How to Start Monginis Franchise: Investments & requirements

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Monginis Cake Shop franchise logoStarting a business with a famous brand in low cost is a dream of a businessman. Momginis cake and chocolates offers franchise to one who owns a shop in good location. A well known brand in bakery product, Monginis started in 1960 in Mumbai Fort area and was a favourite destination for Europeans. In 1971 the idea of franchise emerged to attain maximum reach to the customers and after that more than 500 franchise shop of Monginis are existing on date and increasing day by day.

Monginis products are made in the headquarter which is spread in 42,000 sq. Ft and is ISO 2000: 2005 certified. Among bakery brands, Monginis is at present the most established brand in India.

Is starting Moniginis franchise in India a good business idea?

The investment, infrastructures required and other prerequisites are not unaffordable thus starting Monginis bakery shop is ideally a very good business idea especially if the location of shop one own is in the busy area for a pedestrian. Investment is not unbearable and average break even period is about 2 years on an average. So if one get back his investment in merely two years, the business is always profitable. Also, the future of the Indian QSR franchises look bright as well!


How to get Monginis franchise in India?

To start franchise of Monginis Foods Pvt Ltd, the contact address, contact number of the concern person at different cities in India and other details are mentioned below.

Monginis franchise contact persons for different cities of India

  • Mumbai Western and Central: Mr. Jagdish Shetty, Email-, Phone no - 022-40786785
  • Pune, Maharashtra: Miss Jaya, Email- , Phone no - 020-67240100, Extn. 17/18
  • Nashik, Maharashtra: Mr. Chirag Sheikh, Email-, Phone no – 9824631957
  • Aurangabad, Maharashtra: Mr. Nilesh Galdhar, Email-, Phone no – 9870372787
  • Goa: Mr. Ashish Kejriwal, Email-, Phone no – 9225526113
  • Surat, Gujarat: Mr. Shiv Thareja, Email-, Phone no – 9824033082
  • Baroda, Gujarat: Mr. Prashant Saxena, Email-, Phone no – 9824505421
  • Ahmedabad, Gujarat: Mr. Deepak Peswani, Email-, Phone no – 9727747576
  • Rajkot, Gujarat: Mr. Darshan Nandani, Email-, Phone no – 02827-287344, 02827-287366
  • Kolkata, West Bengal: Mr. Sudeeip Sharma and Mr. Sanjoy Sinha, Email- and
  • For any other location other than mentioned above you should contact Sarika Dalvi on 91-22-40786784 or email at for Monginis franchise.

Submit Monginis franchise application form online

If you are interested for franchise of Monginis Foods Pvt Ltd, you can fill the form online at and submit all details asked. The concern person will contact you if they find you eligible.


Starting Monginis franchise: Cost, royalty fees & profit or return of investment

On an average the overall cost of starting a Monginis bakery is about 10 lakhs, but the brand is very much particular on selecting people with pure dedication. Charges for starting a franchise of Monginis cake and bakery is one time security of Rs one lakh which is to be paid initially but this charge is refundable without interest. Other charges you have to pay is franchisee fee of Rs 25,000, architect's fee of Rs 25,000 total being 50000 Rs. for one time. Other costs include making of interior, counter, computer, AC etc. As far as royalty fees for Monginis franchise is concern it is consolidated amount of Rs 6 to 8 lakhs. Monginis franchise area requirements is about 250 sq. ft. As far as profit is concerned the break even period as mentioned by Virendra Ghole, Marketing Head of Monginis India, it is less than two years, so if you run a shop of Monginis for two years you cover up all your investment and start running in profit.

Where to start Monginis franchise in India

Since bakery and cakes are in demand at almost every town and cities so starting Monginis bakery is profitable at any place if location is in a busy and accessible place. Since Monginis products are cakes, pastries, gateaux, snacks and breads so if the shop is located in reachable place, it will be always full with satisfied customers and both customer and franchise owner will have a smiling face.

Starting Monginis Franchise in India: Contact details, telephone number, official website

(Head Office, Mumbai, India)
Monginis Foods Pvt Ltd
B/60, Off. Link Road, Andheri (W),
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
Customer Care: 022 - 40 786 702
Online Order Enquiry: 022 - 40 786 759 / 40 786 789
Fax: 022 - 40786795.
Official website of Monginis Foods Pvt Ltd -



manoj kumar said...

i;m Manoj kumar, i want to open Monginis cake shop in my city, please tell me the total cost for investment, my email id is :

Khushi Singh said...

