How to get Royal Enfield Dealer Franchise in India: Investments, returns, application process

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Royal Enfield Motorcycle franchise logoDoes the sophisticated class of a Royal Enfield excite you? Do you want to be a part of its 120 years of motorcycling heritage? Learn how to become a Royal Enfield franchise dealer in India, what is the business potential and required investments for Royal Enfield bike franchise, how to get Royal Enfield (Bullet) bike dealership in India and application process, and various details you might have been looking for.

Why open a Royal Enfield motorbike franchise dealership in India?

If you are passionate about the Royal Enfield brand, or if you are a seasoned biker yourself and now want to own of a piece of their booming retail business, opening a Royal Enfield franchise dealership can be a great business opportunity for you. In India, particularly, with the rising income levels, growth of urban population and spread of individualist lifestyle where people hate public transports and wants to ride something of their own, a bike shop in general has great business potentials. The cars and bike franchise business opportunities in India are indeed growing day by day, and now lots of motorbike companies are there in the Indian market, but none has still become able to rob the Royal Enfield from its class, heritage and aristocracy. Also, if you already run an existing retail business, Royal Enfield franchise can be a great add-on. It also fits a wide range of premises: high streets, shopping malls, as well as common marketplaces.


If you are curious of some of the Royal Enfield franchise facts, the brand has a set up of 180 dealers across all major cities and towns in India, with more than 100 Authorised Service Centres. Needless to say, it is also an international entity (originating in England) and has its business in 31 countries like the USA, Japan, UAE, Korea, Bahrain, UK, France, Germany, Argentina and many other countries. In brief, Royal Enfield has an established brand name you do not need to worry about; perhaps everyone knows its logo. Over 120 years, it also has a proven business model that is bound to fetch success. Thus, becoming a franchisee of Royal Enfield is like value investing and putting your faith in large cap equities that have delivered excellent results steadily, over decades. So, are you ready for getting Enfield India dealership?

Royal Enfield Franchise Investment: Area requirements and cost of Enfield bike dealership in India

The total area required for a Royal Enfield franchise dealership in India will be around 4000 square feet. The net investment is going to vary from place to place; however exclusive of the area wise volatilities we can say, as a rough estimate, that the cost of Royal Enfield dealership will require a total investment of Rs. 50 lakhs to Rs. 1 crore. However, please note that this is exclusive of the franchise or brand fee which is Rs. 1 lakh. Also, there is royalty or commission for Royal Enfield dealership; in India it is 5% of the gross sales per month.


Royal Enfield franchise support and training programs

The Royal Enfield franchise model contains various forms and checklists to guide the new owner through all the minute details of owning a Royal Enfield franchise – from enquiries, stock, branding and customer service. The various support programs for Royal Enfield dealership in India include marketing and advertising supports, help in site selection, as well as field assistance. The franchisee training is done in Chennai and Chandigarh.

Royal Enfield Franchise Application Process: How to become a dealer of Enfield motorcycles in India?

If you are wondering how to apply for Royal Enfield franchise dealership in India, let us tell you that it is very easy to start along. You just need to visit the official website,, and click on the Become a dealer link from the footer. A page, /support/become-a-dealer/, will open up where you will find an international performa for Royal Enfield dealership application form. Select the country, state and city from the given options. There you need to submit your contact information to the reviewing team of Royal Enfield franchise dealership (mobile phone number, contact address, postal address, email id and so on). You also have to give a brief description of your current business. Please remember that this is your chance to impress the reviewing team so write it well. When you are done, click Submit. The authorities will contact you back mentioning whether they find you suitable to open a Royal Enfield dealership or not.



syed najeeb said...

First of all I would like to thank you for giving such a valuable information.
I was looking for Royal Enfield dealership in Hyderabad. I have few queries regarding the frenchise as mentioned below. kindly solve my queries.
1. Will i get franchise of Royal Enfield if I don't own any business before?
2. Who will be paying salaries to the staff. Me or the company?
3. Who will take care the maintenance part?
4. What will be the ROI?
5. How much stock will they supply at a time and what is the supply cycle?
6. Does the aforementioned investment include franchise of dealership and service centers or only dealership?
7. Does the investments include marketing and advertising?
8. Is Royal Enfield franchise limited to certain number of dealers in a city?
9. What all things are included in the aforementioned investment?
10. Who will recruit the staff?
11. What is the profit per vehicle?
12. How much can I hold with me?

Awaiting for reply.
Me e-mail Id is

Kumaraditya Sarkar said...

