Top Kulfi franchises in India for low investment high profit business

Do you want to start a Kulfi franchise in India? In a hot country like ours, Kulif is always a 'cool' business idea which nevers seems to go out of public demand. Moreover, though there are lots of ice-cream parlour franchises in India, Kulfis are still unique as they continue to bring out that indigenous tint of taste and flavour in your mouth which ice-creams and gelatos cannot. Let us now have a look at the some of the best Kulfi franchise business opportunities in India and find out the financial details like how much does a Kulfi franchise business cost, area requirements, how to apply for a Kulfi franchise in India etc.

Baskin Robbins franchise : How to start, cost and requirements, profit on investment

A high quality Ice cream parlour is always a profitable investment as it is now the choice of every individual not only in summers but even during winters. Baskin Robbins in India is establishing its network and gradually becoming leading brand of Ice cream in India. Here is the detail information to know the procedure to start Baskin Robbins franchise, its requirements and investment in starting a kiosk, parlour or lounge.

Starting Kwality Walls Swirls Ice cream parlour franchise : Investment, cost, requirements and profit

If you are looking to start a franchise business of an established brand with low investment and less floor area. Opening an ice cream parlour is the best choice and when it is an ice cream parlour, nothing is better than Kwality Walls Swirls. Here is the details regarding total investment, cost, requirements, application process and expected profit return for Kwality Walls Swirls Ice cream parlour franchise.

Investment requirements for Vadilal Happinezz ice cream parlours

Vadilal Ice-cream is the second largest ice-cream players in India; they come with a concept of Ice Cream Parlours an exclusive designed ice cream parlour which to satisfy the ever demanding customers. Read on to find out how to apply for Vadilal Ice Cream Parlours franchise in India, cost to open Vadilal Ice Cream Parlours, returns or profits, suitable locations and more.

Gelato Vinto Franchise in India: 'Cool' investments worth profit!

Looking for a 'cool' investment? Staring a Gelato Vinto ice cream parlour franchise can be worth profit. Gelato Vinto serves 100% veg and natural frozen Italian desserts and has a great scope in India. Learn how to open a Gelato Vinto franchise in India, steps involved, investment costs, franchise fees and area requirements, return or profit and all other necessary details you would like to know.

Giani's Franchise in India: Cost, Investments & Requirements

Gianis ice cream parlours are emerging as popular food franchises in India. Opening a Gianis ice cream parlours is a great idea in this summer when people would love to have them! If you want to open a Gianis franchise, we can help! Learn more about how to start Gianis ice-cream parlours in India, cost, return on investments, and contact details for Gianis Franchise in India.

Cocoberry Franchise in India: Investments & Requirements

Love Cocoberry frozen yoghurt? You are not alone. Surveys show most youths in Indian metro cities today are preferring frozen yoghurt to ice creams. It also tops the most popular frozen yogurt brands in India. Starting a Cocoberry yogurt franchise shop, therefore, can be a smart business opportunity. Let us see various requirements to open Cocoberry franchise in India, investments, ROI and so on.
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