Which franchise businesses have people sought after in 2020?

Now that the year 2020 is coming to an end, it might be time to look back in retrospect and figure out which were the most popular franchise businesses in 2020. We have used Google Analytics as well as several other analytics options for our website (StartingFranchise.in), to find out which franchise brands were most popular in the last year. So, without much introduction, here goes the list of top franchise businesses in 2018. Happy franchising!

Top 5 popular franchise businesses of 2020

Out of the most searched for franchise businesses of 2020 in our website, the top ten are mentioned below in their respective order of popularity. Do you plan to take any of these franchises in 2021?

Domino's Pizza

Domino's Pizza seems to be an all-time popular business among entrepreneurs. However, it is not possible to apply for Domino's Pizza franchise for an individual or company, because in India, Jubilant FoodWorks Limited is the master franchise. Please note that if you want to open a retail outlet, you probably need to form a partnership with them. For more details, read about Domino's Pizza franchise.


With the rise of e-commerce and increased connectivity between people all across the globe, the need for a reliable courier service provider is higher than ever. Especially, these days people are selling and buying things online. Social media websites are swarmed with several selling / reselling groups, most of which rely on DTDC or other major courier service providers to ship their merchandise. No wonder, therefore, that there is still scope in the market for the logistics segment to flourish. And if you are thinking about good logistics franchises in India, DTDC is a reputed name. You can learn more about DTDC Franchise details.

Mother Dairy

Despite the rise of several big brands in the market, Mother Dairy is one of the leading Dairy product providers in India. And there is no reason for the immense popularity of Mother Dairy to go downwards any time soon. So, if you want to take a dairy product franchise, you can literally 'milk' some cash by going for a Mother Dairy Franchise, which features in the third position of our list of Top 5 Most Popular franchise brands of 2020.

Bajaj Two Wheelers

Bajaj is an old giant in the two-wheeler segment of India. Bajaj Pulsar and Discover are among some of the most sold and loved motorbikes in the country. The article on our website regarding taking Bajaj franchise or dealership was posted back in 2013, and in all these years, it has consistently ranked in our list of most popular franchise business opportunities. If you want to read our article on Bajaj franchise, click here.


Yeah, now it is time to smack your lips. KFC has been one of the most popular franchise business searches not in our Indian Franchise Business Portal (which you are browsing now), but in our other websites as well. We are proud to announce that alongside KFC Malaysia, KFC India has consistently attracted the tentative entrepreneurs. If you want to know more details about how to start a KFC franchise or what are the costs involved, read this article.

Other popular Indian franchise businesses of 2020

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