The Rhythms of Life My Health Adviser Franchise: High Income/Low-cost business opportunity without office space

f you have always been aspiring for starting a franchise business in India, here is good news for you. ‘The Rhythms of Life’ is the one and only company to offer diagnosis and medicines in both Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicines. With more than three years of online presence and experience in India and USA, they are soon expanding fast to Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and many other countries. The company decided to start a new distribution model to expand from online because there are many clients who want the person to person contact, are not always comfortable with technology and require more hand holding. Hence, the company is taking their successful online model and adapting it to the physical market thru a network of My Health Adviser. The best part of becoming a The Rhythms of Life Franchise is that the Health care market is huge, startup investment is only a few thousand, and you do not need any office space at all. Keep reading to learn more about the brand, what you need to do as a franchisee, eligibility criteria, contact details, and so on.

Why choose The Rhythms of Life My Health Adviser franchise?

  • Healthcare is an evergreen market because it applies to everybody. Man, woman, young, old have health needs either sometimes or in many cases chronic needs. Many times people don’t know where to turn or turn to their local Ayurvedic doctor who may just be a Generalist. Both Ayurveda and TCM are highly specialized systems and their Drs specialize in heart, kidneys, skin, or by disease like Diabetes, blood pressure etc. Hence through this system, your clients will be treated by specialized doctors and not just any random physician down the street. Besides health or diseases, our doctors can also tell you the root causes of issues of beauty such as why is my hair falling, greying or dandruff or why is my skin not supple and smooth or why am I getting wrinkles. Or doctors will not only diagnose the problem but also provide custom medicines to help the client solve their problem.
  • The Rhythms of Life is quite different from all other leading healthcare franchises in India because here you would be dealing in something pure and natural – Ayurveda and Chinese Traditional Medicines.Both of these medical systems are thousands of years old and recognized by the World Health Organization as Scientific systems of medicine.
  • The brand has tie-ups with a highly reputable Tata-backed 100-bed Ayurvedic Hospital as well as more than 75 specialist doctors in India and the United States in the field of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicines.
  • One of the prime reasons to choose Rhythms of Life franchise is that they bring technology to the client, instead of taking the client to the technology.
  • The clients usually prefer specialists when it comes to healthcare. Instead of going to General Practitioners, they would love to take help of The Rhythms of Life, because they offer specialist doctors who have deep and thorough understanding of the medical issues. People should also choose them because no one else offers a similar service with zero pressure and 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

What are the eligibility criteria to apply for The Rhythms of Life My Health Adviser franchise?

Rhythms of Life is looking for people who will become Health Advisors. These Advisers will visit people with health needs in their own homes or offices, gather data, and act as the liaison between the doctors, all other services and the client.

As a franchisee of The Rhythms of Life, you will be appointed as a Health Advisor who will have full access to their capability of diagnosis, their network of doctors, and more than 1200 medicines, both branded and customized to bring to the service of their community. The Health Advisors will become the conduit for the client to access the world class, most needed capability right in the comfort in their own homes.
As My Health Advisers of The Rhythms of Life franchises, you need to fulfill the following eligibility criteria:

  • Preferable age 30 years or more
  • Must have a minimum of Bachelor’s Degree or Equivalent in any discipline
  • Must have good interpersonal skills
  • Must have access to dependable transport
  • Must possess a modern smartphone and laptop computer

The Rhythms of Life My Health Adviser Franchise: Cost of investment, area requirements, fees, ROI

The franchise fee for The Rhythms of Life My Health Adviser is just Rs. 15,000. Along with that, you need to invest in a modern smartphone and a laptop computer, as already mentioned above. This makes it an excellent low-cost franchise business opportunity. However, the best part of being a The Rhythms of Life franchise is that this is business opportunity with no office space requirement, as you will be visiting the clients at their places of residence or business. It is good to have an office for address, though.

The business is for people with high empathy who will be helping others while still making between Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 75,000 per month in their first year. The client stays in the system for long time so there is recurring revenue from medicines, tests, and even stays for wellness and treatment at the center. Thus, successful advisors can build a business that will generate more than Rs 30 lakhs per year in 2 to 3 years depending on number of clients and type of clients.

Hence the Return on Investment on the fee of Rs 15,000 is amongst the highest of any business opportunities available. Besides this ROI, this is a business that keeps giving you income as your clients keep buying medicines and tests. Health care is not a one tie buy and when you get to even 350 clients, your portfolio income will be more than Rs 1 crore and you can earn Rs 20 to 25 lakhs of that portfolio. Hence, large market and large income.

Why so low for such a high return business? Because we want only the most talented, high quality individuals and not just choose on the basis of who pay us a fee. Our ethos is Do good things, hire good people and good money will come.

How to apply for The Rhythms of Life My Health Adviser franchise: contact details, phone number

Potential franchisees can email to Mr. Prad Sabharwal at
WhatsApp mobile number: +13144981437

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