Shanti Juniors Preschool Franchise: Cost of investments, profit, area requirements, contact details

Shanti Juniors preschool franchise can be an excellent business idea as the preschool franchise sector in India is bursting with new opportunities. The brand has the first of its kind application based revision programmes which makes it a unique preschool in India among its peers. With over 275 units scattered all over the country, Shanti Juniors is an ISO 9001 certified company as well as the recipient of more than 13 awards including Indian Achievers Award for Quality Excellence. If you are interested to know how to open a Shanti Juniors preschool franchise, keep reading this article to explore more details about Shanti Juniors preschool franchise cost, return on investments, area requirements and so on.

Apollo Diagnostics Franchise: Cost, Requirements, Investment details for Apollo PCC

Want to open an Apollo Diagnostics Centre franchise? Apollo Group is a leading name in the healthcare franchise sector of India, and by choosing to join hands with them as a partner, you can get immensely benefited from their brand value. Moreover, the healthcare sector of our country is all set for a fast growth, which can generate as much as 15 percent Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR). Let us now look at more details about Apollo Diagnostics franchise, investment costs, area requirements to open an Apollo Patient Care Centre, franchisee contact and more. Keep reading!

How to start Edelweiss Franchise: Cost of investment, area requirements, eligibility

Do you want to start a financial trading and investment business? Edelweiss is one of the market leaders when it comes to financial brokerage business in India. With over two decades of experiences and 277 offices spread across 122 Indian cities, Edelweiss is a brand name you can always rely on. Let us now see how to open an Edelweiss franchise, cost of investment, how much area do you require for opening an Edelweiss trading and investment office, what are the eligibility criteria and so on. Keep reading!

The Rhythms of Life My Health Adviser Franchise: High Income/Low-cost business opportunity without office space

f you have always been aspiring for starting a franchise business in India, here is good news for you. ‘The Rhythms of Life’ is the one and only company to offer diagnosis and medicines in both Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicines. With more than three years of online presence and experience in India and USA, they are soon expanding fast to Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and many other countries. The company decided to start a new distribution model to expand from online because there are many clients who want the person to person contact, are not always comfortable with technology and require more hand holding. Hence, the company is taking their successful online model and adapting it to the physical market thru a network of My Health Adviser. The best part of becoming a The Rhythms of Life Franchise is that the Health care market is huge, startup investment is only a few thousand, and you do not need any office space at all. Keep reading to learn more about the brand, what you need to do as a franchisee, eligibility criteria, contact details, and so on.

Khilonewala Toy Library Franchise: Cost of investment, area requirement, contact details

Do you want to be an entrepreneur? Can you spend a few hours a day in order to build a thriving business? Khilonewala Toy Library is one of its kind franchise business opportunity which rents out toys, books, and games to children between age group of one to twelve years. The concept of toy renting is relatively new in India so there is very less competition and ample chance to grow. Keep reading this article to know more about Khilonewala franchise cost, area requirements, how to apply for Khilonewala Toy Library franchise, fees or royalties, contact details and so on.

Top Kulfi franchises in India for low investment high profit business

Do you want to start a Kulfi franchise in India? In a hot country like ours, Kulif is always a 'cool' business idea which nevers seems to go out of public demand. Moreover, though there are lots of ice-cream parlour franchises in India, Kulfis are still unique as they continue to bring out that indigenous tint of taste and flavour in your mouth which ice-creams and gelatos cannot. Let us now have a look at the some of the best Kulfi franchise business opportunities in India and find out the financial details like how much does a Kulfi franchise business cost, area requirements, how to apply for a Kulfi franchise in India etc.

Momoman Franchise: Low-cost business opportunity with no area requirements

Looking for a low cost food franchise opportunity in India? Want to start a food or QSR franchise but lack the necessary experience? Do not have any space at all for starting a business? Well, Momoman is the answer for all of your queries. Momoman franchise costs are as less as just fifteen thousand rupees to begin with, and absolutely no area requirements. Or, what about starting a food franchise business with just 5 square feet area? Ridiculous, do you think so? Not anymore. Let us find out how to start Momoman franchise, cost and profit (ROI) analysis, details of Momoman franchise business models and other information you might want to know. Keep reading!

How to open Jux Pux franchise in India: Investments, requirements, application process

Jux Pux is one of the new stars of beverage industry which is launched in the year 2015. In the least time possible it has switched to franchise model with 7 franchised outlets located in Agra, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore and is looking for Pan-India expansion. If you are looking to own Jux Pux franchise, know about the investments, requirements, application procedure and read further to know more!

How to open Felicita Foods franchise in India: Investments, requirements, application process

Are you looking for a profitable food and beverage franchise opportunity in India? Starting Felicita Foods Cafe franchise might be a good option as it is a unique European cafe concept which yields a high return on investment with low start-up cost. See how you can open Felicita franchise, investments and requirements and other details you might be looking for.

