Momoman Franchise: Low-cost business opportunity with no area requirements

Looking for a low cost food franchise opportunity in India? Want to start a food or QSR franchise but lack the necessary experience? Do not have any space at all for starting a business? Well, Momoman is the answer for all of your queries. Momoman franchise costs are as less as just fifteen thousand rupees to begin with, and absolutely no area requirements. Or, what about starting a food franchise business with just 5 square feet area? Ridiculous, do you think so? Not anymore. Let us find out how to start Momoman franchise, cost and profit (ROI) analysis, details of Momoman franchise business models and other information you might want to know. Keep reading!

Why start a Momoman franchise?

Although almost all Food and Beverage franchises in India usually harvest good profits, nowadays people are becoming increasingly health conscious and hence they are avoiding fried and other junk foods which are detrimental to health. On the other hand, momo is a low-calorie food which does not take a toll on one's health. Accordingly, as a quick snack or a healthy breakfast option, momos are getting increasingly popular all over India. Therefore starting a momo franchise business is of course a good idea. Now let us discuss particularly about Momoman - whether it is a good franchise option or not. It is one of the most economical food and beverage franchise options in India. They also have storage, cooking, and serving systems. Proper franchise training is also in place. However, according to us there are two biggest advantages of starting a Momoman franchise. Firstly, you do not have to be an expert. Even if you are a complete novice and not a food and beverage franchise expert or a marketing maestro, you are still welcome to the Momoman family. Secondly, this business can be started with very low investment and almost no area requirements, hence this is a perfect business option for young entrepreneurs who are just taking the first step in establishing them in the world of franchise businesses. Let us now have a look at how much money is required to start this momo franchise in India.

Momoman Franchise Investment: Investment and profit from low cost food business

There are two formats of the Momo franchise business. The first one is a conventional quick service restaurant which will serve noodle and momo. This can be a separate store by itself or can be part of a food court. The other format is most innovative which is Momoman on foot. In this format you will be peddling momos for which you just need about 5-6 square feet of space by any roadside or high footfall area (for example opposite a college gate or outside an office etc.). Now let us discuss particularly about Momoman -For Momoman Quick Service Restaurant, the net investment will be around Rs. 20 to 25 lakhs. For Momoman Wagon, the cost is under ten lakhs. For Momo cycles, you need about Rs. 70000/- to begin with. And if you choose to peddle momos on foot, an investment of Rs. 15,000/- will be sufficient.

How much space is required to start a Momoman franchise business?

The target areas usually include high streets, shopping malls, commercial complexes, business or educational hubs, transport depots including airports and train or bus stations etc. For opening a Momoman QSR, space requirement is about 500 to 600 square feet. For the wagon or cycle format, you do not actually need any space because you shall be travelling and parking your vehicle. For Momoman on Foot model, just 5 square feet area will be sufficient. So, have you ever thought that you can actually start a franchise business with little or no area requirement?

Momoman franchise application process, contact details

If you are interested in applying for Momoman franchise, visit the official website at momoman[dot]in. There you will find a detailed franchise application form where you need to enter just some basic details like your name, email address, telephone number, your budget, proposed city of operation and so on. Additionally, you need to enter a brief custom message telling them why you are interested in Momoman franchise within 1000 characters, and you are done. Happy franchising!

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