Junior DPS Franchise: Cost, area requirements, documents, contact details

Do you want to start a Junior DPS Franchise? A venture of the famous Delhi Public School, one of the largest secondary and higher secondary school franchises in India, Junior DPS is an excellent opportunity for those who want to start their own preschool. The curriculum of the school focuses on imparting skill-based knowledge, using its unique Fine Petal approach and an eclectic approach, thus trying to enhance the personal awareness, language skills, emotional as well as as individual-potential development of the child. Let us tell you more about how to open a Junior DPS franchise, cost of investment, franchise fee, royalty, what are the documents needed to open a Junior DPS school, area requirements and so on. Keep reading!

Why open a Junior DPS franchise preschool?

Education in India, particularly the preschool sector, is an emerging business. A lot of households are now sending their kids to preschools which was not very common even a decade ago. On the other hand, Delhi Public School as a brand probably needs no introduction. The DPS Franchise of senior level school is already a hit among entrepreneurs and businesspersons. The preschool franchise chain of the same brand, Junior DPS also upholds the same values and promises that their senior counterpart has imparted to the world of education. they create an environment for the child that encourages the pupils to develop their all the five senses, which in turn enhances their social, emotional physical as well as academic skills. However, in order to successfully run any preschool, you need a good curriculum and the state of the art curriculum of the Junior DPS preschool is quite difficult to match. Again, the success of the curriculum depends on its implementation which is done by trained teachers. With Junior DPS franchise teacher training program, rest assured that your preschool is going to get some top-notch, well-trained preschool teachers.

Junior DPS Franchise cost, return on investment, franchise fees, royalty

Let us now have a look at the financial details of opening a Junior DPS franchise preschool in India. The cost of Junior DPS preschool as per our research based on several sources available on the web world is about Rs. 15 to 20 lakhs. However, please note that this estimated investment cost for Junior DPS franchise preschool is just presumptive and can vary depending on your location and premise area. Royalty is 15 percent. The franchise term is for five years which can be extended further should the franchisee performs as per expectation. Only one school can be run be one franchise, and the fees will be decided by the management as per the locality in which the school is situated. Student kits will be provided by the company but the cost for the same has to be borne by the franchisee. The interior, exterior, and other decorations as necessary has to be carried out as per company requirements at the expense of the franchisee. He or she will also need to arrange for the furniture, fixtures, teaching equipment, toys, and other things as may be necessary from time to time.

How much space is required to open a Junior DPS franchise preschool?

The total premise area requirement for opening a DPS franchise preschool in India is about 3000 to 6000 square feet. Of that space, about 2500 to 3500 square feet area should be on the ground floor and the rest of the area can be accommodated in the first floor. Apart from the built up area, the rest of the area which is left, about 1000 to 2500 square feet, for play and lawn area. Moreover, the school should ideally be located in a posh residential area preferably on the main road or with easy access from the main road so that the students and the guardians do not have any problem reaching there. A landmark nearby will be helpful for easily locating your property. Another area related clause about Junior DPS franchise preschool is that the property should be entering into three years lease option to extend. You should also have a minimum of four classrooms measuring 15 feet by 18 feet approximately, for Play Group, nursery, KG-1 and Kg-2. You will also require a 22 by 12 feet Activity and Audiovisual room, a 10 by 12 feet Principal Room, and Facilities Area.

What are the documents required to open a Junior DPS franchise preschool?

The documents you will need in order to become DPS Junior school franchise are 2 Stamp papers of 100 Rupees each, Copy Land Registration / Lease / Rent agreement, Copies of Identity proof and Address proof, and 4 photographs.

Junior DPS preschool franchise application process, contact details

Junior DPS Head office Address is B3/39, Janakpuri, New Delhi - 110058. Telephone Number: 011-27177771, 011-49122557. You can also contact them on mobile number for Junior DPS franchise inquiry at +91-7065534441,+ 91-9560740127.

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