Twistys Franchises in India: 'Hot' investments worth profit!

Looking for a 'hot' investment? Starting a Twistys franchise can be worth profit. Twistys serves 100% veg and natural potato and has a great scope in India. Learn how to open a Twistys franchise in India, steps involved, investment costs, franchise fees and area requirements, return or profit and all other necessary details you would like to know.

What is a Twistys exactly?

Popularly, Twistys is believed to be the Indian name for spiral potato fries; with flavors differs significantly. Twistys are 100% vegetarian. Also, Twistys are made and served fresh in front of the customers with 31 different flavours over it. Twistys are completely new and a unique concept for Indian consumers.

Why open a Twistys franchise in India?

Twistys franchise in India was incepted in Pune, in 2013. New age snacks are slowly making inroads into the Indian fast food industry and Twistys has great prospects ahead. Twistys franchise stores are not there in the entire country. The company's business strategy is overtly franchise based and unit franchises of Twistys are considered team members. With an aim to start new Twistys franchises in India at a rate of 20 outlets per year, Twistys is on constant lookout for mutually beneficial partnerships. Twistys is indeed a brand to reckon, thanks to quality foods in reasonable prices. It is time for you to step up, show your entrepreneurial skills, and run a vibrant business with India’s most popular unique snack called as Twistys.

Existing Twistys franchise locations in India

  • Maharashtra – Amanora Town Centre (Pune)

Investments: Twistys franchise area requirements, running costs, profit

Twistys franchise area requirement is that the franchisee needs to have a ground floor location at high footfall commercial places, preferably shopping malls. The shop size may vary, and you can start with a bare minimum premise area of 50 square feet. You will also have to pay an one time franchise fees. The estimated Twistys franchise investment cost in Rs. 5 lakhs. Given below is a detailed estimate of Twistys franchise investments, fees, area requirements, frontage, return on investments (ROI), recovery of investments, agreement periods and all other details you would like to know.

Area Requirement
50 sq ft
7 feet
Product Mix
Various Flavors
Gross Margins
5 Lacs
Approximate ROI
Investment Recovery
6-7 Months
Agreement Period
5 Years
Franchisee Fees
License Fees
Total (In Rupees)

Twistys Franchise Supports: What an unit franchisee gets from the franchisor

Technical know-how and assistances are provided to unit franchises in return of the one time franchise fees charged. The inventory (except potato, thermal paper, tissue papers, disposable gloves, garbage bags) will be supplied by the franchisors, who will also take care of the transportation. All orders are to be placed 7 days in advance, and the shelf life of the product will be 60 days.

Twistys Franchise: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Support provided: Training, Brand Marketing, Product development.
  • Twistys franchise financing: Not available
  • Twistys franchise returns, profit on investments: Return details are not officially provided. Twistys franchise returns on investment or profits depend on various factors like effective business management and sales marketing.
  • Who runs Twistys: Lush Food & Beverages LLP

Twistys Franchise Contact: Email address, mobile phone number

All correspondences and franchise enquiries are to be made to Twistys franchise Enquiry Email address at or Call at +91 9665 76 7654, +91 770 904 6353.

Content officially provided by Lush Food & Beverages LLP

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I am based at Trivandrum, Kerala, India and is currently engaged in travel business and engineering & trading business. I incidentally came across Twistys which caught my attention, and I am interested to know more about taking a franchisee of Twistys.

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

With regards,

Kangaroo Kids said...


I am based out of Kolkata and am interested to know more about Twisty's.

I could not locate you on Zomato. Would be great if you can provide more details on products and franchisee options.

Unknown said...

My self pratik patel and I am interested to open this business in Gujarat. Please let me know all details on my personal
e-mail which is

Unknown said...

I am from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, And I am interested in owning a franchise in food industry, and I got attracted to Twistys.

I want to know more about the procedure and even more about Twistys.

Thank you,
Hardi Patel

Email me on -

Unknown said...


I am from New Delhi and I am interested in owing a franchise of Twistys.

I want to know more about the procedure and legal formalities to be done.

Thank You

Email me on-

Unknown said...


danish said...


Myself Danish from Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, interested in owing a franchise of twistys. Kindly help me with procedure with all details and revert me on my E-mail Id (

Danish Khan

Unknown said...

Hii this is sumeet singh.
I would like to hear more about twisty,i would like to own this franchise,please update me with further details

Unknown said...

Hello Good to hear about twistys, i am quite interested to open a franchise here in new Delhi-36, please let me know the entire details.
Hand phone(+91-9818790062)

vikanshu said...

Plz share more details at

Unknown said...

I m from rajasthan I want to open twistys pls contact me my contact no is 7737633339

Unknown said...

Hi Team,

Very interesting. Please contact 9884818183

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