Sabse Sasta Dukaan Franchise: Cost, return on investment, franchise application process

Do you want to open a Sabse Sasta Dukaan franchise? Cannot understand how does Sabse Sasta Dukaan franchise business operate? Want to know how much would it cost and what are going to be your profit or returns on investment? You are not alone as we are receiving many queries relating to the business model of SSD so we thought about explaining everything step by step in an article. Well, the short answer is that it is an e-commerce based franchise model where you can sell almost anything without caring about maintaining an inventory. Also, you can run many businesses simultaneously under one roof. Sounding strange? Keep reading to know more about Sabse Sasta Dukan franchise investment, area requirements, application process, contact details and so on.

How does a Sabse Sasta Dukaan franchise work?

Sabse Sasta Dukaan is an assisted e-commerce website. Yes, you have probably read this phrase before too but could not figure out what that possibly means. An assisted e-commerce store is where you receive the clients or customers, and instead of showing them your inventory, you show them an online (or hardcopy) menu card of items. The customers browse the items, and you order it on their behalf. That is basically how an assisted e-commerce business work. Let us tell you more clearly how does a Sabse Sasta Dukaan franchise business work. The customers will contact you either in person or by calling or texting you. You will be working as the operator who is the intermediary between the customer and the e-commerce portal. When the customer places the order, you will discuss it further with the customer and then will place the order in the designated e-commerce website. And then just as in case of other online shops, the order is either delivered at the address of the customer, or they can pick the merchandise up from the SSD store or outlet.

What are the benefits of Sabse Sasta Dukan franchise business?

But the question that remains is why should you open a Sabse Sasta Dukaan franchise business instead of a traditional supermart franchise. Well, we believe e-commerce is the new future and the market is yet to boom, whereas the market of retail and FMCG franchises is already grown and there might be little scope for improvement. Secondly, the biggest benefit of a SSD franchise is that it is a low investment high profit business, and you do not a lot of space to open it. Apart from low investment and area requirement, another big plus point of Sabse Sasta Dukaan franchise is that you do not need to maintain stocks or inventory. The company will also provide you with all kinds of Training, Marketing, and Advertising supports. Another facility is that you get exclusive territorial rights.

How much investment is required to open a Sabse Sasta Dukaan franchise?

So, let us now come to probably the most important part of a franchise discussion - investment. Sabse Sasta Dukaan franchise cost is going to be less than 2 lakhs. Yes, you can sell many things right from groceries to medicines to fashion accessories, mobiles, personalised gifts, electronics and home appliances and even hotel bookings and flight tickets, and all these franchise business you can start under Rs. 2 lakhs. However, please note that this is just a rough estimate and the actual cost of Sabse Sasta Dukaan franchise outlet can vary depending on your location.

How much space is required to start a Sabse Sasta Dukan franchise business?

Low area requirement of Sabse Sasta Dukaan franchise outlet is another great thing about this business. Since you do not need to maintain an inventory nor do you need to showcase your products to the customers, the area requirement is very very less and you can even begin a SSD franchise outlet even if you have as less space as just 50 square feet. Yes, that is what the company says in its tagline that it is your "online shopping mall" because you can sell all these products in just 50 sq. ft. shop area.

Is Sabse Sasta Dukaan franchise a good business idea?

Yes of course it is a good business idea. As we have already analysed, both the start-up cost and the area requirement for a SSD franchise is very very less so even with less customers, you can get good profit or return on investment within a few years. So, if you are thinking about starting a business in small space, or have less budget, this is may be a very good business opportunity.

How to apply for Sabse Sasta Dukaan franchise?

Sabse Sasta Dukaan franchise application process is very simple. All you have to do is to visit their official website at www [dot] sabsesastadukaan [dot] com where you will find a form for franchise application. In that form you will have to put some basic details about yourself like your name, email address, mobile number, city, pin code etc. You will also have to leave a message explaining why you want to take a franchise of SSD. If the company finds you eligible then they might contact you as per the company policy.

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