Starting Bikaner Vala franchise in India: Investment, expected profit & application process

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Yo China Chain of Chinese Restaurant logo Here comes a mouthwatering investment for you all which would get you very high benefits. Bikanervala Foods Pvt. Ltd. brings to you a golden opportunity to make your customers happy with the magnificent food and snacks of Bikanervala. As the name suggests, Bikanervala comes from the famous city of Bikaner, Rajasthan, which is most famous for the different variety of food and sweets that we get over there.

The company commenced operation in 1952 and started franchising in 1992. There are 14 franchise outlets of Bikanervala. The marvellous flavour of the sweets and snacks from the house of Bikanervala will make you love the foods of Bikanervala. Bikanervala Pvt. Ltd. is emerging fast as a global player catering not only for the overseas Indian community but it is also developing new recipes to suit the world market.

Is Bikaner vala franchise a profit making business in India?

The brand Bikanervala is a well known brand in any part of the Country and is believed to be one of the most prominent families of traditional sweet makers. The great name and fame of Bikanervala comes from the vast treasure of relishes of traditional Indian sweets, namkeens and spices which are developed and perfected since a very long time. The quality and creativity in Indian foods especially sweets and snacks is the main feature of Bikanervala. It ensures best quality, best taste and good hygiene to the customers. It brings to you the pure taste of home-made sweets and snacks. Bikanervala is solely an example of combining traditional knowledge with the modern technology, to give the best food experience.

Thus there is no cost for any advertisement of to establish the brand. The business will start giving return from the very first day itself due to its established brand. At present in any part of India Bikanervala and Haldiram are two best and well recognized brand of snacks and sweets in India and franchise of either of these is always a profitable business if started at appropriate place.


Investments for Bikanervala franchise in India : Opening Cost, Royalty fees and Returns

It is a nice investment scheme which would start giving its returns after a period of about 4 to 5 years. The expected initial investment for Bikaner bhujia franchise outlet is from Rs. 2 crores to 5 crores. This investment includes franchise fees, investment for interiors of oulet, furniture and fixtures, software support etc. No other investment is required. Independent building is required for franchise opportunity. The floor area must be from 1200 to 1500 sq. ft. The return benefits is about 10%. Since it is a high range franchise business thus break even point may be ranging from 5-7 years, however India is a Country of festivals thus a committed business man having an outlet in a busy place can reduce this break even period.


Where to open Bikanerwala outlet in India

The franchise outlet can be opened anywhere not only in India but in the World. However in India Bikanervala is looking for expansion in the states of New Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Uttaranchal in the north, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa in the west, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, West Bengal, Orissa in the east, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu in the south, Chattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh in the centre. There are no terrestrial rights given to a unit franchise. No performance guarantees are given to unit franchise.

How to start Bikanervala franchise in India - Application process and contact details

To start Bikanervala outlet one should contact the corporate office which is situated at New Delhi. One can also apply for Bikanervala franchise online by giving all details at Below is the complete address, phone number and official website of Bikanervala.

Corporate Office,
Bikanervala Foods Private Limited,
A-28, Lawrence Road Industrial Area, New Delhi- 110035 (India)
Phone: 91-11-47006700 ( 30 lines), 27151607, 27151612, 27151614, 27105958
Fax: 91-11-27196893
Website :



Unknown said...

Dear Sir,

I want to start restaurant outlet in delhi meerut road ghaziabad , Please share the investment and all the things required by you for giving franchise outlet of restaurant.

Mohit Tyagi.

Unknown said...

Dear sir,

I want to open a restaurant in uttarpradesh,gorakhpur.please give your all terms and conditiond.m y mobile number 7705939393

Manoj singh

Unknown said...

Dear sir,

I want to open a restaurant in uttarpradesh,gorakhpur.please give your all terms and conditiond.m y mobile number 7705939393

Manoj singh

Xyz said...

Dear sir

I want to open bikanervala outlet in my town(Motihari). Plz tell me the criteria how to get franchises. Mail id, mobile-8860865603.
I will be thankful to u
Abhinav Dipankar

rock said...

I want to open bikanare frenchice in mumbai ( thane) can u suggest me mo no. 9922411198

bhavya doshi said...

Dear sir,

I am interesting to open bikanerwala outlet in vadodara, gujrat. So pls tell me the total investment along with your all terms & details are as below :-
Name : bhavya doshi
mobile : 91 91673 73764
Email :

Unknown said...

Dear sir,

I want to open bikanervala franchise in Dadri greater noida pin code 203207 please give me term and conditions about this, my mobile number is 9350777512, my email address is
I will be thankful
Manish Bhati
(Dadri greater noida)

Govind Soni said...

Dear sir,
I want to open a restaurant in uttarpradesh, kosi kalan (Mathura).please give your all terms and conditions. My mobile number 9258402689

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