on investments, franchise application process

Want to open AromaThai Foot Spa franchise in India? A renowned massage parlor and of the best Thai spas in India, AromaThai has enjoyed a growing popularity since its ineption in 2008. Learn how to open Aroma Thai spa franchise in India, beauty parlor or spa franchise costs, area requirements, return on investments and all other necessary details you would look for before opening Aroma Thai franchise. Keep reading!

Lakmé Salon franchise India : Cost, start up requirement, profit on investment

Whenever we think about any beauty brand the first one comes in our mind is Lakmé. If you want to explore the opportunity to get attached with this brand by starting franchise of Lakmé Salon, here you can get all the information regarding eligibility, requirements, cost and expected profit on investment on Lakmé Salon.

Shahnaz Husain beauty parlour franchise: Investment, start up requirement, profit

Shahnaz Husain is not a name now and has become a famous brand for beauty parlour and beauty related products and is popular not only in India but in the World. If you are planning to start a business of starting a beauty parlour or selling beauty products and able to have an investment of 20 lakhs certainly association with Shahnaz Husain beauty parlour will be a dream come true. Here is the information and process to apply for Shahnaz Husain beauty parlour franchise, royalty fees, cost and other pre requisite required for the starting Shanaz Husain beauty parlour of Beauty academy ie training institute.

Starting Green Trend salon and style franchise : Investment cost, profit and requirements

Well styling with latest trend is most demanding in todays era. Green Trend hair and style salon is the upcoming brand for personal styling and beauty solutions. If you are in search of a lucrative business and can invest 35 to 40 lakhs, you can be a partner of Green Trend hair and style salon by starting its franchise. Here is the detail information to know how to start Green Trend hair and style salon, basic requirements and costs of Green Trend hair and style salon franchise, expected profit and return on investments, franchise and royalty fees, application process and whom, where and how to contact for Green Trend hair and style salon franchise.

Starting Supercuts Franchise: Cost, return on investments, contact profile

>Since 1975, Supercuts has been a balanced alternative for high end salons and local barber shops. Learn how to start a Supercuts franchise salon, requirements and costs of Supercuts franchise, returns on investments, franchise fees, application process and other details you might be interested in. Keep reading!

How to Start Seacret Franchise in India: Cost, Investments and Requirements

Looking to start Seacret franchise in India? The leading brand in Dead Sea cosmetics, Seacret products - the best high end skin care brand in the cosmetic industry, has captured the attention of both female and male clients. Wherever you go, you will see a Seacret store location, as it has over 600 retail locations across the world. Let's see how to apply for Seacret franchise in India, cost of investment, returns, suitable locations for Seacret, contact information and more!

Jawed Habib's Hair Xpreso franchise: Cost, Investment and Requirement

Jawed Habib is one of the leading hair & beauty salon chains in India which has more than 320 outlets in India. In 2009 Jawed Habib Hair & Beauty Ltd had introduced JH HAIRXPRESO unisex salon where you can get stylish hair cut in just Rs. 99 which attracts many youths of India who want a designer haircut but find it too expensive and offer a great business opportunity for many of us as they offer JH HairXpreso unisex salon franchise at very affordable cost.

VLCC Centre Franchise in India: Cost, return on investments

VLCC is one of the most prestigious names in Fitness and Beauty Services industry which has many health care centre and saloons in India and across the world. You can also become the valuable partner of this esteemed organization by taking its franchise and own VLCC Centre in your area or city. Read on to know how to start VLCC Centre in India, cost of starting a VLCC centre and where to contact for getting VLCC franchise in India.

Meghna Beauty Parlour: Franchise opportunities, cost, returns

When it comes to beauty treatments, hair and skin care, Meghna is a much trusted name nationwide. Ever since its beginning in the 1978 with just two seats in New Delhi, it has indeed travelled a long way to win the trust of its countless loyal customers. Today, Meghna Beauty Parlour in New Delhi's Green Park boasts a three-storied establishments with 75 full time trained workers toiling hard to cater the best beauty and skin care services. Keep reading!
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