UClean Laundromat Franchise: Investment costs, Area Requirements, Profit, Application Process

How often does dirty laundry pile up at our homes? Well, surely more often than we would like to disclose publicly! To address this issue of managing dirty laundry in a fast-paced lifestyle when everybody is running all the time to make ends meet, UClean has introduced India's first organised laundry franchise chain. This is quite a new concept as far as India is concerned, although laundromats as franchise business options are already very popular in South-East Asia. UClean was launched in January 2017 by the Delhi-based entrepreneur Mr Arunabh Sinha, with an aim to catering to the laundry needs of the neighborhood. Today, the brand has made its presence felt in more than 50 cities. If you are interested in UClean Laundry Services franchise, keep reading this article to know more about the area and investment requirements, detailed break up of cost, profitability, application process and so on.

Why should you open a UClean laundromat franchise business?

As a fast developing nation, the pace of lifestyle is rapidly increasing particularly in urban India. Managing the household chores including doing the laundry is a cumbersome and time consuming process, and many families are running into scarcity of time and energy to do the chores themselves. A laundromat can help such busy people in their day to day lifestyle. And, like many other service industries, a laundromat business rarely runs the risk of going out of business, as everyone has the need to do their laundries and this is an evergreen market. The concept of laundromat franchises are already very popular in South-East Asia, they are still somewhat new in India and there are only a few competitors like The Laundry Basket. Therefore, there is an immense potential to grow and that too very quickly.

How much does a UClean laundry franchise cost?

There is no official information disclosed about the UClean Laundry business investment cost or area requirements. However, after conducting some research, we have estimated that the cost for U Clean Laundromat Franchise in India is within 30 lakhs. Also, if you have a space of roughly 500 square feet, you should be okay to start the business. The franchise or brand fee is roughly INR 500000 and the company also charges a royalty or commission at the rate of seven percent.

How to apply for UClean franchise in India?

UClean laundry franchise application form is available only in the official website of UClean which is uclean [dot] in. You can call +91 9999759911 or shoot them an email at support [at] uclean [dot] in. However, the best way to apply for uclean franchise in India is to apply through the contact form available in the official website where you need to enter some basic details like your name, email, contact number, city and message. The company will check out your message, and if they find you eligible, they will consider your franchise application and get back to you.

Are you a UClean franchisee? Can you tell us more about UClean franchise? Please share your opinions in the comments section below!

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