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Starting DTDC Courier and Cargo franchise: Low cost high profit business

By Starting Franchise on
Logo of DTDC courier and Cargo franchise in India Are you in search of a risk free business with low investment that is less than 1 lakh giving constant profit? DTDC courier and Cargo franchise is one which can fulfil your dream. Here is the detail information regarding how to get DTDC courier and cargo franchise, its start up investment and other requirements.

Why to start DTDC courier and cargo franchise outlet in India

DTDC is the largest domestic delivery network in India and had been pioneer in doing business through franchise in courier and Cargo business. The Company was started in 1990 and have a market share of more than 350 crores and a turnover of about 200 crores. DTDC is a National brand and known for its goodwill. This is a business which gives assured profit and have potential for continuous growth. At present there are more than 5400 DTDC outlets in India and overseas.

The success stories for few Indians confirm DTDC franchise to be one of the best business with low investment. Wilfred Pereira who was a taxi driver started DTDC franchise in Nerul, Mumbai and became a millionaire. Naiku Sagre a DTDC franchise owner at Thane and Khargar became millionaire from a middle class person. There are many such success stories from Mumbai, Delhi, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Bangalore and other big cities to even smaller places like Bahraich, Vapi etc where the dream of a middle class person to become millionaire was fulfilled by starting DTDC courier and Cargo franchise.


Investment, start up cost, requirements and expected profit for starting franchise of DTDC courier and Cargo

This is a business which can be started even with an investment of 10000 Rs, however expected start up cost comes out to be around 50 thoudand to 1.5 lakhs Rs. Even the requirement of space area is too little and can be started even if you have 100 sq ft but preferably on ground floor facing road. The support system offered by DTDC to their franchise include robust training, IT support, Marketing and promotions advise, management and business planning, operational support and training to maintain uniform policy.

There are three categories of DTDC franchise Normal, Subsidised and Rural/Satellite and total investment required for these are 1.5 lakhs, 1 lakh and 50000 Rs respectively. There is no franchise fee for DTDC, only security deposit is there. Working capital comes out to be 1 lakh, 50000 and 25000 Rs respectively for each category. Return of investment and break even period is more than 20%. Number of employee required is 4, 3, 2 respectively for each category of DTDC franchise.

Franchise models of DTDC courier and Cargo in India

There are four franchise models of DTDC operated in India. These are – Single unit franchise - 75% business of DTDC is through single unit franchise and this models covers more than 95% network, making dreams of middle class person. In this model a franchise of DTDC is started in a small territory or a pin code.

Master franchise - This model is for a region or city having one or more franchise under its purview and the master franchise is responsible for growth and development of its single unit as well as the franchise under its purview in the territory.

Super franchise - Super franchise is the key unit for Company and appointed in different way. It acts as independent unit in a district or city having one or more reporting franchise. In other terms it is as good as extended branch responsiblr for growth of the Company in that region.

Corporate franchise - A highly specialized form of franchisee selected exclusively by the company and is given to experienced person having office infrastructure, client contacts in corporate offices, and have investment capacity.

How to apply for DTDC courier and cargo franchise in India?

One can start DTDC franchise within 15 days. When the prospects is seen and one is willing to start franchise, on the first day there will be general discussion regarding Company and terms and conditions etc. Premises will be inspected by Company personnel on 2nd day. Appication for DTDC franchise will be filled on 3rd and 4th day and is submitted with following documents
  • Demand draft for the security deposit & establishment fee as per the set guidelines.

  • Identity proof: Voters cards or driving license

  • Address proof: Ration card or land line telephone bill

  • Leave & license agreement or premises ownership agreement

  • Financial credential: Bank passbook or bank statement

  • Letter of reference

  • Scrutiny or verification of documents will be done on 5th day and on 6th and 7th day approval will come from regional office or GM or authorized office. On 8th day Email communication will be done by GM and activation code will be provided. Then for four days that is 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th day there will be training and certificate will be given on 13th day and on 14th day you will be welcomed and introduced to HODs etc and finally on 15th day you can start your DTDC franchise. For any queries or interested for franchise you can contact corporate office situated at Bangalore or regional offices.

    DTDC corporate office address, phone, email

    DTDC House,
    No. 3, Victoria Road,
    Bangalore 560047,
    Ph : 080-25365032,25365039,
    Fax : 080-25514461


    Amar Sahu said...

    Hi Team. I am residing at Rajarajeshwarinagar, Bangalore. Is there a DTDC center in this area. If not, is there a prospect of starting one in this area. I am really interested to start off provided some detail on prerequisites are provided. I would like to pay a visit in person too to know more.


    Shireen Khan said...

    HELLO My self shireen khan i am looking out to start the franchise of dtdc in navi mumbai with low investment if possible please advice for the same

    Pravin Jadhav said...

    Hi Team. I am residing at Shrirampur,Dist -Ahmednagar Maharashtra . Is there a DTDC center in this area. If not, is there a prospect of starting one in this area. I am really interested to start off provided . i am intersted Super franchise. plz send the details .

    azeem yazdan said...

    Hello team
    I am looking out to start DTDC franchise in lohegaon pune. Is it possible to start franchise in this area. I am really very much interested so kindly provide me the details and terms & conditions.

    Mohd Azeem Yazdan

    abdul jaleel Jaleel said...

    Hi Team. I am residing at Karunagappally, kollam dist Kerala . Is there a DTDC center in this area. If not, is there a prospect of starting one in this area. I am really interested to start off provided . i am intersted Super franchise. plz send the details . -

    Badrinath K said...

    I am looking out to start DTDC franchies in Hyderabad i am so much interested in courier field so kindly provide me details.

    K Badrinath

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