How to open Jux Pux franchise in India: Investments, requirements, application process

Jux Pux is one of the new stars of beverage industry which is launched in the year 2015. In the least time possible it has switched to franchise model with 7 franchised outlets located in Agra, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore and is looking for Pan-India expansion. If you are looking to own Jux Pux franchise, know about the investments, requirements, application procedure and read further to know more!

How to start Love Yourself Bipasha Basu beauty and fitness brand : Cost, investment, requirements, profit

Love Yourself is for females only beauty and fitness brand launched by bollywood actress and fitness freak Bipasha Basu. Since the importance fitness and looks are not hidden now and even in smaller town females are being so conscious about their looks and fitness, this business is gearing up and when the brand is Love Yourself associated with Bipasha Basu, the demands itself grows by many folds.

Kenny Rogers Roaster KRR franchise : Investment, start up cost, requirements and profit

How to start Kenny Roager Roaster (KKR) franchise in India : Investment, initial cost, royalty fees, profit Kenny Roager Roaster better known as KKR is an International brand of dining restaurants with speciality in roasted chicken as a core item with variety of other side dishes and the brand is well established in Asia Pacific as well as USA. Kenny Roagers Roaster is one of the best chick chain restaurant and won several awards mentioned below.

Shemrock Playschool franchise: Cost, start-up guide, profit on investments

Do you want to start a Shemrock preschool franchise in India? Shemrock is one of India’s first preschool chains. With more than 175 branches across the country and abroad, it is still going stronger. Learn how to open a Shemrock preschool, franchise fees, cost of opening Shemrock franchise, return on investments and other necessary details here.

Starting Sugar N Spice Franchise in India : Cost, return of investment and expected profit

Sugar N Spice is a leading food brand in Gujarat and till date have 21 outlets 7 directly by Company and 7 franchised. Sugar N Spice is successfully expanding its business taking full advantage of its standard and reputation which has been made for last 18 years. In Southern part of Gujarat Sugar N Spice is the most preferred food court or restaurant. Two more outlets are under construction.

How to start Yellow Chilli restaurant franchise of Sanjeev Kapoor

When we talk about Indian cuisine, the one and only person strikes our mind and that is Sanjeev Kapoor. He had published several books on cooking, hosted several shows like Khana Khajana, creature or discoverer of many food products and unique dishes and had won several culinary awards. Sanjeev Kapoor has also worked as restaurant consultants and now offers franchise for his chain of restaurant that is Yellow Chilli restaurant which has gained popularity in all the cities where it has been launched till date. It is undoubtedly one of the best food franchise restaurant chains in India.

Delhi Public School (DPS): Franchise requirements in India & abroad

Education is becoming a fruitful business in India especially when it comes out to be a school. Earlier were days when few brands were there for schools and students had to search for different schools at different places especially when their parents were in transferable job. Now at most of the big cities we have brand schools like DAV, Delhi Public school etc.

How to Open Kidzee School: Franchise cost, returns

By opening a Kidzee school franchise, YOU too can be a part of Asia's premier preschool chain and India's franchisor of the year 2010! How? Keep reading, doesn't that sound interesting? We will tell you how to start a Kidzee school franchise, investments and costs incurred, possible return on investments and other details here. Keep reading to know more about opening Kidzee pre-school!
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