IIJT Franchise: Opening cost, procedures, return

IIJT, ever since its inauguration in 2006 by its honorary President and the former Finance Minister of India Mr. Yashwant Sinha, has kept going strong to emerge as one of fastest growing educational brands in the country. Distribution of IIJT franchise businesses have started since 2006 itself, but there is a lot of way to go still. Read more about how to open IIJT franchise college, investment costs and requirements of starting IIJT franchise academic centre, expected return on investment and so on.

Why invest in IIJT franchise academic centre?

Starting 17 April 2006, IIJT has emerged to be one of the fastest growing educational franchise businesses in India, the total number of IIJT centres across India being 275 till date, catering to the academic needs of more than 10000 students. In the last couple of years, it has placed over 5000 students successfully in different national and multinational companies. Also, all the three specialization sectors of IIJT viz. finance, retail and information technology, are the fastest growing business sectors in India. By 2020, these three sectors will require a large work-pool, and the students of present day are more and more inclined to these fields as well. The initial investment required for starting IIJT franchise is also between 12 to 15 lakhs, thereby making it a good option for low capital enterprises. If you have the required lands, opening an IIJT franchise academic college must be a great franchise business option with investments under 15 lakhs.

Required area and capital investments to start IIJT franchise in India

Roughly, investments for starting IIJT franchise college will be Rs. 12 to 15 lakhs, including a franchise fee of Rs. 4 lakhs. Our approximated IIJT franchise starting investments also include classroom and laboratory furnitures, advertising, and marketing. Print ad support, however, is provided by IIJT. Franchise requirements also include a minimum floor area of 1000 sq ft in high footfall commercial areas, preferably in malls and supermarkets.

Opening IIJT Franchise: Return on investments (ROI)

The capital investment required is 30% in order to start an IIJT franchise in India. The expected payback period is 1.5 to 2 years, and the expected ROI of IIJT franchise is 30%. Exclusive territorial rights are also given to unit franchises.

IIJT Franchise starting supports and training details

An exclusive IIJT franchise training program is offered at the head office for the single unit franchise centres. The franchise fees worth Rs. 4 lakhs mentioned above also include necessary software and hardware supports for IIJT franchises. Starting agreement is for 3 years, which is further renewable. Nevertheless, there is no minimum guarantee.

How to start IIJT franchise: Step by step procedures

If you think you can invest in IIJT franchise, just give them a phone call. IIJT franchise contact persons are Mr. Subhankar at +919874710802 and Mr. Ritesh at +919831339752 from the headquarters to learn more about the steps of opening IIJT franchise and the formalities that include.

For more details, visit IIJT franchise website.

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