Starting Euro Kids pre school franchise : Startup cost, profit on investment, application process

Pre School business is growing as even in smaller towns the children are being sent to pre schools and are groomed and well prepared and trained till they get admitted in primary classes of main stream schools. The standard of preschool is the factor for its success and here is the franchise details of Euro Kids play school which has set up an standard and got fame in India and several other Countries. Here is detail about how to start a Euro Kids school franchise, investments and costs incurred, possible return or profit on investments and other FAQs.

Why to start Euro Kid pre-school franchise : Company profile and support system

The concept of sending toddlers in preschool is increasing day by day and an early preparation required to get admission in better school further is increasing the demand and requirements of pre school. Thus scope wise starting pre school or play school business is one of the more lucrative and easy to pick up. Now why Euro Kids pre-school franchise?

Well Euro Kids is one of the top 5 preschool franchise chains in India and at present already have about 884 pre schools in 311 towns and cities of India and running successfully. The Euro Kids is one of the largest education services provider in the Pre-School segment and one of India’s largest children’s book publishing companies. Euro Kids was launched in 2001 and in just two years its 100th branch was started in Lucknow in 2003. Seeing the great success in play schools, in 2005 Euro schools were started and at present there are Euro Kids play school, Euro schools, Euro teachers training institute etc. In 2010 "Cerebelum" Euro Kids Research foundation was formed.

Support provided by Euro Kids to their franchise is undoubtedly beyond expectation. Operational support, training for Euro Kids curriculum, continuing skill enhancement programs etc provided them 4th rank in Annual India franchising ranking in 2010. Thus a pre school is a good business in low capital and Euro Kids preschool franchise is one of the best among these.

Euro Kids Preschool Franchise: Costs, return on investments, area requirements, royalty fee

The total investment for starting Euro Kids preschool is about 10 to 15 lakhs INR which include cost for ambiance and equipment as well as the start up franchise fee. The premises should have minimum of 2000 sq ft or more area on the ground floor with an open play area in a residential location. There should be proper ventilation and attached wash room. The quality or eligibility required for Euro Kids franchise is keenness towards starting education based business, financial soundness, entrepreneurial spirit and strong desire to succeed.

Profit of starting Euro Kids pre school franchise depends on various factors like business management skill, location, operational cost etc. However many franchisee including Paritosh Patel of Ahmedabad, Usha Somsekhar, Bangalore, Kamala Shahney, Pune and many others franchisee of Euro Kids have shared their experience of starting Euro Kids pre school and are in good profit reaching break even in very quick interval of time.

How to start Euro Kids preschool franchise in India and other Countries - Application process and enquiry

For franchisee enquiry and application process for Euro Kids franchise, you have to visit official website For application and enquiry about a EuroKids franchise opportunity in India fill the form given with the detail information asked or call +91 22 61565650 to speak to a franchising team member. For EuroKids franchise opportunity outside India fill the form given with the detail information asked or call +91 22 61565656 to speak to Mr. Amit Singh , National Business Manager – EuroKids.

Euro Kids franchise contact details

The location selection for Euro Kids franchise is finalized after discussion with franchisor. For any information, enquiry you can contact corporate office of Euro Kids at Mumbai. Complete address, phone no, fax, email, official website of Euro Kids is provided below-

EuroKids International Private Ltd
Dani Corporate Park, 1st Floor,
158, Vidyanagari Marg,
Kalina,Santacruz (East),
Mumbai- 400 098.
Phone (Board line) :If you are a caller within India + 91 22 61565656
If you are a caller from outside India + 91 22 61565656
Fax : + 91 22 66924709
SMS : EUROKIDS to 56677 (service limited to India)

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Just want to be an entrepreneur in the field of education and help building a strong foundation for the nation in the generations to come

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Dear Sir
Kindly Request to give franchise opportunity to work with euro kids.we trying to contact mr Jagdish who is concern person for Bangalore...he is not responding properly...pls do the needful...

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I m interested in euro school franchise please guide me

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