AromaThai Spa Franchise India: Cost, profit on investments, franchise application process

Want to open AromaThai Foot Spa franchise in India? A renowned massage parlor and of the best Thai spas in India, AromaThai has enjoyed a growing popularity since its ineption in 2008. Learn how to open Aroma Thai spa franchise in India, beauty parlor or spa franchise costs, area requirements, return on investments and all other necessary details you would look for before opening Aroma Thai franchise. Keep reading!

Is opening a beauty parlor / spa franchise in India a good business idea?

If you are looking for profitable franchise options in India and have discussed that with your friends and relatives, most people have surely advised you to go for food and beverage QSRs or preschools franchises. If you have larger capitals, you must have been advised to check out the fashion garments industry. And they are profitable sectors no doubt. Why should you open a massage center or spa franchise in India?

Think about it: you are reading this post, which means spa business in India is your passion, your expertise. Why copy someone else? Do what you are good at!

That being said, spa & beauty parlor franchises in India are doing pretty good business nowadays. The QSR franchise craze is at its peak, but the spa franchise industry in India have just begun and is picking up fast. Nowadays, both men and women visit spas. People are looking for relief from today's hectic lifestyles. They are trying to look younger. Increasing number of people, even from the middle-class, are embracing the new spa culture of India. It is no more a special occasion like a bridal massage; visiting the spa is now a necessity, a status symbol and a notion of personal fulfillment. Indeed, it now is the time to invest in the spa franchises of India, and AromaThai is a premium choice.

AromaThai franchise investment: Costs, area requirements, ROI or profit

The cost for Aroma Thai franchise has not been clearly mentioned in the official website. AromaThai franchise contact form has various investment options ranging from Rs. 40 lakhs to 1 crore. So more or less we can say that the estimated cost of Aroma Thai franchise investments on a broader scale will range between Rs. 50 lakhs to 1 crore. The official site is silent about area requirements as well. However, from different sources and peer brands, you can make an educated guess. As per our estimation, AromaThai franchise area requirements will be around 500 square feet.

AromaThai franchise fees is Rs 15,000 as has been mentioned in the IFA franchise business guide. Unit franchises do not avail exclusive territorial rights. The anticipated ROI of Aroma Thai franchise (return percentage) is 35%, and the estimated payback period of the capital is 1-2 years. The franchise term is for lifetime.

How to open an AromaThai foot spa franchise outlet in India?

Visit the official website of Aroma Thai foot spa, click franchise, select franchise form. Here you need to provide all the details asked for, including your personal details, investment range, business location and so on. If you are found suitable to become a franchisee of AromaThai Foot Spa, you will be contacted back by the authority.

AromaThai Spa franchise enquiry: Contact person phone number, email address

Mr. Nakul Kapoor
Phone No: (011) 40793527 / 26

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