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7th Heaven franchise bakery logoLooking for a profitable bakery franchise business in India? Start a 7th Heaven, one of the premium bakery and cafe franchise chain in India which has introduced to the nation to the live kitchen concept in the bakery sector. Yes, this is the only Indian cake shop franchise where a fresh cake is made every 7 minutes! Sounds interesting? Let us now see how to open a 7th Heaven bakery franchise cafe in India, how much space or area is required for that, how much investment is required for 7th Heaven franchise, contact details, and so on. Keep reading!

Why start a 7th Heaven franchise bakery in India?

Well, cakes and bakery products are one of the fastest growing food segments in India which is growing at an astonishing rate of 20 to 25 percent per year. The Indian bakery market is valued at more than 3000 crores which is the third largest of the world after USA and China. However, while there are several reasons why you should start a bakery, your chances of success become significantly higher when you are associated to a reputed franchise brand. And when it comes to the bakery and confectionery franchise business sector in India, 7th Heaven is a famous brand you can rely on. With more than 7 years of experience in the industry, and with more than 60 successful outlets being operational in more than 25 Indian cities, be sure to get state-of-the-art business tips and industry inside stories when you sign up as a franchise of 7th Heaven brand by Kitchen Fragrances India LLP, the mother company.


But the story just does not end here. 7th Heaven stands apart from all other bakery franchises in India because of their unique live kitchen concept. In the franchise bakery shops of 7th Heaven, fresh cakes are made in front of the customer within 7 minutes. Thus, while many cake shops may sell goods that are one-day old, this company sells freshly baked cakes which is indeed the USP of 7th Heaven franchise bakery business. They also boast of a large variety of products where the sell exclusive 3D Cakes, Photo Cakes, Shape Cakes and much more.

How much money and area area required for 7th Heaven franchise bakery / desserts shop?

Now let us talk about the most important part of a franchise information which is investment as well as area requirement. Well, there are several business models offered by this company and the 7th Heaven franchise cost will vary accordingly. The first model is called 7th Heaven Classic for which the standard investment requirement is about Rs. 18 lakhs. The area requirement is 300 square feet. This is the very basic shop and the number of chefs required is 2. Needless to say this shop will sell only the elementary items offered by the franchise.

The second model is called the 7th Heaven Plus for which the standard cost is Rs. 24 lakhs. The space required for opening 7th Heaven franchise (plus model) is 600 square feet and a greater number of menu can be offered here including ice-creams, Belgian waffles and beverages, along with the normal cakes, desserts, chocolates and cookies served in the regular model. However, if you want to open the optional Special Dessert Buffet then you will have to shell out an additional 2 lakh rupees, and the net cost for 7th Heaven Plus franchise will be Rs. 26 lakhs.

The third model is called 7th Heaven Food Plus which will serve continental cuisines as well alongside cakes, desserts, and beverages. The minimum premise area requirement for this model is 600 square feet and the investment needed is Rs. 26 lakhs. Please note that for both 7th Heaven Plus and Food Plus models, your business arena need to have seating arrangements for 12 to 16 people at a time.

The fourth and the last model is called 7th Heaven Cafe for which you need to have a shop area of about 650 to 1200 square feet, where you will have to make seating arrangements for 18 to 22 customers at a time. The investment requirement for this model is Rs. 30 lakhs. Please note that all figures mentioned in this article are only indicative in nature and the actual cost of 7th Heaven franchise will depend on various factors including the size of the store. You will have to shell out Rs. 1.5 lakhs per extra 100 square feet for each of the franchise models listed above.

How to apply for 7th Heaven franchise: Application process

If you are interested in starting a 7th Heaven bakery franchise, then visit their official website and read the FAQ section very carefully which is given at the bottom of the page. Do read them thoroughly as you will have a profound understanding of their business model from that section. After that you need to apply for 7th Heaven franchise through telephone..

7th Heaven franchise contact mobile telephone number

All inquiries related to 7th Heaven franchises are to made to the following mobile / contact numbers:
  • 9am to 2pm: 9819543464 (Mr. Deepak Chugh)
  • 2pm to 8pm: 9833113320 (Mr. Karan Chugh)
  • 2pm to 9pm: 8879448372 (Mr. Sahil Ahuja)


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