Mr Sayeed Najeeb,

Most of your questions are so very location-specific that they cannot be broadly answered. You should better contact Royal Enfied franchisors in India themselves to have tailor-made answers for you who can judge your business potentials and calculate ROI etc. better. Write to them at

I would still like to answer some of your questions in general here:

1. Only Royal Enfield authorities know whom to approve and whom to reject; but of course having previous business experiences greatly increases your chance of getting approved. It is not mandatory though.

2. You will have to pay your staff. Almost all franchise businesses, unless otherwise mentioned, follow this model.

3. The maintenance part is also done mostly by the franchisee i.e. you, but occasional supports are provided. All these will be clarified when you sign up for the franchise.

6. Only dealership.

8. The estimated cost of Royal Enfield franchise by us will include cost for furniture, interior designing, stocking, hunting and recruiting your first staff, and making similar other initial investments that may arise. It is exclusive of property prices. In other words, we assumed that you own your location.

Nevertheless, please understand that these are my best assumptions because all agreements are carried out ONLY as the Royal Enfield franchisors wish; so it is always better to write to them and confirm.

Shashi Kumar said...

I want to interested Royal Enfield Dealer Franchise location in Bihta (patna).
Full detail and ROI. Please sir email me this email id;
mobile no; 93864251330

chiru Shivu said...

Sir I'm interested in getting dealership in Mandya (40 km from mysore and 100km from bangalore, karnataka. ) pls provide me sufficient details so that I can proceed my mail id is contact no 9902359038 Chiranjivi

chetan hatti said...

Hello Starting Franchise

I have some different set of questions to be answered.Please share your knowledge on these

1.Can I just apply for a Enfield Service centre,rather than applying for the dealership?

2.How much the cost would come up to?

3.Do I need to have a company in order to apply for the service centre?

4.What all requirements or criteria's are to be fulfilled?

akshay jain said...

I wanted to open a dealership of Royal Enfield in sagar [Madhya pradesh].
my phone number is 96699921001 and email id is

rahul belkire said...

I'm soo much interested in ROYAL ENFIELD DEALER SHIP bidar (karanatak ) and I have own space of 120×120 and 40×60 and 80×50×45 please sir contact me 8880004208
or mail me

sachin patel said...

Hi I m interested royal Enfield dealer franchise location gujarat modasa full details pls sir email id:
Mobile no-9925018807

Raja Mohan said...

I am interested royal enfield dealers ship location peravallur Chennai 82 I want full details mobile no 9941827105

Kashish Dhawan said...

Hi I m interested royal Enfield dealer franchise location amritsar full details pls sir email id:
Mobile no-9915910206


abhinav said...

Hello I want to take franchise of royal Enfield to set up a show room in Hyderabad and nandyala town in kurnool district. So please kindly furnish me with the details of franchise cost and requirements of the company. My contact number is 9000207450 and email id is waiting for your reply.

rahul gunda said...

I wanted to open a Royal Enfield service center in Bangalore [Karnataka].
my phone number is 9980109718 and email id is

Karunakaran R said...

Very nice and excellent answer. Cleared all basic doubts about Royal Enfield Franchaise.

Sajid Padi said...

I wanted to start a Royal Enfield showroom with service in my town and I need a help from u
Email -

Sajid Padi said...

I wanted to start a Royal Enfield showroom with service in my town and I need a help from u
Email -

Vignesh War said...

Sir my name is vignesh, age 24 lives in Chennai .. I have done engineering and not satisfied with my job so far.. So I have a taught to start my own business ....I am so much interested to keep royal Enfield showroom. Pls kindly help its this work.. And also kindly say wht will be amount to start in Chennai.. My mail I'd

Unknown said...

I want to start a royal Enfield showroom with service center in my town and I need a help from ur side...please kindly I request to you...
ph no 9060069290

lcgboss boss said...

Royal enfield franchise is reserved for only indian politicians don't apply and waste time .....

krishan kumar said...

I want to interested Royal Enfield Dealer Franchise location in Pundri Distt. Kaithal (Haryana).
Email id; -
Contact No. - 09729065166

Unknown said...

i am authorised dealer of mahindra & mahindra LTD , four wheeler division wanna become a royal infield dealer at ETAH (utter pradesh), plz call on 9639009777

amit narzary said...

Can I just apply only for royal Enfield Service centre at kokrajhar district Assam which will cover 4-5 district Area near by because the nearest service center is around 200 to 300 km far at Guwahati.

How much the cost would Be?

Do I need to have a company in order to apply for ?

What all requirements are to be fulfilled?

Thank you

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