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Cost, investments, ROI of Subway Franchise in India

By Starting Franchise on
Subway Restaurant LogoWant to open a Subway franchise in India? One of the top food franchises with more than 39 thousand units across 102 countries, Subway is becoming increasingly popular in India as well. At present there are 353 Subway franchise restaurants in India is 353. Are you the next franchisee? Find out how to apply for Subway franchise in India, cost of investment, returns or profits, suitable locations and more. Keep reading!

Why open a Subway franchise restaurant in India?

Since 1965, Subway has come down a long way to emerge as undoubtedly one of the biggest food franchises all over the world. Subway is the number one restaurant chain in the entire Quick Service Restaurant franchise industry in terms of total unit counts. Low investments and simpler operations also count among the plus factors of starting a Subway franchise in India. As The Economic Times let us know last year, Subway was looking to open 1000 unit franchises in India by 2015 [ET, May 1, 2012. Web.]. If the managements are looking for an expansion, there is certainly room for developing your business!

No beef or pork is served in Subway restaurants in India to ensure customers of all religious communities can eat there. There is a plethora of vegetarian dishes as well, some of them being Veggie Patty, Paneer Tikka, Aloo Patty, and so on. Also, Subway restaurants in India have separate vegetarian and non-vegetarian kitchens; a feature available only in India!

Investments for Subway: Franchise opening cost & ROI in India

Before opening a Subway franchise in India, cost calculation is essential. for Indian units has not been particularly mentioned by the management. Nevertheless, we can still make some assumptions about investments required for Subway franchise in India, profit margin, ROI and other financial facts. The minimum investment amount is Rs. 25-30 lakhs. The franchise fee is a single time payment of Rs 4.5 lakhs (approximately) for the first franchisee, and Rs 2.25 for the next. The advertising and royalty fees of Subway in India are 3.5% and 8% straight on the net sales.


The minimum area requirements for Subway franchise in India is 170 sq. ft. for a food court, and a minimum of 350 sq. ft. for a non food court, with at least 8 people required. The running cost will be around one lakhs. The anticipated profit or return on investment, we presume, should be not less than 40 to 50% annually.

Steps to open a Subway franchise restaurant in India

You can start Subway franchise in India with just three easy steps. The things you have to do are:
  1. Request a brochure from them. Read all the business details carefully to find out whether you suit to their needs, and vice versa.
  2. Submit Subway franchise application and get the process rolling.
  3. For clearing your doubts, feel free to ask a question to the Franchise Sales Department or Regional Sales Manager.

Subway India Franchise: Contact details with phone numbers

Subway Systems India Pvt Ltd.
B 11/1, Okhla Industrial Area , Phase II
New Delhi -110020
Telephone: 011 41754035, 011 41708082


Janardhan Y said...

Can you provide example with number:

Gross sales
Gross profit
Net profit

Pritam Bhasme said...

resp, sir
I will start to subway franchise in own city how can apply?

Lalit Kumar Gupta said...


Sanjay Bhagat said...

Dear sir,
I will start to subway franchise in my city ( Palghar )401404
can u explain in detail?

alka shah said...

Can you please mail the breakdown of figures eg initial investment, expenses, and net profit. Please mail me on

sudhakar said...

respected sir / mam,

greetings of the day,

I will start to subway franchise in own city how can apply, initial investment, expenses, and net profit etc
my mail id, will be waiting for your reply

Real Estate Gurgaon said...

Gross sales
Gross profit
Net profit
Please email at

Gurinder Wadhwa said...

I have plans to start SUBWAY in corporate offices for number of companies at discounted rates.Please let me know if subway offers the same for corporate offices.
My email id is

Gurinder S.

Utkarsh Sharma said...

Finally it cost me around 65 lakhs, including 3 months operational cost and other expenses.

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