How to Open Kidzee School: Franchise cost, returns

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Kidzee Franchise Pre-school LogoBy opening a Kidzee school franchise, YOU too can be a part of Asia's premier preschool chain and India's franchisor of the year 2010! How? Keep reading, doesn't that sound interesting? We will tell you how to start a Kidzee school franchise, investments and costs incurred, possible return on investments and other details here. Keep reading to know more about opening Kidzee pre-school!

Why starting Kidzee franchise school is a wise investment?

As mentioned above, Kidzee is Asia's largest chain of pre-schools which boasts more than 900 schools in 330 plus cities. In the year 2010, it became India's franchisor of the year in all sectors, as well as the best education franchise in India and abroad. Thus, ever since its inceptions, Kidzee franchise investments have fetched excellent returns due to its dazzling successes all around. More than ten thousand child educators are trained by Kidzee across all the centres, who have delivered nearly 2 million successful students over years. So, why think twice?

Last but not the least, every year more than 250 entrepreneurs join hands with this largest and fastest growing educational franchise of India. Don't you want to join the band?


Investments: Cost of starting Kidzee school franchise in India and ROI

The cost of starting Kidzee franchise pre-school is not much high either. If you have been looking for franchise businesses with low investments, this is a great opportunity. You just need a corpus of Rs. 5 to 10 lacs and a minimum carpet area of 2500 square feet as basic investments to open Kidzee franchise. The anticipated pay back period of capital invested is just one year, and the possible return on investments in Kidzee franchise is 200 per cent within just 4 years. Although no performance guarantee is given to unit franchises, opening a Kidzee pre-school will still be a good franchise business under 10 lac investments. Franchises are also provided with exclusive territorial rights and field assistance to start their ventures.

The basic agreement is for 4 years primarily but upon satisfactory completion of the basic term, you can renew Kidzee franchise term for longer periods.


How to apply for Kidzee pre school franchise in India?

If you can afford the required investments, apply for Kidzee franchise school opening through the prescribed contact form in their official website.

Kidzee Franchise contact number, email address, training details

Detailed manuals for franchises are available at regional offices. The franchise training is also done at the regional offices of Kidzee. Franchise enquires are to made by filling the prescribed contact form. No phone number or email address of Kidzee school for franchise contact has been provided.



Unknown said...


How did you arrive at the 200% ROI over a 4 year period? Could you link to the source of this information?

Kumar said...

Hello Mr Srinivasan,

It was mentioned at Kidzee's portfolio at Franchise India. Please refer to to verify the same.

natsy baby said...

Why don't you guys give a little pictures and slides to encourage us to do what you have said

Unknown said...

What is our source of income after taking the franchise of kidzee?

Unknown said...

Plz explore more on income plan

Unknown said...

Can anyone please mention the ROI plan in details?

Mrs. Momin said...

It is totally new for me to enter in this buisness. Will you pl. furnish me in indetail about franchise & set up.Thanks & best regards.

Unknown said...

Although I know little bit still it is totally new for me to enter in this buisness. Being I,m really interested to take the initiative , Will you pl. furnish me in in detail about franchise & set up.Thanks & best regards.
Prof. Sushanta Kumar Sethy
Dept. of Electrical Engineering

- See more at:

Unknown said...

I have taken the Kid Zee franchise.I had land of my brother ...So currently we are building the school and I am planning to start the session from September.
Let me know if any one has query regarding this.

Unknown said...

Kidzee schools are a money making racket rather than an educational institution. It admits children from 1.5 years of age, this is child abuse. A child cannot understand anything at 1.5 years of age. Kidzee talks about profit but not of education. So call it Kidzee investment on innocent children. They land anywhere from residential flats to illegal accommodations without proper and prior required permissions.

Unknown said...

Plz tell exactly how much u spend apart from land to take franchisee...plz get in touch at

Unknown said...

It is totally new for me to enter in this buisness. Will you pl. furnish me in in detail about franchise & set up.Thanks & best regards.

Vivek Vyas said...

i want to start in September but i hv question that is there any possibility of mid term admissions in playhouse? any one has idea about that?

Unknown said...

I have banglow built on plot 3600 sft. Built up area 1300 GF. and 1300sft. on first floor. Courtyard area is fully tiled.will this satisfy requirement for opening preschool?

Scince Hub said...

Please tell me hv I to pay anything extra per year other than the initial amount. Please get in touch at waiting for your reply

Hemanth said...

Is kidzee getting royalty from our monthly earnings if yes wat %

SiSu said...

Waste of money n full tension. Investment 20 lakhs for setup n full first year. break even not known. There is no kidzee profitable in south india till now. they call you business partner but once you invest they start minting money out of your pocket only reason you have invested 20Lakhs and cnt take back step. this is our experience. please talk to any kidzee owner before paying a single rupee. they mainly target software or doctors or central government employees to make bakra. please​ refine from taking kidzee franchise and be happy.this is not review this is our Experience.

Unknown said...

How can we get the information and proceedures as we have no basic idea about this. Buti have a strong determination to opened a pre-school. Pls help me out

Unknown said...

I called for Franchise and confirmed on space requirement and rs. 15 lakhs payment. Caller has promised me callback from one of your Business Manager in 24 hours. I have not received any message or call or email till date. I have again called your call center 022 39113000 n 02262447600 for not getting call. I was promised a call back by one of your agent but not received call as promised. I wanted to lodge a complaint for such irresponsible and callous nature of your team. Shockingly none of your agent has ethics and seems to very shameless for playing with customers. I insisted for transferring the call to their supervisor which they never did and they were not giving complaint cell number or email. These callers were not sharing complaint cell number or not transferring the call their supervisor. Unfortunately even after saying them that I am recording their call they were very casual and misleading me. This clearly shows that you appoint cheap agents, you don't do any quality checks or take complaints seriously. This clearly reflects the culture and values of Kidzee.....What is the Business relationship I can expect from cheaters and shameless team. Names of agents are Amit, Deepa, Anjali, Prabhakar, Naveena. I am forced to post this on face book and net as they refused to share the grievance cell number or email. I have call recordings with me as proof. If you have facility to check these call conversations please check immediately and take action. Awating your response. RK

Unknown said...

I have posted a comment and waiting for your response. Pls let me know the status and what is the timeline from your side to approve and post customers comments here. Regds RK

Unknown said...

I have called 4-5 times on your call center number for Franchise but I have not received any call from your Business Manager till date. Ref my complaint dated May 5, 2017 at 7:40 PM which is posted. Any specific reason for delay in response or for not calling ??? S RadhaKrishna 9866194614 Hyderabad Telangana.

Unknown said...

Is it necessary to have own property or rented property will be accepted

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