How to start Love Yourself Bipasha Basu beauty and fitness brand : Cost, investment, requirements, profit

Love Yourself is for females only beauty and fitness brand launched by bollywood actress and fitness freak Bipasha Basu. Since the importance fitness and looks are not hidden now and even in smaller town females are being so conscious about their looks and fitness, this business is gearing up and when the brand is Love Yourself associated with Bipasha Basu, the demands itself grows by many folds.

Profitable reasons to start Love Yourself beauty and fitness franchise

Well now a days the major chunk of budget of any family goes in favor of fitness, wellness and looks. A good look and fit body has always been a motivational factor in every field and people now accept that. This is the reason why fitness industry is growing rapidly.
Now Love Yourself is the fitness brand of Bipasha Basu who DVD Love Yourself on fitness did business in crores. Her DVD’s on fitness have taken the fitness world by storm with stars like Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Katrina Kaif, Abhishek Bachchan and Shahid Kapoor endorsing her fitness DVD, thus Love Yourself is already a famous and well known brand.
To add more Love Yourself also started sports clothing in association with Reebok, boosting the business.
Thus investing in this fast growing untapped business in todays era is certainly a profitable bet.

Bipasha Basu's Love Yourself franchise investment cost, area or plot required and ROI details

Bipasha Basu along with HarBaweja are on the way for Pan India expansion of the brand Love Yourself. For this franchise area required is about 3000 sq ft. Total investment comes out to be from 50 lakhs to 1 crore which include costs of equipment, interiors, security and miscellaneous costs. The franchise fee is 20 lakhs Rs and royalty commission is 10%.
If the fitness centre is established in posh area the break even period amy even be less than 6 months.

How to apply for Love Yourself gym and fitness franchise and contact details

Till date there is no way for online application for Love Yourself franchise, once the expansion plan and project is finalized and online application starts the contact details for Love Yourself franchise and online application process will be updated.

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