I m KHUSHBOO.I want to take franchise of this brand name Monginis Cake Shop..I want to know the estimated cost for this..plz mail on my mail for ur response.

Kumaraditya Sarkar said...

Sorry for late response. For starting a Monginis franchise, you have to pay an one-time security fee of Rs. 1 lakh, franchise fee 25 thousand and architect fee 25 thousand. Apart from this one-time investment of Rs. 1.5 lakhs, the royalty fees will be around 6 to 8 lakhs. You will require a minimum of 250 sqft carpet area and to decorate this (Air Conditioner, Counters, Interior Designing etc.) you should set aside another few lakhs. So overall the cost will be Rs. 10 to 15 lakhs, excluding the cost for the property itself (We are assuming that you already own your premise). If you do not, we won't be able to give you an idea about commercial property prices so please check that out with some real estate business consultancy.

Hope this answers your query.

subhasis said...

i;m Subhasis, i want to open Monginis cake shop in my city, please tell me the total cost for investment, my email id is -

Vijay Shepunde said...


I am Vijay. I have a commercial shop (500sqft) in a small town in Thane District, Maharashtra. I am interested in opening Monginis shop in the same. What is the procedure to apply for franshise in rural area or small towns (population above 5000)


Nilesh Gophane said...


You have mentioned royalty fee of 6 to 7 lakhs please can you explain this.
and also to start Moginis shop should own or rented is also ok?
please reply

Partha Biswas said...

I am Partha from kolkata. I have a shop in Barasat n north 24 parganas which is in rent. The size of the shop is about 120 sq.ft. Can I able to apply for the franchise.

Anthony Gomes said...

Hi, I am from a Restaurant background, and presently I am interested in Franchising the great Brand Monginis. Since this is not only mine, but my entire families favorite Brand, I have finally decided to go for it. Please advise.

Thanks & Regards,

Anthony gomes

Chandrasekhar Photography said...

Dear Sir
I Mr Chandrasekhar Chakraborty.I have a Photo Studio (175sqft) 62/3 Bondel Road (Ballygunge) Kolkata I am interested in opening Monginis shop in the same. What is the procedure to apply for franshise, can you visit my shop
please reply

Swapnil Wattamwar said...

Hi, I am swapnil. I have a commercial shop (500sqft) in a parbhani District, Maharashtra. I am interested in opening Monginis shop in the same. What is the procedure to apply for franshise in my town
My e mail I'd

Rupayan Das said...

Is there any other way to give royalty fee because fo the shortage of money

Rajkumar Rathod said...

Dear sir,
I am Rajkumar Rathod from Bijapur ,Karnataka. I am very interested to open monginis cake shop in my city.
Kindly inform me investment and requirement details

Shitesh Sawant said...

i am shitesh i want to open Monginis cake shop in my city, please tell me the total cost for investment, my email id is -

Guruprasad Pednekar said...

I would like to assist you in spreading sweetness around, if given a chance. My location is Goa. Kindly mail me details of overall investments needed in taking up Monginis franchisee. Hoping for your prompt reply. My email address is

Sangeet Pattnaik said...

Hello ..

I have space at a good busy site in Bhadrak (Odisha). I am ready to invest and very much interested in starting Monginis in Bhadrak. Please help me on how to proceed further.

Sangeet Pattnaik

Vishal Kamble said...

Dear Sir,
I am vishal.v.kamble I have a commercial shop in small cakes in beed District, Maharashtra. I am interested in opening Monginis shop in the same. What is the procedure to apply for franshise in my town
My e mail I'd

Swapnil Auti said...

I am swapnil. I have a commercial shop (400sqft) in a thane District, Maharashtra. I am interested in opening Monginis shop in the same. What is the procedure to apply for franshise in my town
My e mail I'd or my mob. no. 9930309834

Jancy Vincent said...

Hi, to start a monginis franchisee is it mandatory to own the place.

Unknown said...

I am Shrikant.I am interested in your franchisee in Satara dist.What is the procedure to apply for it.My email id

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