Dumpling Momo Franchise: Investment, area requirements, franchise application process, contacts

Looking for a momo franchise in India? Yes, momo is the most loved fast food for the new generation in India. If you are thinking about a fast food franchise, opening a momo shop can be really profitable. And Dumpling is a brand name you can rely on. In case you are not a Hindi speaker, the motto of Dumpling Momo that is Aate Jao, Khaate Jao literally means 'keep coming and keep eating'. And this is true, since momo is fast emerging as one of India's most loved snacks and momo franchise brands in India like Dumpling Momo are making some big money. Keep reading to know more about Dumpling Momo franchise cost, how to apply for Dumpling Momo franchise in India, total area requirements in square feet, contacts, and other details.

Why open a momo franchise restaurant in India?

The next-gen youth in India are quite health conscious, and that is why more and more people are nowadays attracted to healthier foods like momo instead of grilled or deep fried foods. Thus, a country which once accepted noodles as its premier fast food, and then burgers and pizzas, is gradually inclining towards healthier fast food alternatives like momo. Over the last few years, momo chains in India have thus emerged to prominence alongside other top fast food franchise brands in India.

About Dumpling Momo franchise restaurant chain

True love happens once in a lifetime. Momo can happen seventeen times a day if you want.

A Kolkata based momo franchise brand, Dumpling Momo started its journey from the Diamond Plaza in Jessore Road, and later opened its second outlet in the Junction Mall, Durgapur City Centre. The third outlet was opened at the City Centre Mall, Kolkata. In an interview with FranchiseIndia, the co-founder of Dumpling Momo, Mr. Mohit Kumar Bhati, revealed that having started its journey in 2013 with just 3 lakh rupees, the brand is now doing a business of Rs. 8000-9000 per day from a single outlet, and they are eyeing a target revenue of Rs. 4.5 lakh in a month.

At present, they are looking for expansion all over the country, and since this is a relatively new brand in a new franchise business (that is momo), you have very high chances to succeed. Your Dumpling Momo franchise shop can be one of its kind in your locality, thus attracting more customers and higher return on investments (ROI). Dumpling Momo specialises in various kinds of steamed, deep fried, and pan fried momo, alongside thukpa (Tibetan soupy noodle) and khow-suey (Burmese saucy noodle). To cater to the wide taste buds of Indians, they also serve momo burgers and desserts such as chocolate momo. You, therefore, can have an almost complete meal at a Dumpling momo outlet.

Dumpling Momo franchise cost, investments, area requirements

One of the best things about starting a Dumpling Momo franchise is its low capital requirement. Believe it or not, the investment requirement for a Dumpling Momo is just 8 to 10 lacs. So if you are looking for low-cost franchise businesses in India, this is an ideal option.

As far as area requirements for Dumpling Momo franchise are concerned, you need access to a prime commercial property measuring about 100 to 200 square feet in a high footfall area like a shopping mall, market plaza, high street, college or university premises, business hubs, residential catchments etc. If you are passionate about the fast food franchise industry, have that required area, and want to invest just Rs. 8 to 10 lakhs and get good returns, Dumpling Momo is the best franchise business option for you.

How to apply for Dumpling Momo franchise?

The application process for Dumpling Momo franchise is pretty simple. All you have to is to visit their official website and go to the contact page, and under the heading franchisee contact you will see a form. Fill in the form with the necessary details such as your name, date of birth, residential address, email, phone, education, source of funding, and family details. Next you will see a column called "Reference" where you can enter the name of our website, StartingFranchise.in. Apart from that, the contact details for Dumpling Momo franchise are given below.

Dumpling Momo franchisee contact details

Interested franchisees are requested to fill in the franchise contact form in the official website of Dumpling Momo, as written above. If you want to contact by email or phone, here are the necessary details.

Email: franchise@dumplingmomo.com
Phone: +91-9831523442

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