Gitanjali Jewels Franchise: Cost, investment procedures, profits

Are you curious to know how to open a Gitanjali Jewels franchise in India? The flagship concept of the Gitanjali Group, the Gitanjali Jewels is a retail jewellery franchise store offering high end diamond and gold jewellery. Keep reading to know more about Gitanjali Jewels franchise application procedures, royalty fees, overall costs of Gitanjali Jewels franchise, return on investments or profit and other details.

Why prefer a Gitanjali Jewels franchise to other top jewellery franchises in India?

One of the best jewellery brands in India, Gitanjali Jewels excel in classic, ethnic and casual designs and come with a wide range of collections. Perhaps the best thing about opening a Gitanjali Jewels franchise is that you have a large pool of partnering brands and thereby target customers from a wide range budget and price segments. The partner brands of Gitanjali Jewels include Nakshatra, Gili, D'damas, Asmi, Diya, Maya Gold, Parineeta and so on. Ever since the commencement of operation since 1966, Gitanjali Jewels has steadily gone up to become one of the leading jewellery brands in India (it was awarded as the Best Jewellery Retail Chain of the Year in Multi brand category by Retail Jeweler's India Award 2009). Since the inception of Gitanjali Jewels franchises in India in 2005, the brand has become a prime destination for branded jewellery consumers. At present there are 69 retail outlets of Gitanjali Jewels in India across 37 cities.

Had you been looking for business that convey the quintessence of Indian hospitality with an international ambience framed through state of the art retail formats, do open a Gitanjali Jewels franchise store.

Gitanjali Jewels Franchise: Cost, royalty fees, total investments, ROI

The official website of Gitanjali Jewels does not disclose any information related to cost or investments for starting a franchise, ROI, area requirements or any other financial details. Nevertheless, based on various information and private sources, we can make an estimated cost of Gitanjali Jewels franchise, investment returns, area requirements and so on. Please note that these are estimates only and should not be deemed final for any Gitanjali Jewels franchise agreements whatsoever.

Opening a Gitanjali Jewels is a high capital franchise business and will need an investment of Rs. 2 to 5 crores. The cost includes Gitanjali Jewels franchise fee of Rs. 3 to 5 lacs, but there is no royalty. The anticipated return on investment for Gitanjali Jewels franchise is 25 to 27 percent PA and the expected pay back period of capital is 3 to 4 years. You can use both owned or rented premises for opening a Gitanjali Jewels franchise; area requirement is around 1000-1500 square feet carpet area in high streets or malls. Other investment requires include stocks, furnitures and fixtures.

Gitanjali Jewels franchise training programs and supports

Neither exclusive territorial rights nor any performance guarantees are given to Gitanjali Jewels franchise. Detailed operating manual for unit franchisees are available and the training is done both on-site and off-site. The franchise term is for 3 years which is further renewable.

How to apply for a Gitanjali Jewels franchise in India?

If you fulfil the above mentioned criteria for starting Gitanjali Jewels franchise, you can apply for it through the official website. Visit and fill in the form. If you have further enquiries about Gitanjali Jewels franchise or want to know details of investment, please contact them by telephone or email address provided below.

Gitanjali Jewels Franchise Contact: Mobile number, email, postal address

You are welcome to contact Gitanjali Jewels for franchising. Call them at +91-22-42641401 or +91-22-42641402 (Timings: 9.30hrs to 18.00hrs IST) or fax to +91-22-42641404. You can also visit them in the following address:

Gitanjali Jewellery Retail Pvt. Ltd.
Premier House, 7th Floor
MIDC Main Road
Opp. Tunga Paradise
Andheri (East)
Mumbai - 400 093.

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