Cocoberry Franchise in India: Investments & Requirements

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Cocoberry frozen yogurt brand logo Love Cocoberry frozen yoghurt? You are not alone. Surveys show most youths in Indian metro cities today are preferring frozen yoghurt to ice creams. It also tops the most popular frozen yogurt brands in India. Starting a Cocoberry yogurt franchise shop, therefore, can be a smart business opportunity. Let us see various requirements to open Cocoberry franchise in India, investments, ROI and so on.

About Cocoberry yoghurts

Cocoberry, one of the best frozen yogurt brands in India, derives its nomenclature from Cocoa-Berry, which adds the delicious delights of fresh cocoa beans to the aromatic berries or assortment of fresh fruits served alongside. Other menus in Cocoberry yogurt shop includes hot and cold beverages including teas, coffees and smoothies. They serve customized yoghurt with various fruits like blue berries, strawberries, kiwi, mango, pomegranate, musk melon, and black grapes; alongside delightful toppings of snickers, granola, almonds, walnuts, or cookies. Cocoberry menus also include awesome sandwiches, and the parlour can be visited only for the sake of those yummy sandwiches alone!

Why open a Cocoberry franchise yogurt parlour in India?

As already mentioned above, the youths in India are increasingly favouring frozen yogurt over other deserts, even ice creams. An ice cream can give you only one taste at a time, an yogurt offers a plethora. Having yogurts is also something cool; an ice cream parlour is too commonplace to hang out in couple or friends. And, Cocoberry seems to be well ahead of its competitor frozen yogurt brands in India. At present Cocoberry yogurt franchises in India exist only six cities (New Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Goa and Noida), but we are seeing immense potentials in it to emerge as one of the most popular food franchises in India. Yogurt parlours are expected to witness an overall growth in India in the next few years, especially in the metro cities. Thus, starting Cocoberry franchise in Indian metro cities would not be a bad investment.


Starting Cocoberry Franchise: Investments, required space, ROI

An average yogurt costs more than an ice cream, and its customers mainly hell from high and high middle classes of the society. To open a Cocoberry franchise, therefore, an ideal location would be a supermarket or other prime up market locations, with high footfalls, serving a posh or upper middle class locality. A Cocoberry franchise can be opened in three retail formats. The space required to open Cafe Cocoberry is 400 to 1000 square feet carpet area, which is available for Tier 1 cities only as of now. If you do not have that much space, you can consider starting Cocoberry2Go, for which the required space is 150 to 300 square feet carpet area and can be opened in malls or high streets. You can also consider opening a Cocoberry kiosk. This is ideal for main atrium malls or high footfall zones. The minimum space required for Cocoberry kiosk is 100 sq. ft.

Depending on your location, the cost of opening yogurt shop will vary. However, in general, the required investment for Cocoberry franchise in India will be Rs. 20 to 25 lakhs.


Coco berry yogurt shop franchise terms and agreements

Coco Berry Franchise Development Scheme (FDS) is a comprehensive plan with the goal to help entrepreneurs open Cocoberry franchise partner yogurt parlours and run the show successfully. A list of areas where the FDS plans to assist franchise partners is given here.

Cocoberry frozen yogurt franchise business agreements

Cocoa Berry franchise in India: Contact numbers, email address

In order to open a Cocoberry franchise, you have to fill out the application form; only the prescribed pro forma is accepted. The phone number or mobile number of Cocoberry Franchise is not available. If you want more details about starting Cocoa Berry franchise like customized investments, franchise deeds or agreements and more, please content them at their email address at For applying, visit



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