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Top 10 franchise business guide books for beginners

Here is a list of ten great books on franchise businesses. If you are a new entrepreneur, it is always advised to educate yourself adequately before making any business decision. We hope that these franchise business guidebooks will provide you enough help to start your first franchise business. Please note that these franchise business books are arranged in an arbitrary order without any indication of preference or quality. Check them out!

1. Franchise Bible: 7th Edition

Franchise Bible 7th Edition by Peter & Erwin KeupEntrepreneur Magazine's Franchise Bible: How to Buy a Franchise or Franchise Your Own Business is truly the holy book of franchisees and franchisors alike. Written by Erwin J Keup and Peter E Keup, the new Seventh Edition (2012) is a must read book for new franchisees. Price: Rs. 1350 only.

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2. Buying a Franchise by Better Business Bureau

Buying a Franchise by Better Business BureauPublished by Planning Shop (2007), Better Business Bureau's Buying a Franchise offers some great insights into the fundamentals of franchise business for newcomers in the industry. The book is moderately priced at Flipkart for Rs. 1277 only.

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3. How to Buy a Franchise by James A. Meaney, 2nd Edition

How to Buy a Franchise by James A. Meaney, 2nd EditionAccording to Matthew R. Shay, Vice President and Chief Counsel, International Franchise Association, this book is a first-rate guide to evaluating and selecting a franchise. This is a great franchise business handbook to help your first little step towards franchising. Flipkart price: Rs. 595 only.

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4. The Franchise Handbook: A Complete Guide to All Aspects of Buying, Selling or Investing in a Franchise

The Franchise Handbook by Kevin B MurphyForeword by Kevin B Murphy, published by Atlantic Publishing Company (FL) (2006). Hardcover. An excellent book for franchise business beginners, this book explains the franchise system and the benefits of both parties. The book is available on Flipkart just for Rs. 2457.

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5. Become a Franchise Owner by Joel Libava

Become a Franchise Owner by Joel LibavaWritten by Joel Libava alias The Franchise King®, this 2011 volume is a definitive A-to-Z guide to franchising. This franchise business book will help new entrepreneurs with researching, selecting, and starting a viable franchise business. Price: Rs. 1350 only.

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6. An Introduction to Franchising by Robert & Toni Webber

An Introduction to Franchising by Robert & Toni WebberPublished by Palgrave MacMillan (2013), An Introduction to Franchising is a very good introductory textbook for franchise business owners. If you are starting a new business, you can learn the basics of franchising from this book by Robert and Toni Webber. The price is just Rs. 2167.

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7. The Economics of Franchising: Cambridge University Press (2010)

The Economics of FranchisingWritten by Francine Lafontaine Roger D. Blair, the content of The Economics of Franchising is evident from its title itself. For newcomers to the franchising industry, it is good to learn the basic principles of the franchise market and how franchising works in terms of finance and economics. Price: Rs. 2081 only.

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8. The Unofficial Guide to Opening a Franchise

The Unofficial Guide to Opening a FranchiseWritten by Jason Rich, The Unofficial Guide to Opening a Franchise teaches you how to say goodbye to your 9 to 5 rat race and be the boss of your own fortune. This is a great book that discusses how opening a franchise business lowers start up costs, how to examine your goals and opportunities, evaluate financing options, develop a realistic business plan, and more. Price: Rs. 1168.

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9. Franchise Litigation

Franchise LitigationIf you are starting a franchise business, it is always good to know a little about the relevant law and legal complexities. Franchise Litigation by American Bar Association (2011) should therefore one of your guide-to-franchise books. The best price of Franchise Litigation is Rs. 7749 on Flipkart.

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10. Tips and Traps When Buying a Franchise (2nd Ed)

Tips and Traps When Buying a FranchiseWhen you are going to buy your first franchise business, are you aware of the pitfalls? Read Tips and Traps When Buying a Franchise by Mary E. Tomzack to know you are doing right things. Since 1999, it has been a must read franchise business book for young entrepreneurs. The price? Rs. 1227 only!

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