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Are you new to franchising? Welcome, our new entrepreneur friend, to the wonderful world of franchise businesses. The Indian franchise business industry is growing day by day; some sectors like fast food, healthcare and education have witnessed exponential growth in particular over the last few years. Emerging entrepreneurs in India are inclining more and more towards franchise businesses, and the soaring state of unemployment has encouraged and reinforced small scale entrepreneurs. This is definitely a positive and hopeful sign both for Indian economy and the Indian franchise business industry.

Nevertheless, starting a franchise business, in India or abroad, is not always a cakewalk. True, a lot of entrepreneurs make amazing profits from franchise businesses in India; but that does not come without proper training and business skills. There is no free lunch! Without adequate knowledge about franchising or proper business skills, your efforts may go in vain. The solution? Education has no alternative. If you are a new entrepreneur, spare a few months to educate yourself about the basics of franchising.

Education is the best investment. Learn franchise business before investing.

And we are here to facilitate your learning! This how-to section of Starting Franchise, which we call our Franchise Classroom, is exclusively meant for new entrepreneurs. As Mr. Bill Gates has put it in the picture above, Get Schooled!

  • Franchise Business Handbooks: Learn the basics of franchising from a wide range of books on franchise business, ranging from basic guidebooks for new franchisees to canonical business magazines and franchise handbooks.
  • Stay Tuned to Franchise Business News: Only an informed investor can make wise, profitable business decisions. Keep track of Indian franchise business news with Starting Franchise. Stay updated about new franchise inceptions, new brands, product launches, press releases and investor meets, 24×7!
  • Browse All Franchise Businesses in India: Perhaps you can find a franchise business opportunity so far unknown to you!
  • Franchise Business Tips & How-to Articles: Read our franchising tips, how to articles and expert columns to sharpen your franchise business skills. Learn more about the risks of franchise business, how to minimize risks, soft skills for a successful franchisee and more.

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