Khilonewala Toy Library Franchise: Cost of investment, area requirement, contact details

Do you want to be an entrepreneur? Can you spend a few hours a day in order to build a thriving business? Khilonewala Toy Library is one of its kind franchise business opportunity which rents out toys, books, and games to children between age group of one to twelve years. The concept of toy renting is relatively new in India so there is very less competition and ample chance to grow. Keep reading this article to know more about Khilonewala franchise cost, area requirements, how to apply for Khilonewala Toy Library franchise, fees or royalties, contact details and so on.

Why start a Khilonewala toy library franchise business?

Toy sharing as a business is a relatively new concept in the Retail Franchise market of India, and with its unique and proven business formula, Khilonewala has already got a lot of success. Within just a short span of 3 years, the brand has made its presence felt in 35 Indian cities with 45 centers. Not only that, it has also become the first Indian toy library franchise to have an international presence, with its franchise being operational in Kuwait. Thus we can quite easily say that Khilonewala Library is the No. 1 Toy Library of India. The best part of the business concept is that the parents only need to take the membership of Khilonewala and the rented toys, books, and games will be supplied to their doorstep every week. Play, return, and get a new toy: that is the simple business formula of Khilonewala franchise toy library.

The story, however, does not end there; it is only the beginning. One-third of the population of India is very young, so there is a bright future for any business that primarily caters to the needs of young children and their parents. There is hardly any parent who would not buy his or her children a toy, and there is hardly any child who does not like to play with a toy. Thus, Khilonewala toy library franchise has a bright promise ahead, more so with rising disposable income coupled with consumerism in India. As a result, more and more parents are nowadays concerned about providing their children with the right toy with which the children can have fun and at the same time learn something to help their overall development. The toy rental market is in fact five times bigger than the CD/DVD rental market, so there is an immense scope for growth.

Khilonewala franchise cost, return on investment, area requirements

The cost of starting a Khilonewala franchise is just Rs. 3.25 to Rs. 6.25 lakhs which is very meager compared to its profit potential. Thus, opening a Khilonewala toy franchise is a low investment high return franchise business as you can earn handsome returns on investment and profitability from the first year itself. Also, almost anyone can start a Khilonewala franchise as the area or space requirement is very less; only about 150 square feet. Also, this is a good option to work from home as you can manage this business from the comfort of your home itself. The best part is that Khilonewala toy franchise royalty is zero. Yes, unbelievable but true; the company will not take a share of your hard-earned money.

How to apply for Khilonewala Toy Library franchise (application process)

If you think you are going to open a Khilonewala Toy Library franchise, you can contact them at the email id or telephone number mentioned below expressing your interest. The company will reach back to you to find out whether you are a good franchisee for them or not. If everything goes alright between you and Khilonewala, we are going to see another toy renting library in the town soon!

Khilonewala franchise contact details, email address, telephone number

For franchise application of Khilonewala, contact them at their email address info[at]khilonewala[dot]in or give them a ring at their mobile numbers +91 98930 90633 or +91 98935 63400.

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