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Opening Jan Aushadhi Store (JAS): Application process, investment costs, area requirements, eligibility

By Starting Franchise on
Jan Aushadhi Store Logo
Opening a Jan Aushadhi Store may not be a franchise business per se, but it can be a very good business idea because of the government support. In other words, you can call it a government franchise business. So, how to open a Jan Aushadhi Store (JAS), the government medicine store, and what are the investment requirements and application process?

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Twistys Franchises in India: 'Hot' investments worth profit!

By Starting Franchise on
Twistys Potato franchise logoLooking for a 'hot' investment? Starting a Twistys franchise can be worth profit. Twistys serves 100% veg and natural potato and has a great scope in India. Learn how to open a Twistys franchise in India, steps involved, investment costs, franchise fees and area requirements, return or profit and all other necessary details you would like to know.

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Starting Yo China Franchise Chinese restaurant in India : Investment, initial cost, royalty fees and expected profit

By Starting Franchise on
Yo China Chain of Chinese Restaurant logo

Information about Yo! China - Largest chain of Chinese restaurant

Yo! China is very much a beloved landmark on the culinary landscape. The name of this Yo!China says it all, as the specialties here are endless incarnations of the long and slippery strands, offered up through an easy-to-­decipher picture menu. Dishes here are generous to the point of embarrassing, making nostrils flare in eager anticipation. The brainchild of 6 innovative individuals, Yo!China brings together a charming culinary experience with a bossy service. A trademark of Moods Hospitality Pvt Ltd, Yo!China, is where guests experience an incomparable Chinese & Oriental cuisine, an enjoyable ambience and hospitable service. Yo!China is India’s largest chain of Chinese restaurants with 50 present restaurants and delivery outlets scattered all over the country and covering about 14 cities. The two basic units of the chain running across the country are the Yo!China Dine In and the Yo!China Delivery Counters. Taking a pledge Yo!China ensures sheer satisfaction of the customers the moment they enter and until the minute they part company.

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Gelato Vinto Franchise in India: 'Cool' investments worth profit!

By Starting Franchise on
Gelato Vinto Ice Cream Parlour LogoLooking for a 'cool' investment? Staring a Gelato Vinto ice cream parlour franchise can be worth profit. Gelato Vinto serves 100% veg and natural frozen Italian desserts and has a great scope in India. Learn how to open a Gelato Vinto franchise in India, steps involved, investment costs, franchise fees and area requirements, return or profit and all other necessary details you would like to know.

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Jawed Habib's Hair Xpreso franchise: Cost, Investment and Requirement

By Starting Franchise on
Jawed Habib franchise logoJawed Habib is one of the leading hair & beauty salon chains in India which has more than 320 outlets in India. In 2009 Jawed Habib Hair & Beauty Ltd had introduced JH HAIRXPRESO unisex salon where you can get stylish hair cut in just Rs. 99 which attracts many youths of India who want a designer haircut but find it too expensive and offer a great business opportunity for many of us as they offer JH HairXpreso unisex salon franchise at very affordable cost.

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Cocoberry Franchise in India: Investments & Requirements

By Starting Franchise on
Cocoberry frozen yogurt brand logo Love Cocoberry frozen yoghurt? You are not alone. Surveys show most youths in Indian metro cities today are preferring frozen yoghurt to ice creams. It also tops the most popular frozen yogurt brands in India. Starting a Cocoberry yogurt franchise shop, therefore, can be a smart business opportunity. Let us see various requirements to open Cocoberry franchise in India, investments, ROI and so on.

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