How to Apply for OYO Townhouse Franchise: Cost, area, return on investment, revenue share details

How to rent your house or property to OYO? Townhouse, the new chain of budget hotels, is "based on the need of the millennial traveller', as the company has put it in the official website of OYO townhouse. They blend elegance and comfort with efficiency and value, and perfectly complement the mood of the neighborhood. Having started in January 2017, the model has soon met with success, with total number of OYO Townhouses in India crossing the 150-mark, across 30 cities in India, by the end of the year. If you want to lease your property to OYO for Townhouse, keep reading this article. Here we will be discussing at length how to apply for OYO Townhouse, franchise cost, return on investment, details of revenue sharing, contact details and so on.

Why lease your hotel/property/home for OYO Townhouse?

Well, there are several reasons why you might consider applying for OYO Townhouse franchise and lease out your property as per their business model. First of all, you can take pride in being a part of OYO's fast-growing network of hotels. By becoming a partner hotel of OYO, you can become part of a premium national brand built on function, aesthetics and service.

As an OYO Franchisee, you will also be benefitted from their enhancement of your property, which will have a better design and infrastructure and therefore will increase in value. Ride the potential of growth. Be an OYO Townhouse franchise hotel partner today and get into a long-term business relationship. Read on to know more!

Room rent of OYO Townhouse hotels, facilities and amenities

As self operated hotels, OYO Townhouse room rent will start from Rs. 2500 per night and can go up to Rs. 4000 per night. However, as the CEO of OYO Townhouse, Mr. Ritesh Agarwal, indicated in an interview with livemint mentioned below, the budget category of rooms will be left unchanged. In other words, OYO Townhouse hotel budget room rent per night will continue to be within the Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500 price range. The first townhouses were opened in Gurgaon and Delhi (Safdarjung Enclave). They offer complimentary breakfast, WiFi, free car parking, power backup facility, laundromat, and have good security staff along with close circuit television cameras installed. Among the facilities and amenities of OYO Townhouses, the best thing is probably the great eatery that comes along in order to make sure you never go hungry, whatever the hour of the day it may be. Let us now see how much does it cost to start an Oyo Townhouse franchise hotel in India, on an average.

Oyo Townhouse Franchise: Cost, area requirements, ROI, Revenue Share

OYO Townhouse franchise cost is going to be anywhere between one to two crore rupees. However the anticipated percentage of return on investment or ROI for an OYO hotel franchise will be around 40%, so the likely pay back period of the capital will be just a few years, thus making it a high investment high return franchise business opportunity in India. The area requirement is around 3000 to 5000 square feet of a commercial property. Needless to say, as you are opening a hotel business, the ideal place is near a place of tourist attraction or the business district of your city where you can have the most number of customers. The franchise term is for 5 years which is further renewable.

The CEO of OYO (Oravel Stays Pvt. Ltd.) told to Livemint in an interview that under the franchise business model, Oyo is adding ten thousand rooms or nearly 500 hotels every month to list of OYO Townhouse franchise budget hotels in India. The shift in the business model of the company to become a popular hotel franchise chain has allowed the company to increase raise OYO Townhouse Hotel Revenue Share Commission to around 22 percent which was previously around 18.

How to apply for OYO Townhouse hotel franchise: contact details, email address

If you want to know more on how to become an OYO Townhouse hotel franchise business partner or want to apply for the same, you may visit the official website at www [dot] oyotownhouse [dot] com [slash] join-network. You may also send them an email to partner [at] oyorooms [dot] com.

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