5 reasons to start a bakery and confectionery franchise business in India

Do you remember Vianne Rocher, the single mother of the six-year-old Anouk, who comes to settle in a repressed French village, and opens a chocolate shop much to the disapproval of the parish clergy? As time passes, the sundry townsfolk is gradually influenced by the lady and her chocolates through different but interesting ways, and even finds solution to their everyday troubles through chocolates. That was a 1999 novel called Chocolat by Joanne Harris, adapted to a film of the same name next year. However fictional, it shows the magnitude of the influence bakeries and confectioneries might have on people. A baker or a confectioner is not just a business owner, they are deliverer of dreams and promises!

If the story above seems inspirational and life-changing, why do not you become part of such a story yourself? Opening a bakery and confectionery is always a good business idea. Before we proceed to enlist some of the best bakery franchises in India, here are 5 reasons why you should consider opening a bakery business.

Bakery and Confectionery business never faces shortage of demand.

Cakes and sweets are parts of our everyday lives. Whoever we are, in whatever neighborhood, all of us consume cakes. Be it small cakes and muffins for the children's school lunch, or bigger cakes for special occasions, cakes are quintessential. Leave alone special days like Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day and so on; in any neighborhood everyday there ought to be several people's birthdays and anniversaries. with the disposable income in the hands of common Indians now greater than ever, and the European tradition of celebrating birthdays with cakes firmly setting foot in our culture, one can sell several birthday and anniversary cakes everyday irrespective of the location of the business. And when you are associated to a big reputed brand, people will have their trust and will prefer your shop to local bakeries. That is why opening a bakery franchise shop is always a good idea as your business will never be out of demand.

Indian bakery and confectionery franchise market has a high growth.

In an article published in FnBNews.com, Dr Nemat Sheereen S has observed that Indian bakery market is valued at Rs. 3295 crores, and ours is the third-largest biscuit manufacturing country after USA and China (NPCS, 2013). Also, among the processed food sector in India, the bakery industry is third in revenue generation. According to another article in the Economic Times which is one of the leading business and economy websites of the country, "Consultant Technopak identifies cakes and bakery products as one of the fastest growing food segments — it is growing at a rate of 20-25% annually.". While individual home bakers are also cashing in the rising market opportunities in the Indian bakery industry, you can ride the growth better when you are associated to a reputed franchise brand.

Anyone can run a bakery franchise business. Anyone.

As a home baker you need to know how to bake a cake, but if you are the owner of a franchise bakery shop then your trained chefs will do the job for you. So, literally anyone can open a franchise bakery shop or a confectionery without possessing the know-hows of cake-making. Enjoy the sweet aroma all around and serve happy customers to make a fortune out of your bakery franchise business.

Low-cost high-return franchise business opportunity.

A franchise based bakery and confectionery shop does not require a fortune to set up. On the other hand, the profit margins in bakery business in India, nay the profit margin in the entire food franchise sector, is usually very high. However, your chances of succeeding and thereby making a profit increases when you are associated to a reputed brand. By being the franchisee of a well-known bakery you can always start a low-cost high-profit business.

You sell happiness.

As the reputed baker or confectioner of your locality, you sell happiness to your townsfolk. Be it someone's marriage anniversary or birthday, or simply the good news of someone's childbirth or first employment, you are always a part of the story. You will be spreading positive vibes all around. Whatever work you do and whatever occupation you have, it is essential that you enjoy your work. After all, what we ultimately seek in life is peace and happiness. By starting a bakery franchise business you are sure to enjoy your trade, spread peace and happiness all around, and can easily give back what we all owe to our society.

So, what are you waiting for? Browse our list of top bakery confectionery franchise opportunities in India and start your business today!

The picture used is a scene from the movie Chocolat directed by Lasse Hallström.

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