Juice Lounge Bar Franchise: Cost, return on investments, application process

Looking forward to opening a Juice Lounge Bar franchise? In India, despite a buzzing food and beverage market, few good non-alcoholic and non-caffeine beverage brands have actually made it to the top. Juice Lounge Bar is one of the few that succeeded. Read on to know more how to open a Juice Lounge Bar franchise, investment estimates, cost efficiency and profit potentials, application procedures and so on.

Why open a beverage franchise in India?

The market of food and beverage franchises of India is always buzzing and ever-growing. It is possibly the fastest growing franchise market in the country, and despite the regular entries of various international brands, the market is still far from saturation. Also, few good beverage brands are there, apart from the coffee chains. If you are considering an entrepreneurship in the food and beverage industry of India, a juice and mocktail brand can be a perfect starter. Already there are lots of top fast food chains in India and there is a soaring competition; the beverage industry nevertheless is relatively uncontested and you have a fairly large consumer market to capture.

Also, consumers are ever more health conscious these days and are always on the lookout for a healthy beverage. Juices are healthy drinks when compared to high fat and high cholesterol cold drinks that do little help to your physique. For this reason, the market of fruit juice based beverages are ever increasing in India. Don't you want to be a part of the growth story?

Why go for Juice Lounge juice bar franchise in India?

Inaugurated in 2005, Juice Lounge Juice Bar boasts of becoming the first juice bar franchise chain of India. Their success has prompted many to jump in the market, but they have been heavily outnumbered by the largest juice chain of the country. At present, Juice Lounge Juice Bar is an international entity with its bold presence in Qatar and Maldives as well. In India, Juice Lounge Juice Bar is operating in more than 40 cities, across shopping malls, railway stations, airports and high streets. If you have such locations, starting Juice Lounge franchise outlet will be a wise business decision.

Cost of Juice Lounge Franchise: Investments, area required

The initial investment for Juice Lounge Juice Bar franchise unit in India will be around 8 to 9 lakhs (that is, if you are selling only juice and mix sandwiches in a wooden kiosk, including all costs of structure and equipment). The cost of an outdoor kiosk, completely waterproof with aluminium composite panel will cost you around 11 lakhs. If you are looking for opening a Juice Lounge in a shopping mall with around 300 square feet area, it is going to cost around 7 to 10 Lakhs. If you extend your premises to 1000 sq. ft. the cost might go up to 15 lakhs. So roughly we can say that the minimum area requirements for a Juice Lounge Juice Bar franchise is 300 square feet, with below 10 Lakhs investments. You can have a detailed reference of business models after you sign up through the Franchisee Inquiry Form.

Juice Lounge bar franchise and royalty fees

There is no franchisee fee for Juice Lounge Juice Bar, but they charge a set up fee irrespective of your location and business model which is Rs. 3 Lakhs per unit. The franchise contract is for 5 years, further renewable. The royalty of Juice Lounge franchise is 7% of the Gross Turnover along with 2% of Gross Turnover for group advertising and promotion which is required to be paid on a monthly basis.

Juice Lounge franchise training and support program details

The support and training of Juice Lounge juice bar franchise is very vast and comprehensive which include a complete turnkey package including site selection and store fittings, location research including footfall survey and financial projections, complete reference manual, complete entitlement to the use of the brand's logo and trademarks, access to proven marketing techniques, ongoing training and support as well as assistance with industry leading equipment. For other training and support programs of Juice Lounge Bar franchisees please refer to Juice Lounge Franchise Support Chart.

How to apply for Juice Lounge franchise?

There is only one application procedure for Juice Lounge franchise which is to go through a specific form. Juice Lounge bar franchise application form can be obtained from the official website at www.juiceloungejuicebar.com/franchisee-enquiry-form.html. They are also available for email conversations. For any queries you should contact them at their dedicated email address of Juice Bar franchise which is franchisee at juiceloungejuicebar.com.

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The form for Juice Lounge Juice Bar Franchisee can be submitted at


Or you can also speak to the directors at 91 98217 87604 / 91 99670 78770.

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I want to take a franchisee of Juicelounge at pune and Indore. Kindly send me the details and forms which needs to be filled to get eligible for the franchisee. Ping me on 7028548841 or email me at rahulgarg2962gmail.com

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