How to Apply for OYO Townhouse Franchise: Cost, area, return on investment, revenue share details

How to rent your house or property to OYO? Townhouse, the new chain of budget hotels, is "based on the need of the millennial traveller', as the company has put it in the official website of OYO townhouse. They blend elegance and comfort with efficiency and value, and perfectly complement the mood of the neighborhood. Having started in January 2017, the model has soon met with success, with total number of OYO Townhouses in India crossing the 150-mark, across 30 cities in India, by the end of the year. If you want to lease your property to OYO for Townhouse, keep reading this article. Here we will be discussing at length how to apply for OYO Townhouse, franchise cost, return on investment, details of revenue sharing, contact details and so on.

Cox & Kings Franchise India: Cost, fees, application process and contact number details

Do want to start a Cox & Kings franchise in India? Before you proceed to know how to apply for Cox & Kings franchise India, cost, return on investment and other necessary details, let us remind you that it is one of the best travel brands all over the world. Operational in business since 1758, the company has successfully taken its passengers to even the most challenging parts of the world, and has grown to become the world leader in exciting travel opportunities. If we take in consideration the boom in consumerism over the last few years in India, thanks to the country's rapidly growing economy and excellence in emerging sectors like Information Technology, there has been a lot of change in the ways people travel now, as compared to how the people of the generations preceding us were used to travel. In addition to that, the ever-increasing stress of the modern lifestyle has made vacations a necessity and no more a leisure activity. All these have resulted in the travel industry of India growing in leaps and bounds. As a Cox & Kings franchise, you can ride that growth with a market leader.

Make My Trip tours travels franchise : Cost, Start up requirements, profit on investments

Tours and travel business is at boom and the future prospects are even brighter. Thus a serious businessman who wants to expand his business or any new entrant who want to start a business with comparatively less risk and low investment, a franchise of renowned brand of tour operator is an ideal investment. Make My Trip is at present the most renowned brand and a franchise of Make My Trip will be a lucrative business to start with an investment of 10 to 15 lakhs.
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