Mahindra First Choice Franchise Investments: Cost, area requirements, application details

Looking for a Mahindra car showroom franchise? Mahindra First Choice is India's Number 1 multibrand certified used car company. Learn how to apply for Mahindra First Choice franchise, investment and area requirements, cost structure, details of franchise training and support programmes, and online application form download for Mahindra First Choice car showroom dealership franchise here. Keep reading!

Cox & Kings Franchise India: Cost, fees, application process and contact number details

Do want to start a Cox & Kings franchise in India? Before you proceed to know how to apply for Cox & Kings franchise India, cost, return on investment and other necessary details, let us remind you that it is one of the best travel brands all over the world. Operational in business since 1758, the company has successfully taken its passengers to even the most challenging parts of the world, and has grown to become the world leader in exciting travel opportunities. If we take in consideration the boom in consumerism over the last few years in India, thanks to the country's rapidly growing economy and excellence in emerging sectors like Information Technology, there has been a lot of change in the ways people travel now, as compared to how the people of the generations preceding us were used to travel. In addition to that, the ever-increasing stress of the modern lifestyle has made vacations a necessity and no more a leisure activity. All these have resulted in the travel industry of India growing in leaps and bounds. As a Cox & Kings franchise, you can ride that growth with a market leader.

UClean Laundromat Franchise: Investment costs, Area Requirements, Profit, Application Process

How often does dirty laundry pile up at our homes? Well, surely more often than we would like to disclose publicly! To address this issue of managing dirty laundry in a fast-paced lifestyle when everybody is running all the time to make ends meet, UClean has introduced India's first organised laundry franchise chain. This is quite a new concept as far as India is concerned, although laundromats as franchise business options are already very popular in South-East Asia. UClean was launched in January 2017 by the Delhi-based entrepreneur Mr Arunabh Sinha, with an aim to catering to the laundry needs of the neighborhood. Today, the brand has made its presence felt in more than 50 cities. If you are interested in UClean Laundry Services franchise, keep reading this article to know more about the area and investment requirements, detailed break up of cost, profitability, application process and so on.

The Laundry Basket franchise in India: Investments, returns, application process

Are you looking to start a laundry and dry cleaning business in India? The Laundry Basket franchise may interest you. Here is a detailed information about The Laundry Basket franchise, investments required, application procedure, expected returns on investment and other details you might be looking for.

How to open Samsung smartphones retail franchise / dealership: Investment cost, requirements, application process

Getting a dealership or retail franchise of mobile phones is always a lucrative business and if it is Samsung, nothing better than that. With increasing demands of smartphones and the zeal to change it frequently and getting latest model is now almost a fashion at all ages and Samsung has been the leading brand in smartphones worldwide. Here is the detail information of how to get retail franchise or dealership of Samsung mobiles, its investment costs, eligibility criteria and requirements, ROI and procedure to apply online.

Siyaram Franchise in India: Cost, investment returns, profits, application details

Want to open a Siyaram franchise shop in India? Siyaram is one of the leading Indian brands in blended fabrics production and is a commendable name in the fashion industry. Learn how to start a Siyaram franchise, investment cost and returns, Siyaram franchise fees, application process and other details.

AromaThai Spa Franchise India: Cost, profit on investments, franchise application process

Want to open AromaThai Foot Spa franchise in India? A renowned massage parlor and of the best Thai spas in India, AromaThai has enjoyed a growing popularity since its ineption in 2008. Learn how to open Aroma Thai spa franchise in India, beauty parlor or spa franchise costs, area requirements, return on investments and all other necessary details you would look for before opening Aroma Thai franchise. Keep reading!

Nokia mobiles franchise or dealership : Investment, start up requirements and eligibility, profit

If we count top five retail business telecom especially of mobile phone dealership will stand within top two spot and among mobile phones still Nokia holds the top position inspite of several other Companies coming in the market. Here you can get detail about the process to get dealership or franchise of Nokia stores, total investment required, other pre requisites and how and where to apply for the same.

Mother Dairy franchise : Start up cost, requirements, investment and profit

Here is a franchise business one would definitely like to invest upon. A business with an investment of 5 to 10 lakhs is ideal to start a franchise of well established dairy and food products that is Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable Pvt. Ltd. Since it is a business requiring minimum infrastructure and daily consumable goods any site near a some residential society is ideal for this.

How to open Archies Gallery in India: Cost, Investments & Requirements

Archies gallery is the one place where we all want to visit to celebrate any occasion or event; it offers lots of gifting options for everyone for almost all occasions like Mother's Day, All festivals, Valentine Day, Birthday and so on. Every year more than 30 million people visit Archies store to buy gifts for their loved ones so to open a Archies gallery in your own area is going to be wise decision. Read on to find out how to apply for Archies Gallery franchise in India, cost to open Archies Gallery, returns or profits, suitable locations and more.

Meghna Beauty Parlour: Franchise opportunities, cost, returns

When it comes to beauty treatments, hair and skin care, Meghna is a much trusted name nationwide. Ever since its beginning in the 1978 with just two seats in New Delhi, it has indeed travelled a long way to win the trust of its countless loyal customers. Today, Meghna Beauty Parlour in New Delhi's Green Park boasts a three-storied establishments with 75 full time trained workers toiling hard to cater the best beauty and skin care services. Keep reading!
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