How to get Reliance Jio DTH franchise / dealership: Investments, returns, requirements, application procedure

Are you looking for Reliance Jio DTH franchise in India? We all know about the tremendous success of Jio services in mobile network as Jio mania has swept the nation with 72 million users signed up for Jio prime membership in just one month. Likewise, everybody expects the same from Jio DTH services which have created an increased demand for Jio dth dealership from all areas across the nation. Do you want to take up Jio DTH distributorship? Then you must know about how to get Reliance Jio DTH dealership, investments, and requirements, how to apply for Jio dth distributorship, contact details and various other details you might have been looking for.

Dumpling Momo Franchise: Investment, area requirements, franchise application process, contacts

Looking for a momo franchise in India? Yes, momo is the most loved fast food for the new generation in India. If you are thinking about a fast food franchise, opening a momo shop can be really profitable. And Dumpling is a brand name you can rely on. In case you are not a Hindi speaker, the motto of Dumpling Momo that is Aate Jao, Khaate Jao literally means 'keep coming and keep eating'. And this is true, since momo is fast emerging as one of India's most loved snacks and momo franchise brands in India like Dumpling Momo are making some big money. Keep reading to know more about Dumpling Momo franchise cost, how to apply for Dumpling Momo franchise in India, total area requirements in square feet, contacts, and other details.

Opening Jan Aushadhi Store (JAS): Application process, investment costs, area requirements, eligibility

Opening a Jan Aushadhi Store may not be a franchise business per se, but it can be a very good business idea because of the government support. In other words, you can call it a government franchise business. So, how to open a Jan Aushadhi Store (JAS), the government medicine store, and what are the investment requirements and application process?

MRF Tyres Franchise Opportunities: Investments, cost efficiency, requirements

Want to start a franchise of MRF Tyres, India's Number One tyre manufacturers? Learn more about how to open a MRF tyre franchise outlet, area requirements for MRF tyre dealership, investments and expected returns, contact details and other information you might have been looking for.

Juice Lounge Bar Franchise: Cost, return on investments, application process

Looking forward to opening a Juice Lounge Bar franchise? In India, despite a buzzing food and beverage market, few good non-alcoholic and non-caffeine beverage brands have actually made it to the top. Juice Lounge Bar is one of the few that succeeded. Read on to know more how to open a Juice Lounge Bar franchise, investment estimates, cost efficiency and profit potentials, application procedures and so on.

Starting American Kidz play school franchise: White collar business with low investment high return

Are you searching for a business with low capital investment with high return with an additional advantage of having a high collar business? Obviously starting a play school is the best option. Here is the information of American Kidz play school offering franchise with very low fees and minimum royalty charges, providing optimum support system. See the profile of American Kidz, investment required, expected return and other criteria required to start American Kidz preschool franchise.

Starting Aerokids preschool franchise : Low investment, high profit business with no royalty fee

Looking for a preschool franchise business in India? Want to start an established brand of preschool in low budget? AeroKids is the good preschool business idea because the investment is as low as 1.5 lakhs and the popularity is immense; thus it can be claimed as a franchise business with almost no risk. Let us tell you more about how to start a Aero Kids preschool franchise, investments and costs incurred, possible return or profit on investments, premises required and other FAQs. Keep reading!

Make My Trip tours travels franchise : Cost, Start up requirements, profit on investments

Tours and travel business is at boom and the future prospects are even brighter. Thus a serious businessman who wants to expand his business or any new entrant who want to start a business with comparatively less risk and low investment, a franchise of renowned brand of tour operator is an ideal investment. Make My Trip is at present the most renowned brand and a franchise of Make My Trip will be a lucrative business to start with an investment of 10 to 15 lakhs.

Mother Dairy franchise : Start up cost, requirements, investment and profit

Here is a franchise business one would definitely like to invest upon. A business with an investment of 5 to 10 lakhs is ideal to start a franchise of well established dairy and food products that is Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable Pvt. Ltd. Since it is a business requiring minimum infrastructure and daily consumable goods any site near a some residential society is ideal for this.

Top 5 Preschool Franchises in India: Most profitable play schools

Preschool franchises in India are booming businesses nowadays; parents are more concerned than ever with their kids' future, and willingly spend money to give the children the best possible education right from preschool levels. Opening a preschool franchise business in India can therefore turn out to be a wise business decision. Nevertheless, there are many good preschools in India and it is often a critical question to choose from them. Did you ever wonder which preschool franchise in India is most profitable? Which preschool franchise business in India has the best possible future? We will answer these questions here and come up with our list of top 5 play school franchise opportunities in India. Keep reading!

Tree House play school franchise : Cost, Start up requirements, profit on investments

If you are searching for a business with an investment of 5 to 10 lakhs. Starting a pre school or better say play school is ideal. It has been observed that educated youth especially educated married women prefer to start play school. Starting a branded play school will definitely be lucrative and what if you start a franchise of a play school having maximum branded self operated preschool. Yes it is Tree House a play school under Tree House Education and Accessories Ltd and is also indexed in BSE and NSE.
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