Kathi Junction Franchise: Cost, requirements & return on investments

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Kathi Junction Franchise LogoKathi Junction is an Indian fast food. brand which is expanding its operations currently in the North India very fast. You can get vegetarian and non-vegetarian Kathi rolls any time, day or night at The Kathi Junction. Read on to find out how to apply for Kathi Junction franchise in India, cost to open Kathi Junction, returns or profits, suitable locations and more.

Is starting a Kathi Junction is a good investment option?

Starting a Kathi Junction is definitely a fruitful decision as you can get 50% return on your investment, paying back your money in just 6-9 months (depending on location). Kathi Junction has lots to offer like Vegetarian Kathi Rolls, Non Vegetarian Kathi Rolls, Rumali rolls, Kebab and Tikka, Beverages and lots more.

Advantages of opening a Kathi Junction in India

Food franchises in India always tend to have a good business. Apart from that, Kathi Junction is a powerful brand, opening a Kathi Junction in India has lots of advantages; you get an established business systems right from day one. Because of its wide range of products, systems of production and management, the franchisee need not spend time, money or efforts developing products or services for business. Kathi Junction has team of trained chefs to ensure the quality of the products is retained in all its outlets. Design of Kathi outlets are designed in a manner which ensure comfortable dining experience to all its valuable customers.


Kathi Junction in India franchise cost and requirements

To open Kathi Junction in India you first have to select suitable location in your city. Minimum required area and investment to open Kathi Junction depends on the type of outlet you want to open as mentioned below.

Kathi Junction Food-Court Express

  • Menu offered at Kathi Junction Food-Court Express: Over 25 Variety of Kathi Roll, Kebabs, Grilled Chicken, Beverages
  • Kathi Junction Food-Court Express Franchise investment: 6 to 7 Lacs
  • Area required for opening a Kathi Junction Food-Court Express Franchise: 200 sq. ft. (100 sq. ft. - Kitchen and Counter + 100 sq. ft. Stores)
  • Kathi Junction Food-Court Express Franchise Royalty fee: 4% of your total sale

Kathi Junction Dining Restaurant

  • Menu offered at Kathi Junction Dining Restaurant: Over 25 Variety of Kathi Roll, Kebabs, Grilled Chicken, Beverages
  • Kathi Junction Dining Restaurant Franchise investment: 8 to 10 Lacs
  • Area required for opening Kathi Junction Dining Restaurant: 300 - 600 sq.ft (100 sq.ft for Kitchen /Counter + 100 sq.ft for Store+ 100-400 sq.ft for Dining)
  • Kathi Junction Dining Restaurant Franchise royalty fee: 4% of your total sale


How to apply for a Kathi Junction franchise in India?

To open Kathi Junction franchise fill the application form given at Kathi Junction official website at or contact at + 91 8587888792.



Unknown said...

im inrested in it in najafgarh u cant cantact me if u intrested
my details sandeep luna

Unknown said...

give me the details regarding you product.

Unknown said...

Hi ,i want to open an outlet of Kathi Junction in Bareilly ,Uttar Praedesh.Please provide me the complete details.
Name : Sumit Singh
Contact Number:9873609379 / 9717883090

Unknown said...

I m also intersted to open this product in yamuna nagar haryana plz contact me

Unknown said...

Can I get a contact number for Kathi Junction because the number mention above is not reacheable.

Please let me know ASAP and My contact number is 8447415399.

Thank you,
Ritesh Jaiswal

Unknown said...

Hi ,i want to open an outlet of Kathi Junction in Nagpur.Please provide me the complete details.

Sikka said...

if i am going with this franchise . Will kathi roll provide me all the cooks and inventories ? , I mean, I will pay the cost of goods. Will they provide me the required stuff as a start up ? can you please give me some more details as this will be my 1st start up !

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