Nokia mobiles franchise or dealership : Investment, start up requirements and eligibility, profit

If we count top five retail business telecom especially of mobile phone dealership will stand within top two spot and among mobile phones still Nokia holds the top position inspite of several other Companies coming in the market. Here you can get detail about the process to get dealership or franchise of Nokia stores, total investment required, other pre requisites and how and where to apply for the same.

Why to start Nokia India franchise for business in India

Nokia is so far the most established and trusted brand in mobile phones not only in India but in World. Nokia mobiles are highest selling mobiles in India and have a wide range of models covering people of all kind of economic status. In India it already have a plant at Chennai and R&D facilities at Bangalore.

Nokia as one of the most trusted International brand Adidas it has expanded its outlet in the sub- continents and in the distribution network is at more than 1,90,000 outlets. There are more than 650 Nokia priority dealers across the country and nine Nokia 'concept stores' to providing a complete mobile experience to their customers. Further the profile of the Company which is well known and support system provided to their franchise or dealers are self sufficient to provide enough reasons in support of starting Nokia dealership or franchise and certainly it is a good business with investment between 20 to 25 lakhs

Profile of Nokia India and support system to franchise and dealers

Nokia is a well known telecom Company operating Worldwide and in India its operation started in 1995. At present Nokia office is present at almost all the metro and tier II cities namely New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Jaipur, Lucknow, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and Ahmedabad and R&D facilities at Hyderabad, Bangalore and Mumbai and manufacturing plant at Chennai. As mentioned it has wide range of products and to enter Pan India, franchise of Nokia started in the year 2000.

Nokia provides ample support system to their franchise or dealers in the form of providing training, give SOP manuals, dummy display and live demo device, distributor support, Solution Specialist/Promoter,, POSM, retail planogram, etc.

Nokia India franchise cost, investment returns, royalty fees and requirements

The total investment for franchise or dealership of Nokia in India ranges from 20 to 25 lakhs which include franchise deposit or consignment fee, furniture, fixture cost, interiors, and marketing cost. Minimum floor area required for Nokia store should be than 500-600 sq feet for Nokia priority dealers and a floor area not less than 1200-1500 sq feet for Nokia Concept stores. The outlet or store should be in high street area like main market, malls etc. Preferably in metros or tier II cities. You will have to keep at least 5 employees for Nokia priority dealership or Nokia concept stores.

Return of investment is not fixed as the market depends on several factors like popularity of new models etc however 15% ROI is expected and break even period is 2-3 years, marketing, dedication towards business, contacts and many other factors are also involved for break even period..

How to start Nokia mobile franchise or authorised dealership in India - Application process, queries and contact details

To get dealership or franchise of Nokia a leader brand in mobile phones in the World is certainly a profitable franchise business, and many criterias are involved to get this opportunity which will be termed by Company. You can apply online at official site . For any query you can contact regional office situated at Gurgaon. Address, phone no, fax and official website of Nokia India are mentioned below :

Nokia India,
SP Infocity,
Industrial Plot no. 243
Udyog Vihar, Phase 1,
Dundahera, Gurgaon,
Haryana - 122016
Tel. +91 124 4833000
Fax +91 124 4833099
Website :

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