How to Apply for OYO Townhouse Franchise: Cost, area, return on investment, revenue share details

How to rent your house or property to OYO? Townhouse, the new chain of budget hotels, is "based on the need of the millennial traveller', as the company has put it in the official website of OYO townhouse. They blend elegance and comfort with efficiency and value, and perfectly complement the mood of the neighborhood. Having started in January 2017, the model has soon met with success, with total number of OYO Townhouses in India crossing the 150-mark, across 30 cities in India, by the end of the year. If you want to lease your property to OYO for Townhouse, keep reading this article. Here we will be discussing at length how to apply for OYO Townhouse, franchise cost, return on investment, details of revenue sharing, contact details and so on.

New York Pizza & Fried Chicken NYPFC franchise cost, ROI and break even

Since the QSR business is best in present scenario there has been tremendous inclination towards establishing a franchise business of some established fast food brands in India. New York Pizza & Fried Chicken is a well established fast food brand which can be started in low capital or investment. Here is the detail information regarding New York Pizza and Fried chicken NYPFC franchise cost, starting capital, franchise fees, scope of the brand, return and break even period.

How to Get Hyundai Dealership in India: Estimated cost, investment returns, application form

Are you interested in starting a Hyundai franchise showroom in India? Hyundai does not provide direct franchises so you have to go for dealerships. Here we will discuss how to apply for Hyundai dealership in India, estimated cost of opening Hyundai dealership showroom or service station in Indian metro cities, expected pay back period of capital and return on investments for Hyundai dealership and other details. Keep reading!

Kenny Rogers Roaster KRR franchise : Investment, start up cost, requirements and profit

How to start Kenny Roager Roaster (KKR) franchise in India : Investment, initial cost, royalty fees, profit Kenny Roager Roaster better known as KKR is an International brand of dining restaurants with speciality in roasted chicken as a core item with variety of other side dishes and the brand is well established in Asia Pacific as well as USA. Kenny Roagers Roaster is one of the best chick chain restaurant and won several awards mentioned below.

Starting Bikaner Vala franchise in India: Investment, expected profit & application process

Here comes a mouthwatering investment for you all which would get you very high benefits. Bikanervala Foods Pvt. Ltd. brings to you a golden opportunity to make your customers happy with the magnificent food and snacks of Bikanervala. As the name suggests, Bikanervala comes from the famous city of Bikaner, Rajasthan, which is most famous for the different variety of food and sweets that we get over there.

Gitanjali Jewels Franchise: Cost, investment procedures, profits

Are you curious to know how to open a Gitanjali Jewels franchise in India? The flagship concept of the Gitanjali Group, the Gitanjali Jewels is a retail jewellery franchise store offering high end diamond and gold jewellery. Keep reading to know more about Gitanjali Jewels franchise application procedures, royalty fees, overall costs of Gitanjali Jewels franchise, return on investments or profit and other details.

Starting Sugar N Spice Franchise in India : Cost, return of investment and expected profit

Sugar N Spice is a leading food brand in Gujarat and till date have 21 outlets 7 directly by Company and 7 franchised. Sugar N Spice is successfully expanding its business taking full advantage of its standard and reputation which has been made for last 18 years. In Southern part of Gujarat Sugar N Spice is the most preferred food court or restaurant. Two more outlets are under construction.

How to Start Taco Bell Franchise in India: Cost, Investments and requirements

Looking to start fast food chain franchise in India? Owning a Taco Bell franchise in India is always worth the investments, as India has a great craze for fast food chains. Wanna open one?Taco Bell, the leading Mexican fast food franchise, is the next big brand of Yum! like Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and Pizza Hut, which is least likely to fail. Let's find out here on how to start Taco Bell franchise restaurant in India, cost and requirements to open Taco Bell India franchise, anticipated return on investments (ROI), how to get Indian franchise units for Taco Bell, contact information and more!

Starting KFC Franchise in India: Investments returning good profit

Starting a KFC franchise in India can be one of the best business ventures, as the US based Kentucky Fried Chicken has gained enormous popularity in India over the last decade. Fast food franchises in India usually tend to perform well, and KFC comes from Yum! Brands that have witnessed tremendous success with Pizza Hut and Taco Bell as well!

How to Start Pizza Hut Franchise in India: Investments, Cost & ROI, application process

Fifteen years have passed since the first opening of Pizza Hut franchise in India, but its popularity has never taken a downward curve. Like Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and Taco Bell, Pizza Hut is a property of the Yum! brand, and remains to be one of the top ten food franchises in India. Starting a Pizza Hut franchise in India can be an excellent business plan because of the international reputation of all Yum! brands, an ever increasing popularity among consumers, and steadily growing asset over $37 billion. which is fast multiplying. Let us see in details whether starting a Pizza Hub is a good idea or not, how to start Pizza Hut franchise restaurants in India, cost of starting a Pizza Hub India, anticipated ROI (return on investments).
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