Shemrock Playschool franchise: Cost, start-up guide, profit on investments

Do you want to start a Shemrock preschool franchise in India? Shemrock is one of India’s first preschool chains. With more than 175 branches across the country and abroad, it is still going stronger. Learn how to open a Shemrock preschool, franchise fees, cost of opening Shemrock franchise, return on investments and other necessary details here.

Why open a Shemrock preschool franchise in India?

Preschool franchises in India are doing a great business these days. With parents now more attentive to their children's education than ever, educational franchises are now some of the most booming businesses in India. Recently, Shemrock Group of Schools has also been conferred the award of Franchisor of the Year in Education: Pre SchoolM by Franchise Plus, one of India's best franchise business publications. Opening a preschool franchise in India, with Shemrock, is therefore not a bad business idea.

Shemrock Preschool Franchise: Costs, return on investments, area requirements

Total investment for opening Shemrock play school franchise is Rs. 4 to 8 lakhs. The cost of starting Shemrock play school can vary from area to area, but as a gross statement we can say that the overall Shemrock preschool franchise cost in India's any part is not going to be more than Rs. 10 lakhs. The license fee (Shemrock school franchise fee) is Rs. 1 to 5 lakhs which varies from city to city. You also need a minimum of 200 sq. m. carpet area on ground floor. This means around 2200 sq ft. You can roughly say that Shemrock franchise area requirements is 2500 sq. ft., which can be relaxed for Mumbai and hilly areas. Now let us come to the royalty fee. Shemrock school franchisee needs to pay 15% of the total fees collected from the school as franchise fees.

Shemrock play school franchise training and support programs

In India, Shemrock pre school franchise support is quite fascinating. The details of training and support can be had from Shemrock preschool franchise agreement brochures. Here is a brief summary of the support programme:

Branch design: Shemrock franchisors will help you with interior designers, carpenters, painters and so on to set up your school.

Training: Extensive training is given to Shemrock franchisees in India which takes place at a training branch or the franchised location.

Ongoing Assistance: You will keep receiving intensive on-site assistance from Shemrock representatives. The support staff are also available round the clock. If you need any assistance to run your school, you can feel free to contact Shemrock preschool franchise management.

Advertising and Promotions: You are passively benefited from the nationwide Shemrock Preschool advertisements that come up both in print and electronic media. Also, the management will work with you to execute highly professional, cost efficient and effective marketing efforts for a booming business.

Now let us talk about the most important issue. Now that you understand the required area and investment, franchise model and support programs, how to apply for a Shemrock preschool franchise? In other words, what is the application process of a Shemrock play school franchise in India? Let's discuss!

Shemrock Franchise Application: Process to open a Shemrock play school in India

  1. As the first step of opening Shemrock preschool franchise, you have to email or courier them a location map of the proposed area, building layout plan with room dimensions and actual photographs of your premise.
  2. The location review usually takes 2 weeks. Upon approval, you will be sent the sample Shemrock preschool franchise agreement for signing.
  3. Shemrock playschool franchisors will send painters, carpenters and designers to set up your unit.
  4. You need to undertake the franchise training, as described above. You will be assisted in purchasing furniture and fixtures for your school.
  5. Now you can open your Shemrock play school. You will continue to receive the franchise support as per Shemrock curriculum.
  6. For further details, contact Shemrock preschool officials for a clarification.

How to contact Shemrock preschool franchise: Email, mobile phone number

You can submit Shemrock preschool franchise enquiry form online from the franchiseproposal.php page of official website of Shemrock Play-school. Alternatively, you can contact the corporate office, address is Shemrock Heritage (2nd Floor), Block- F, Behind Jai Apartment, Sector 9, Rohini, Delhi 110085. No mobile phone number of Shemrock Play School corporate office has been provided.

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