How to Start Monginis Franchise: Investments & requirements

Starting a business with a famous brand in low cost is a dream of a businessman. Momginis cake and chocolates offers franchise to one who owns a shop in good location. A well known brand in bakery product, Monginis started in 1960 in Mumbai Fort area and was a favourite destination for Europeans. In 1971 the idea of franchise emerged to attain maximum reach to the customers and after that more than 500 franchise shop of Monginis are existing on date and increasing day by day.

Starting KFC Franchise in India: Investments returning good profit

Starting a KFC franchise in India can be one of the best business ventures, as the US based Kentucky Fried Chicken has gained enormous popularity in India over the last decade. Fast food franchises in India usually tend to perform well, and KFC comes from Yum! Brands that have witnessed tremendous success with Pizza Hut and Taco Bell as well!

How to Start Pizza Hut Franchise in India: Investments, Cost & ROI, application process

Fifteen years have passed since the first opening of Pizza Hut franchise in India, but its popularity has never taken a downward curve. Like Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and Taco Bell, Pizza Hut is a property of the Yum! brand, and remains to be one of the top ten food franchises in India. Starting a Pizza Hut franchise in India can be an excellent business plan because of the international reputation of all Yum! brands, an ever increasing popularity among consumers, and steadily growing asset over $37 billion. which is fast multiplying. Let us see in details whether starting a Pizza Hub is a good idea or not, how to start Pizza Hut franchise restaurants in India, cost of starting a Pizza Hub India, anticipated ROI (return on investments).
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