Top 7 fast food franchise chains in India worth profitable business

Fast food franchises in India have always had a good business. In accordance to the national spirit of hospitality, India welcomes all cuisines of all cultures. Apart from fast food businesses, in India only you can perhaps find Chinese and American, Indian and Italian foods being sold side by side. The same goes for fast foods too. From our very own South Indian breakfasts of Idli and Dosa, the Bengal trademark egg chicken rolls, and the plethora of sweets and snacks that come from North India, the country also welcomes and admires all kinds of overseas fast foods.

Starting Domino's Pizza Franchise: Cost & return on investments

Domino’s Pizza is one of the leading brand and known for their best service with guarantee, and needs no introduction to the Indian consumer. It is not just one of the leading pizza businesses of the country at present, but also food franchises in India. Dominos Pizza started in 1960 as a single store and now the brand became as a leading brand for pizza delivery across the World and at present Domino’s Pizza serve more than 1 million people in 70 Countries having more than 10000 stores. Dominos Pizza is also famous for its delivery within 30 minutes at any place and these qualities is enough to establish a brand in any Country. Learn more about how to open Dominos Pizza franchise in India, cost, investments, anticipated returns, franchise application process and more.

Momoman Franchise: Low-cost business opportunity with no area requirements

Looking for a low cost food franchise opportunity in India? Want to start a food or QSR franchise but lack the necessary experience? Do not have any space at all for starting a business? Well, Momoman is the answer for all of your queries. Momoman franchise costs are as less as just fifteen thousand rupees to begin with, and absolutely no area requirements. Or, what about starting a food franchise business with just 5 square feet area? Ridiculous, do you think so? Not anymore. Let us find out how to start Momoman franchise, cost and profit (ROI) analysis, details of Momoman franchise business models and other information you might want to know. Keep reading!

How to open Felicita Foods franchise in India: Investments, requirements, application process

Are you looking for a profitable food and beverage franchise opportunity in India? Starting Felicita Foods Cafe franchise might be a good option as it is a unique European cafe concept which yields a high return on investment with low start-up cost. See how you can open Felicita franchise, investments and requirements and other details you might be looking for.

Starting Pastacup franchise in India: Investments, requirements, application process

The Australian food chain Pastacup is all set to hit the Indian market and the brand will host company owned and franchised outlets in India. Entrepreneurs who are looking to open a fast food franchise opportunity can now apply for Pastacup franchise in India. Want to know more information? Read on!

Dumpling Momo Franchise: Investment, area requirements, franchise application process, contacts

Looking for a momo franchise in India? Yes, momo is the most loved fast food for the new generation in India. If you are thinking about a fast food franchise, opening a momo shop can be really profitable. And Dumpling is a brand name you can rely on. In case you are not a Hindi speaker, the motto of Dumpling Momo that is Aate Jao, Khaate Jao literally means 'keep coming and keep eating'. And this is true, since momo is fast emerging as one of India's most loved snacks and momo franchise brands in India like Dumpling Momo are making some big money. Keep reading to know more about Dumpling Momo franchise cost, how to apply for Dumpling Momo franchise in India, total area requirements in square feet, contacts, and other details.

Manhattan Pizza starting franchises in India

Manhattan Pizza, one of the fastest growing food franchises in the United States, is looking forward to embark on an Indian journey this year. The Manhattan Pizza Company International Inc. has recently signed a master franchise agreement with one of the leading business houses in Hyderabad, India.

Burger King Franchise: Any future investment scopes in India?

Burger King, or BK, is the second largest fast food hamburger chain in the world. Worldwide there are about 12,400 restaurants of Burger King in 79 Countries, catering to about 11 million customers everyday. Like McDonalds it is also a US based company associated to a wide chain of franchise entrepreneurs in different Countries.

New York Pizza & Fried Chicken NYPFC franchise cost, ROI and break even

Since the QSR business is best in present scenario there has been tremendous inclination towards establishing a franchise business of some established fast food brands in India. New York Pizza & Fried Chicken is a well established fast food brand which can be started in low capital or investment. Here is the detail information regarding New York Pizza and Fried chicken NYPFC franchise cost, starting capital, franchise fees, scope of the brand, return and break even period.

Starting Quiznos franchise in India : Investment, initial cost, royalty fees, profit

Here is another American fast food brand spreading wings very fast in India after success of QSR brands like Mcdonalds, Dominos Pizza, KFC and Pizza Hut. Here is the detail information regarding profile of Quiznos, investment required, pre requisites and expected profit on starting franchise of Quiznos in India.

