Meghna Beauty Parlour: Franchise opportunities, cost, returns

When it comes to beauty treatments, hair and skin care, Meghna is a much trusted name nationwide. Ever since its beginning in the 1978 with just two seats in New Delhi, it has indeed travelled a long way to win the trust of its countless loyal customers. Today, Meghna Beauty Parlour in New Delhi's Green Park boasts a three-storied establishments with 75 full time trained workers toiling hard to cater the best beauty and skin care services. Keep reading!

Why invest in Meghna Beauty Parlour franchise?

34 years after its inception, Meghna is looking forward to spread its business nationwide as well as abroad. Mr V. K. Goel, Proprietor, said that right from the beginning the establishment faced steep competitions all around; however it not only survived but managed to elevate itself as one of the best beauty parlours and skincare salons in New Delhi. Professional beauty care still has a lot of scope in the Indian cities, and the market is far from saturation. Also, because Meghna Beauty Parlour has started distributing franchises only since 2012, you have an open market to capture. The scopes apart, yet another good reason for opening a Meghna Beauty Parlour franchise is the tripartite schema according to the capital powers of the investors. You can choose between three franchise programs by Meghna Beauty Parlour, ranging from Rs. 5 lakhs to 1 crore investments, and varied required spaces from 200 to 2500 sq ft.

Investment costs of opening Meghna Beauty Parlour in India

As we have already mentioned, there are plan A, B, and C: tailor made for various capitals and spaces available. Given below are the details of investment costs of starting Meghna beauty parlours as per their plans. Also, please note that the investments, as well as the return on investments, are calculated assuming that your business is in a high footfall or dense residential area.
  • Franchise business with investments under Rs. 10 lakhs with required space 200-400 sq ft. Franchise fee 1 lakh, royalty 15%.
  • Franchise business with investments under Rs. 20 to 30 lakhs with required space 500-1000 sq ft. Franchise fee 3 lakhs, royalty 15%. 
  • Franchise business with investments under Rs. 50 lakhs to 1 crore, with required space 1500-2500 sq ft. Franchise fee 5 lakhs, royalty 15%.

Opening Meghna Beauty Parlour: Return on investment

Exclusive territorial rights and performance guarantee are given to the franchise units. The performance history of Meghna beauty parlour is quite satisfactory over the last 34 years, and you can expect annualized 100% return on investment from Meghna franchise beauty parlours. That means, the anticipate pay back period of your capital investment is just one year. Now that's definitely a good deal!

Meghna Beauty Parlour Franchise Training and Support Details

There is a standard franchise agreement, and the franchise term is for 2 years. Detailed operating manuals for franchises are available, and a thorough training is done in Green Park, New Delhi. There is no field assistance, but support from the headquarters are always available for setting up a franchise parlour of Meghna beauty salon.

Meghna Beauty Parlour: Contact details, telephone number, official website

For more details, contact them over telephone at (011) 2651 3149, or pay a visit at S9, Green Park, New Delhi 110016. Email address or official websites are not available.

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