Kenny Rogers Roaster KRR franchise : Investment, start up cost, requirements and profit

How to start Kenny Roager Roaster (KKR) franchise in India : Investment, initial cost, royalty fees, profit Kenny Roager Roaster better known as KKR is an International brand of dining restaurants with speciality in roasted chicken as a core item with variety of other side dishes and the brand is well established in Asia Pacific as well as USA. Kenny Roagers Roaster is one of the best chick chain restaurant and won several awards mentioned below.

Opening Cafe Amul Franchise in India: Cost, investments, profit, FAQs

Looking for franchise of milk products? Open Amul franchise in India. Amul is India's largest food franchise chain and is now looking for individual or group franchisees across India. Learn how to open a Cafe Amul franchise in India, cost or investments, return or profit, area requirements, contact details and more.

Twistys Franchises in India: 'Hot' investments worth profit!

Looking for a 'hot' investment? Starting a Twistys franchise can be worth profit. Twistys serves 100% veg and natural potato and has a great scope in India. Learn how to open a Twistys franchise in India, steps involved, investment costs, franchise fees and area requirements, return or profit and all other necessary details you would like to know.

Starting Yo China Franchise Chinese restaurant in India : Investment, initial cost, royalty fees and expected profit

Information about Yo! China - Largest chain of Chinese restaurant

Yo! China is very much a beloved landmark on the culinary landscape. The name of this Yo!China says it all, as the specialties here are endless incarnations of the long and slippery strands, offered up through an easy-to-­decipher picture menu. Dishes here are generous to the point of embarrassing, making nostrils flare in eager anticipation. The brainchild of 6 innovative individuals, Yo!China brings together a charming culinary experience with a bossy service. A trademark of Moods Hospitality Pvt Ltd, Yo!China, is where guests experience an incomparable Chinese & Oriental cuisine, an enjoyable ambience and hospitable service. Yo!China is India’s largest chain of Chinese restaurants with 50 present restaurants and delivery outlets scattered all over the country and covering about 14 cities. The two basic units of the chain running across the country are the Yo!China Dine In and the Yo!China Delivery Counters. Taking a pledge Yo!China ensures sheer satisfaction of the customers the moment they enter and until the minute they part company.

How to start McDonald's franchise in India : Investment, initial cost, royalty fees, profit

McDonald's is the leading brand of Quick Service Restaurants throughout the World including India. Worldwide there are about 33000 restaurants of McDonald in 118 Countries and average number of customer enjoying McDonald's food per day is about 67 millions. It is a US based company having different entrepreneurs in different Countries.

Starting Sugar N Spice Franchise in India : Cost, return of investment and expected profit

Sugar N Spice is a leading food brand in Gujarat and till date have 21 outlets 7 directly by Company and 7 franchised. Sugar N Spice is successfully expanding its business taking full advantage of its standard and reputation which has been made for last 18 years. In Southern part of Gujarat Sugar N Spice is the most preferred food court or restaurant. Two more outlets are under construction.

Kathi Junction Franchise: Cost, requirements & return on investments

Kathi Junction is an Indian fast food. brand which is expanding its operations currently in the North India very fast. You can get vegetarian and non-vegetarian Kathi rolls any time, day or night at The Kathi Junction. Read on to find out how to apply for Kathi Junction franchise in India, cost to open Kathi Junction, returns or profits, suitable locations and more.

Cost, investments, ROI of Subway Franchise in India

Want to open a Subway franchise in India? One of the top food franchises with more than 39 thousand units across 102 countries, Subway is becoming increasingly popular in India as well. At present there are 353 Subway franchise restaurants in India is 353. Are you the next franchisee? Find out how to apply for Subway franchise in India, cost of investment, returns or profits, suitable locations and more. Keep reading!

How to start Yellow Chilli restaurant franchise of Sanjeev Kapoor

When we talk about Indian cuisine, the one and only person strikes our mind and that is Sanjeev Kapoor. He had published several books on cooking, hosted several shows like Khana Khajana, creature or discoverer of many food products and unique dishes and had won several culinary awards. Sanjeev Kapoor has also worked as restaurant consultants and now offers franchise for his chain of restaurant that is Yellow Chilli restaurant which has gained popularity in all the cities where it has been launched till date. It is undoubtedly one of the best food franchise restaurant chains in India.

How to Start Taco Bell Franchise in India: Cost, Investments and requirements

Looking to start fast food chain franchise in India? Owning a Taco Bell franchise in India is always worth the investments, as India has a great craze for fast food chains. Wanna open one?Taco Bell, the leading Mexican fast food franchise, is the next big brand of Yum! like Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and Pizza Hut, which is least likely to fail. Let's find out here on how to start Taco Bell franchise restaurant in India, cost and requirements to open Taco Bell India franchise, anticipated return on investments (ROI), how to get Indian franchise units for Taco Bell, contact information and more!
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